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Have you ever thought of making your Toyota 4runner look aggressive so that it can tackle any type of terrain? A sure way to do that is by lifting the Toyota 4runner using the best 4runner lift kit.

Lifting the Toyota 4runner enhances a sizeable clearance between the underbelly and the road.

If you have been thinking of lifting your 4-by-4 vehicle with huge tires, then you need the perfect lift kit. We have a variety of lift kits just for you.

Sometimes, it is difficult to settle on the best Toyota 4runner lift kit if one doesn’t have the proper ideas.

Therefore, it is crucial to furnish yourself with in-depth information about lift kits for informed decision-making.

There are several lift kits for 4runners out there in the market. Making the right decision is crucial before buying a lift kit for your vehicle.

Why is that so? It is so that you can have value for money and a quality lift kit.

What is the best lift kit for 4runner?

The best lift kit for 4runner that emerges at the top of the list of ten best lifts is the “KSP Performance F+R”.

Several factors come into play for this lift to emerge as the overall best.

Some of these factors include ease of installation, durability, enhancing the desirable lift, and whether it suits the 4runner models.

Why is KSP performance F+R the best lift kit for Toyota 4runner?

“KSP Performance F+R” lift kit has emerged as the best lift for 4runners for several reasons.

The first reason is that it has been designed with top-notch precision. Unlike other lift kits where parts may not auger well with other parts, this lift kit fits perfectly.

The perfect fitting has been delivered through millimeter precision bolts and thread pitch.

Secondly, the lift kit comes with a leveling made of aluminum. It is an aluminum billet forged; hence, this guarantees durability and strength.

Therefore, it can withstand the tear and wear that can be encountered when driving on rough terrains.

PU bushings are one of the unique features here. They are made of thick rubber that can withstand tears while providing a cautioning barrier between the leveling head and the spring’s shocks.

The 10 Best 4runner Lift Kit Review In 2023

1. KSP Performance F+R- Best Lift Kit for Toyota 4runner

Highlighted Features

  • The leveling kit is made of aluminum
  • For rear position
  • 3 inches lift
  • Weighs 6.98 pounds
  • Dimensions of package: 14.06 by 7.52 by 7.09 inches

This lift kit has been designed for 4runner models released from 2003 to 2018 for both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive.

It is also perfect for lifting 2007 to 2015 Toyota Cruiser 4-wheel drive models.

From this description, it is clear that it is largely universal, but it doesn’t mean that it is useful for all 4WD models.

It is made of aluminum, and this is the basis of its strength. Although it is a light material, aluminum can withstand tear and wear. It makes this kit durable and less corrosive.

It allows for the installation of large tires. The maximum tire size that the lift kit can comfortably provide space for is 35 inches tires.

However, it is critical to check whether such a lift provides proper clearance and little rubbing resulting from small-inch articulation.

This lift kit enhances a desirable extra ground allowance/ clearance. That allows one to use huge rims and tires at any given time.

Additionally, its universality allows for compatibility with several off-road models.

It comes as a ready-to-fix lift kit. There is no modification on the lift kit that has been designed to fit specific models of Toyota 4runners.

Additionally, no modification is needed with the two front lift billets spacers as the lift kit allows for easy fitting.

The 2-inch polyurethane coil spring spacers for the rear have been designed to fit perfectly on 2003 to 2019 4runner models.

The spacers are durable and easy to fix, even without the need for an expert mechanic.


  • Made of aluminum hence durable
  • Provide lift for up to 35″ tires
  • Enhances desired ground clearance
  • Easy to install
  • No cutting, drilling, and other modifications needed


  • It does not fit on all 4WD models

2. Daystar, Toyota 4Runner 2.5″ Lift Kit for all Transmissions

Highlighted features

  • Made of Polyurethane
  • From Daystar brands
  • Measures 12 by 8 by 8 inches
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds
  • Part number KT09115BK

It is made from high-density polyurethane. This material is a very tough material that can withstand pressure and wear and tear.

