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You will need some research to get the best spark plug for Subaru Outback/Forester/Legacy/Impreza. If there is no spark, a proper ignition is impossible.

Acquiring the finest spark plug for your car is surely difficult. You require some study and the right guide to get the right part.

Thus, if you are looking for the finest pick in the market, worry not; you are in the correct place.

The article has every detail you will need before purchasing a spark plug. Scan it closely to get your ideal product at the soonest.

Which is the finest spark plugs brand for Subaru Outback/Forester/Legacy/Impreza?

‘NGK’ is the best spark plug for the Subaru outback. Listing out one of the several competitive brands was certainly tough.

However, after considering quite a few aspects, we have concluded that NGK manufactures the finest spark plugs on the market.

So, if you want to pick a reliable, durable, and affordable product, they have it all.

Also, NKG has been a trusted brand over the years and has attained a striking reputation in the market.

Why ‘NKG’ is the best spark plug for Subaru Outback/Forester/Legacy/Impreza?

Certain prominent aspects make NKG the finest pick in the market for most vehicles. One of which is unmatchable performance.

The outcomes that NKG gives to its users are striking and very profitable. Moreover, their products are highly durable and have robust construction to serve all needs.

Further, it exceptionally protects against anti-seizing and gives you smooth, safe drives every time.

The NKG spark plugs also help improve the fuel efficiency of your Subaru Outback. Also, it reduces emissions and gives only positive outcomes in every way.

So, pick a versatile and highly adaptable product; pick NKG only. It is a preferable Subaru recommended spark plugs that serve every need of these vehicles with ease.

10 Best Spark Plugs for Subaru Outback Review 2022

1. NKG 7090 BKR5EGP 4 Pack G-Power Spark Plug

Highlighted Features

  • Platinum body
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Highly durable
  • Stunning consistency
  • Anti-seize and anti-corrosion benefits
  • Prevent gas leaks

The NKG G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs give a stunning performance with enhanced fuel economy, reduced emissions, and instant starts.

Further, it is 0.6mm finely welded Platinum tip limits the needed voltage and ensures high sturdiness and a reliably stable spark.

Also, unique configurations for each insulator nose are utilized to better the throttle response and limit the chances of fouling with ridged ribs on the insulator to reduce flashovers.

Moreover, the spark plug’s center and ground electrode offer a striking spark, ensuring accurate gaps until the plus does not wear out.

The Trivalent Metal Plating gives you Subaru quality outcomes like anti-corrosion and anti-seize benefits.

At the same time, the triple gasket seal prevents gas from leaking at all times. NKG is simply the finest platinum spark plug at a very affordable cost.

This spark plug is built using a unique trivalent metal plating that helps resist corrosion and stops seizing.

Further, it also offers a triple gasket seal to reduce the chances of gas leakage.

Every user will surely enjoy the quick start benefits and enhanced fuel efficiency that the spark plugs provide.

Lastly, installing the product may be simple, but not for every person. So, either you can install it by yourself if you have prior knowledge or take expert aid.

It is undoubtedly the best spark plug for Subaru Forester and other variants.


  • Quicker starts
  • Smoother drives
  • Stunning performance
  • Improved mileage


  • Costly fitting
  • Does not fit all vehicles

2. Bosch Automotive 9694 Double Iridium Spark Plug Comfortable for All Vehicles

Highlighted Features

  • Double-iridium built
  • Fine tip for performance
  • Better reliability
  • Lowers resistance
  • Instant ignition
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-seize benefits

It is no surprise that the Bosch spark plug is on this list. The company offers striking products and has acquired a promising reputation over several years.

Further, Bosch is one of the longest spark plug manufacturers out there.

These Bosch spark plugs have a double-platinum build that assists these plugs to last at least four times longer than the other conventional options.

Also, one can clearly say that Bosch promisingly offers exceptional service by ensuring that their products will last at least till the vehicle sustains.

First, let us check some key highlights about the Bosch spark plugs. The double-iridium construct has helped boost reliability, get better heat control, and reduce resistance.

Also, it has a very minute .6 mm tip to ensure positive outcomes to assist in better performance.