Given that the vehicle shocks are constantly adjusting, this material provides the necessary resistance crucial for ensuring that the lift can withstand the weight of the 4runner at all times.

When installed, it provides a maximum lifting threshold of 2.5 inches. That is achieved since the kit thickness is 2.5.

When mounted on the 4runners, it lifts the front and the hind tires 2.5 inches from the ground. The installation of bigger tires is possible.

Daystar Lift Kit is universal and fits perfectly in many models of 2WDs and 4WDs released between the years 2003 and 2009.

It also fits into 4runners of all transmission and all cabs. That has promoted universality hence the reason why it is among the best lift kits for 4runners.

With a lift of 2.5 inches from the ground, the performance of any 2WD and 4WDs will be greatly enhanced.

Ground clearance is achieved with such a lift, allowing your vehicle to move on rugged and uneven roads.

It works well with X-reas suspension. Unlike other lifts that do not allow use with X-reas, this particular one allows for it.

It allows for easy installation as long as the instruction manual is available.


  • Made of polyurethane hence durable
  • Provides allowances for huge tires
  • Provides desired ground clearance
  • Easy to install
  • Allows for use with X-REAS


  • It does not fit all 4runner models

3. Supreme Suspensions

Highlighted Features

  • Made of polyurethane material
  • For rear and front
  • 3 inches lift
  • Weight 7.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2 by 9.8 by 7.2 inches

It is designed using precision machines to ensure perfect fitting. It is corrosion-resistant which provides that the lift blocks are less affected when exposed to elements.

The Strut Spacers are made as solid blocks of T6 aircraft billet. It has been anodized to prevent oxidation and corrosion during exposure.

The hind spacers have been manufactured from injected high-density urethane.

This forms a tough mass block that can withstand shock, tear, wear, and scouring. This quality provides durability and stamina that can last for a relatively long period.

This amounts to durability both in the short and in the long run.

It fits into the 2003 to 2022 Toyota 4runner models. These models can be 2WD or 4WD; additionally, this design works well with the 2007 to 2015 FJ cruiser.

However, it is worth knowing that it may not fit on TRD Pro models that were released in 2018 onwards.

The whole kit comes with 2 front strut spacers, 2 spring spacers, installation hardware, plus an instruction manual.

The front strut spacer is designed using T6 aircraft aluminum. It is tough and light. The spring spacers are made of polyurethane.

It is a good material that can absorb shock and resist tear and wear while providing stability for the 4runners.

When installed, the kit provides overall results where a 3-inch front lift and a 2-inch hind lift are achieved.

The lift achieved can differ depending on the thickness of the spacers.


  • They are designed for front and rear lift
  • Compatible with many 4runners
  • Durable front and hind spacers
  • Quite an easy and straightforward installation
  • Enhances vehicle appearance


  • It does not fit 4runner 2018 and TRD Pro

4. KSP Performance 3″ Front Leveling Lift Kits

Highlighted Features

  • Size: 3 inches front and 2 inches rear
  • Made of aluminum
  • Black in color
  • Weighs 2.9 pounds
  • Packing dimensions: 5.4 by 5.4 by 4 inches

Unlike other 4runner lift kits, the KSP performance kit is compatible with various models. It fits into 2005 to 2021 Tacoma 2WD and 4WD.

It is also suitable for 2003 to 2021 4runner and 2007-2015 FJ Cruiser. The cruiser must be 2WD or 4Wd for maximum results to be accrued.

As for the owners of these models, KSP 3″ lift kit is the best choice as it is largely more universal than other lift kits.

The ability to lift the vehicle 3″ from the ground certainly gives a 4runner a raised look.

Moreover, the provision of 3 inches of lift from the ground ensures a huge clearance between the vehicle’s belly and the ground.

Such a clearance is favorable for those who travel on rough terrains.

With an aluminum billet that is aircraft forget, this lift kit ensures hardness and can withstand breakages and wear and tear.