A spark plug must offer better drives and benefit your vehicle in every way. Bosch recognizes that and thus has built these stunning spark plugs.

The tiny tip ensures a user gets hotter yet smoother ignition to improve the performance of your Subaru.

Further, it has a ribbed insulator to assist well in preventing misfires. While considering the aspects of this spark plug, one cannot miss its nickel-plated shell.

This aspect offers whole anti-seize and corrosion-resistant benefits.


  • Positive performance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Quality construction
  • Smooth drives


  • Needs expert installation
  • Does not fit every car

3. Subaru 22401AA670 Iridium Spark Plugs Comfortable for All Subaru Vehicles

Highlighted Features

  • Improves performance
  • Robust material
  • Cost-efficient
  • Striking throttle response
  • Iridium body
  • Compatible with most Subaru vehicles

Want more acceleration and power for your Subaru outback? Then install these Subaru-recommended spark plugs in your vehicle today.

This product is a very suitable plug for you. Further, the spark plug is also proven to offer striking improvements for your Subaru vehicles.

Installing these spark plugs will give you exceptional performance and stunning outcomes only.

Moreover, it also ensures that they offer durability and will surely serve you well for a long time.

The spark plugs have a silver center electrode feature and unique equipment that give assurance and consistency.

Further, this spark plug is a very affordable alternative with stunning throttle response and striking shift aspects.

So, if you want a cheaper variant, you can opt for Subaru spark plugs. However, despite being cost-efficient, these spark plugs offer exceptional results and features to users.

Thus, if you want to boost the overall play of your Subaru, then this is your ideal match.

Moreover, the stunning iridium-built promises longevity and is suitable for many Subaru models. Subaru is a prized brand that kens years of experience and expertise.

So, you can entirely rely on their products for accurate results. Further, these spark plugs are robust and durable, making them ideal for many users.


  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Quick acceleration
  • Affordable
  • Highly durable


  • Sometimes sluggish power
  • Not highly compatible

4. Autolite XP5702 4PK Iridium XP Spark Plug for Subaru

Highlighted Features

  • Iridium body
  • Striking durability and performance
  • Platinum protected wires
  • Boosts power and acceleration
  • Improve mileage
  • Improved ignition

The Autolite XP5702 is another classic spark plug for your Subaru outback. Further, it is also the best spark plug for Subaru Forester and other variants.

You can opt for this if you are looking for striking performance and protection.

The stunning Platinum-protected wires ensure maximum efficiency in every ignition type. Also, it has robust Iridium built to ensure better longevity and life.

Thus, if you seek the best spark plugs for Subaru Impreza, this is your ideal pick.

Further, the spark plug ensures you get smoother drives and better acceleration for a great experience.

It improves fuel economy and also extends the execution of your Subaru. Thus, opt for this product only for an all-package and fairly cost spark plug.

Cost efficiency is a key aspect that makes it a fit option for multiple users. The spark plugs are budgeted and give a reliable performance with every drive.

Autolite promises only fine outcomes for its users. It constructs products considering all needs and serves every need well.

Moreover, the .6 mm fine tip ensures better durability and hassle-free drives every time.

They also feature a nickel-plated shell and electrode for focused ignition and optimum results. A very instant ignition is the essential detail of this product.


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting spark plugs
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Simple installing


  • Does not fit every Subaru
  • Wrong fitting damage the plugs

5. NKG LKAR7BIX 4 Pack 11S Iridium Spark Plug for Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Iridium construct
  • Fuel saver
  • Better longevity
  • Sustainable and reliable product
  • Durable, long-lasting pick
  • Boosts power and torque

The NGK Iridium 11S Spark Plugs is a top pick for the best spark plugs for Subaru Forester and other vehicles.

It offers the finest performance, gives better fuel efficiency, is highly durable, and is entirely reliable for long drives. Further, the striking iridium construction is an add-on.

These unique and durable spark plugs offer better longevity than the other platinum and copper spark plugs.

It is undoubtedly the finest pick in the market and a sustainable product. So, if you want a product that lasts for a longer duration, this is your ideal pick.