It also comes with 10.9-grade tough bolts. These bolts keep the vehicle lift in place even when the tires are experiencing extreme shaking during movement.

Having been coated with plastic powder, it has emerged as a corrosion-free lift kit for Toyota 4runners.

It is meant for front tire lifting, and it just weighs 2.9 pounds. Being light in weight ensures that it doesn’t add much weight to the vehicle spring mechanism.

The lightweight is a result of extra-tough aluminum regardless of weight.


  • Made of lightweight but tough aluminum
  • Compatible with many 4runners
  • Toughened aircraft-graded aluminum billet
  • Break-resistant 10.9 bolt for maximum strength
  • Lifts the vehicle for up to 3 inches


  • Cannot fit XREAS Suspension

5. Dynofit 2″ Front Premium Material Best Lift Kits

Highlighted features

  • From Dynofit brands
  • Weighs 2.66 pounds
  • Dimensions 6.06 by 5.79 by 3.23 inches
  • Front position
  • Forged anti-cracking

They are forged black leveling lift kits compatible with Toyota Tacoma models released from 2005 to 2017. They work for 2WD and 4WD Tacoma and 2003 to 2009 4runners.

This provides a wide range of compatibility with many Toyota 4runners. Compatibility means that they can fit as long as the models fall under the 4runner category.

They are meant for lifting the front of the 4runner. The maximum lift effect that can be accrued with this product is 2 inches.

That means the front side of the vehicle will be lifted 2 inches from the ground.

The lift is enough to provide a sizeable clearance between the 4runner belly and the ground.

Being made of aluminum means that it is light in weight but has been forged to match the strength of aircraft billets.

It is, therefore, crack-resistant as it can withstand an enormous amount of loads pressed against it through the wheels.

With the help of toughened bolts of 10.9 sizes, it provides an excellent ground balance.

The ease of installation is top-notch. No special tools are required. 1 to 2 hours is enough for any person to install the lifts with the help of a self-explanatory instruction manual.

The 2 front strut spacers come with their other components packed in cushioned packaging.

This is crucial for ensuring that the lift kit is protected from shock during shipping.


  • Detailed manuals and easy to install
  • It fits a variety of models of 2WD/4WD vehicles
  • Toughened aircraft billets for toughness
  • The black powdered coating enhances the quality
  • Provides 2inches of lift when fitted


  • May not provide a lift that exceeds 2 inches

6. Freedom 3″ Suspension Lift Leveling Kit

Highlighted Features

  • From Freedom Off-road Brands
  • Rear and Front position
  • Black in color
  • Resultant lift of 3 inches
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Dimension 6 by 6 by 7 inches

It is meant for lifting the rear and the front section of the vehicle. It lifts the vehicle on both the rear and the front when installed.

This provides additional space for huge tires to be fitted. That is crucial for off-road vehicles venturing into rugged and rough terrains.

The resultant lift is 3 inches. Once installed, this means that it brings about a lift that raises the Toyota 4runner 3 inches from the ground.

This provides a desirable clearance between the ground and the vehicle. It lifts the vehicle by a 1:1 ratio meaning that the front and the back will be lifted by 3 inches.

It is compatible with 1996 to 2002 4runner models. From this compatibility, it is clear that it may not fit into modern types of 4runners.

Amazingly, it fits perfectly without further modification as long as the stated models are concerned.

It is relatively heavier than other types of lift kits for Toyota 4runners. It weighs 8 pounds meaning that the amount of aluminum material used is high in quantity.

This could translate into both strength and durability. Once installed, it ensures that the rear and front are raised hence providing enough clearance with the ground.


  • It is highly compatible with 1996 to 2002 Toyota 4runners
  • It provides a good lift of 3 inches
  • For both the front and rear position
  • Easy to install in stipulated models
  • Thicker hence strength and durability


  • May not fit other models except 1996 to 2002

7. Skull off Road Leveling Lift Kit with Differential Drop

Highlighted Features

  • Made of aluminum material
  • Maximum lift of 3 inches
  • For front lift
  • Weighs 9.31 pounds
  • Packaging dimensions: 10.04 by 8.07 by 7.87 inches

With 3-inch lift capability, the Skull lift kit allows one to install oversized tires. The lift, therefore, results in an additional space within the wheel compartment.

The additional space provides a huge field of play that accommodates large wheels crucial for surfing on rugged terrain. Ideal for off-road 4runners.

It has been manufactured with CND machine precision. This provides for perfect fitting and precise attendance of a 3-inch front lift.

With such precision, it fits on all the specified models without the need for further modification, which is drilling and reshaping.

Once bought, it can be fitted without further assistance from an expert.

It is forged from aluminum and attains the Aerocraft6061 T6 standard. The billet is very strong and durable.

This characteristic makes the lift leveling resistant to crack and wear from the constant suspension spring movements.

The leveling kit has been coated with anodized elements, providing extensive resistance.

It protects the lift kit from corrosion and oxidization when exposed to unfriendly weather conditions. This feature ensures that the kit remains tough.

It is ideal for 2003 to 2018 Toyota 4runners. It is also good for providing a lift for FJ Cruiser 4-wheel drive. This is a likely indication that it is compatible with many 4runnermodels.


  • It is compatible with FJ Cruisers and Toyota 4runners 2003-2018
  • Billet aluminum is forged hence strong
  • Anodized with anti-corrosion elements hence resistant
  • Manufactured with fitting precision
  • Easy to install


  • Not ideal for rear lift

8. Rough Country 2″ 4WD Suspension Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Made of aluminum
  • Installed on driveline
  • Lifting effect of 2 inches
  • Weighs 10.25 pounds
  • Dimension 17.75 by 6.25 by 3.25 inches

Rough Country lift kit comes eight in the list of the best lift kits for Toyota 4runner because of its toughness. It is made of aluminum.

It is relatively light in weight but is resistant to cracking and scouring from the suspension spring.

Once installed, the anodized red aluminum front spacers maintain their quality.

Once installed, it brings about 2 inches of lift along the driveline. This provides a comparatively wide ground clearance perfect for even and uneven roads.

It enhances the perfect look on your Toyota 4runner. It also ensures that extra-large tires can be installed on a 4runner due to the lift’s space left.

With the help of a detailed instruction manual, it is easy to install at home through do-it-yourself common sense.

Once the lift is installed, the 4runner will always maintain its factory ride quality. No difference will be noticed.


  • Installed along the driveline hence uniform lift
  • Provides a maximum lift of 2inches
  • Perfect lift for 2010 to 2020 4runners (4WD)
  • Made of light but tough aluminum hence durability
  • Once installed, the 4runner maintains its ride quality


  • May not be perfect for lifts exceeding 2 inches

9. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Black in color
  • Made of aluminum
  • For rear and front position
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Part number AZM 327_3F+ 2R_ 328_ PRO

Supreme Suspension Lift Kit for Toyota 4Runner has been designed for a variety of 4runners and FJ cruisers.

Therefore, it is compatible with 2003 to 2022 4-wheel drive models. It is also compatible with 2007 to 2015 FJ Toyota Cruisers.

This is a wide range of compatibility with various models, and that is why it is one of the most popular lift kits.

The contents of its packaging come with 2 times T6 aircraft billet aluminum front spacers, 2 polyurethane spring spacers, and the differential drop kit.

These provisions in one packaging make it easy to assemble and install on your 4runner.

This kit lifts 3 inches for the front section and 2 inches lift for the rear section.

The thickness of the spacers does not provide a 1:1 ratio as far as the suspension from the ground is concerned.

Once the lift has been attained, larger tires can be installed. This gives a 4runner a rigorous look, ready for the uneven road surface.

Far from improving the outward appearance of the Toyota 4runner, it also increases the clearance from the ground.

With a simple instruction manual, the installation is very easy, and can it can be done within 2 to 4 hours.


  • The polyurethane material in spring spacers makes them resistant
  • Made of aluminum hence light but strong
  • Its installation is easy with the help of an installation manual
  • Lifts both front and rear hence allowing desirable ground clearance
  • Allows for installation of huge tires and rims


  • Does not fit limited models with X-REAS hydraulic struts

10. Supreme Suspension 4WD Toyota Life Kit

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch front and 2-inch rear lift
  • Silver in color
  • Made of aluminum
  • Maximum lift of 3 inches
  • Weighs 16 pounds

Comes with 2x T6 aluminum spacers for the rear spring. It can withstand wear and tear and crack resulting from spring pressure with such a material.

The T6 aircraft-grade aluminum is of high grade and provides heavy-duty resistance.

This is why it is considered very durable, and most 4runner owners prefer it.

Once installed, it lifts the front by 3 inches and the rear by 2 inches. This differentiation compensates for the need to attain a 1:1 ratio of lift when the vehicle is loaded.

Once installed, this lift gives your Toyota 4runner an astonishing look.

The 3 inches and 2 inches suspension is good enough to provide desirable ground clearance.

Such a lift is perfect for installing huge tires and big rims that can be used to surf over mountains and extremely rough terrains.

The lift kit is easy to install. It comes with an instruction manual that allows for easy bolting.

The installation does not require expert instruction or special tools. Ordinary spanners can be used to install them on the 4runner quickly.

It is worth noting that wheel alignment may be needed after the installation.


  • Lift the front and the rear hence a relatively even lift
  • Being made of aluminum means durability
  • Simple & quick installation
  • Results in a maximum of 3 inches lift
  • Once raised, big wheels can be used


  • Does not fit 4runner limited models with x-REAS hydraulics

User Buying Considerations For The Best 4runner Lift Kit

Many car owners find it challenging to buy a 4runner lift kid due to a lack of reliable information.

Sometimes buying a lift kit blindly or out of impulse might make someone buy a lift kit that does not fit well in his Toyota 4runner.

Even with the right advice, there is a need to consider several factors to get value for your money.

Many online stores offer a variety of lift kits for 4runners, but not all of them are suitable for your 4runner.

Every 4runner has specific requirements and hence should be fitted with specific lifts. When shopping around, you must consider several factors.

Such factors could be material, quality, lift position, lift size, color, complexity, and the cost of acquiring it.


What type of material is your desired lift kit made of? Most of the lift kits for 4runners are made of high-grade aluminum.

However, some limitations are made of steel. From customer reviews and stories from those who have used these lift kits, the best lift kit is that which is made of aluminum.

This is the best material because it is light in weight and strong at the same time.

When deciding on buying a lift kit for your 4runner, you should consider that which is made of aluminum.


Quality is a subjective degree to which a product can meet customers’ needs and last long enough for its usefulness.

When looking for a 4runner lift kit, it is important to consider quality. What is the material? Will it last longer? Will it bring about value for your money?

Through extensive research, you will be able to come up with an answer to these questions hence informed decision-making on quality.

Lift position

Some lifts are meant to lift the front wheel section, while others are designed to lift the rear. Some are meant for lifting the front and the rear.

The decision on which lift kit to buy should be hinged on the latter factors. If you would like to lift the front, then go for those brands that have been designed for the front position.

Lift size

Different lift kits are designed to lift different models of 4runners over a specific distance.

For example, some lift kits are designed to produce 3 inches of lift while others produce 2 inches.

If you want to enhance huge ground clearance, it is important to go for lift kits that can produce 3 inches of lift.

Also, if you are eyeing using larger tires and rims, then 3 inches lift kit is the best.


Depending on one’s preference, color is one factor that matters when deciding on the right lift kit for a Toyota 4runner.

When deciding on buying the best 4runner lift kit, you need to consider a color that matches your vehicle’s suspension and the color.

If the vehicle is black, silver is a dark color, and black could be the right color. Some lift kits are shiny, and these might match your needs depending on your preference.


The cost of a lift kit varies from one brand to the other. When buying a lift kit for a Toyota 4runner, knowing how much money is at your disposal is very important.

It is impossible to buy an expensive lift kit for a 4runner when the available money is insufficient.

Thicker lift kits are relatively expensive compared to those that produce lesser lift. Always decide on the right lift kit that is pocket friendly.


Considering that some 4runner lift kits differ in terms of complexity, it is important to factor in whether they contain complex elements or not.

Complex lift kits require the services of an expert mechanic, while less complex one allows for ease of installation.

A 4runner lift kit that can be installed without the help of an expert is better than those that are complex.

How To Install The Best 4runner Lift Kit

Most Vital FAQs

1. Can front position lift kits be installed on the rear of a Toyota 4runner?

Unless specified, it is not advisable to use lift kits meant for the front the rear of your vehicle.
However, it is impossible to install lift kits in opposite positions in most cases. However, some modifications can be made to achieve such a possibility.
It is advisable to use the front lift kit at the front and the rear at the rear section of your 4runner.

2. Should I be worried if my 4runner lift kit has been overstayed or used for long?

There is no need to worry if a lift kit for your 4runner has never been replaced depending on the surface that your vehicle encounter; some kits might last longer than others.
If yours has overstayed, then you should consider yourself lucky since such a lift kit is durable. Put your worries aside and let the lift kit continue serving you.

3. What is the best lift kit that will allow bigger tires and rims?

Bigger tires and rims mean bigger wheel compartments. The best 4runner lift that can be used in this case will produce a greater lift.
It is critical to go for lift kits that can produce a maximum lift hence providing enough clearance and enough space for the extra-large tires and rims.
The best lift kit, in this case, could be that which results in 3 inches and above.

4. What should I do if my lift kits disturb other suspension and hydraulic components?

Some 4runner lift kits could be problematic, especially if their dimension is not right.
In such instances, they could distort the integrity of the Toyota 4runner suspension and hydraulic systems.
It is important to avoid those lift kits that don’t auger well with your 4runner. If not removed, they could jeopardize the initial comfort that you experienced.

5. Can I install my 4runner lift kit without the help of an expert?

The answer is yes. The lift kits come with very detailed and simple instruction manuals.
If one can read and understand, it becomes easy to follow instructions. One can install the lift kit without needing an expert mechanic with step-by-step instructions.
However, if you encounter challenges, feel free to look for an expert.

6. Are cheaper Toyota 4runner kits less durable and of poor quality?

No. The lift kits with relatively lower prices could be of the desired quality and equally durable. Different brands have specific prices.
When looking for a 4runner kit, it is important to be aware that cheaper brands could be of high quality and durable, just like the expensive ones.

7. Are Toyota 4runner kits universal for all models?

In most cases, all lift kits are designed to fit specific models of Toyota 4runner. When buying a lift kit, it is crucial to be aware of the model and the year of your vehicle.
Not all Toyota 4runner lifts will fit in any model. Note that most 4runner lift kits may not auger with FJ cruiser with X-REAS hydraulics.

8. Can I do some modifications in case of small errors with the precisions of my 4runner lift kit?

Modifications are the last resort if the lift kit doesn’t fit. However, it is critical to returning the product to the supplier or manufacturer as soon as you find out it is not the right one.
Sometimes modifications lead to further weakening of the whole system. That could render it less durable.


The emergence of different types of 4runner lift kits from different brands has prompted the need to delve into the details of each.

When deciding on the best 4runner lift kit for Toyota, several factors should be considered.

These factors could be the cost, band, lift size, material, and vehicle type. The right ideas at your fingertips will be the basis for making the right decisions before buying.

Given that there are a variety of 4runner lift kits out in the market, it is crucial to go through what other customers are saying.

Therefore, the later list of 4runner lifts gives detailed information that is useful in cementing your decisions before buying a lift kit.

The product reviews, product descriptions, and frequently asked questions are the best source of information about lift kits for 4runners.

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