Further, its very fine electrode wire offers striking fuel efficiency and a super-smooth engine idle for better throttle response.

You will also get improved power and torque because of the unique air-fuel mixture that the plugs provided.

Further, it also gets top preference for its durability because of its impressive features like the metal plating.

These aspects ensure that the plugs do not rust, corrode and seize. Further, they also act as a long insulator to prevent fouling.

NKG is a very reliable company that only offers the most suitable products to their clients. Thus, pick from the finest to experience positive outcomes.


  • No gas leaks
  • Anti-foul
  • Highly durable
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-seize


  • Needs expert fittings only
  • Quality issues

6. VPlus LFR6AIX Iridium Spark Plug Fits for Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Colder heat ranges
  • Iridium body
  • Better longevity
  • Highly durable and robust
  • OE Replacement
  • Better heat transfer

Many drivers prefer replacing their regular spark plugs with this racing spark plugs for better performance and smoothness.

It is precisely designed with varied heat ranges than the regular plug for better performance and sustains difficult conditions.

The Iridium built is the finest quality material that offers several profits to a user. It has multiple benefits to give you complete assistance and ease.

Further, VPlus has a variety of features to offer to its users. Starting with the excellent manufacturing and construction to the aspects for a terrific performance.

And also, the iridium body offers a slower wear-out rate, anti-foul, better fuel economy, and lower emissions.

Further, it has a copper core for better heat transfer and a ribbed insulator structure to prevent flashover.

The VPlus spark plugs are performed longer than the other materials and give exceptional results only. All these aspects make the product a top choice for several drivers.

So, if you want complete satisfaction and perfect results, opt for Vplus.

It is also the finest Subaru outback spark plug to give you complete ease and maximum satisfaction.

The product will not disappoint and will give you exceptional performance only.


  • Stunning performance
  • Lowers emissions
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Better heat transfer


  • Little costly
  • Needs expert installation

7. Subaru 22401AA731 OEM Factory Spark Plug Comfortable for Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Boosts power
  • Better durability and life
  • Compatible with almost all Subaru vehicles
  • High-sustainability and reliability
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improves vehicle performance

The Subaru outback spark plug is a stunning replacement for your regular plugs. It will assure that your vehicle gets the desired power boost and efficient acceleration for smoother drives.

Moreover, this is an ideal spark plug for all the Subaru variants as it is fairly compatible.

So, if you want a durable and reliable option, this product might be perfect for you. Further, it is proven to offer significant modifications for your vehicle.

The plugs ensure durability and will assist you decently for a long time.

Further, it has a silver center electrode feature and the latest equipment to offer consistency and better reliability.

This Subaru spark plug is also a fine alternative for affordable products. It offers a stunning throttle response, improved shift points, and all the assistance you need.

The spark plugs ensure the users get comfort, performance, and the finest outcomes while driving.

Installing the spark plugs may not be simple for everyone. If a person has prior experience, they can install them easily.

However, a lack of experience may give negative outcomes. So, do not experiment and opt for professional services if you lack adequate knowledge.


  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Improves power
  • Boosts acceleration
  • Cost-efficient


  • Needs professional fitting
  • Can cause power issues

8. Subaru 22410AA751 OEM Spark Plug Set for Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Improves acceleration
  • Boosts power
  • Better life and longevity
  • Anti-corrosion and resistant
  • Cost-efficient
  • Compatible with Subaru variants

Subaru is one of the highly prized companies that manufactures several vehicle products.

So, if you want the best spark plugs for Subaru Legacy, Impreza, and other Subaru vehicles, this is your top pick.

These Subaru plugs are ideal for your Subaru outback because of many aspects. They have varied features that assist you well and give you optimum performance for positive outcomes.

To begin, its anti-corrosion and anti-resistant feature play a major role in the longevity of the plugs.

Moreover, it gives a stunning acceleration and power boost to serve all your needs well. So, if you are looking for a reliable product that will easily fit in your Subaru, then this is a perfect pick.

The company ensures that the plugs get installed properly and do not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Further, it is highly compatible with Subaru models and offers excellent performance only. It is a long-lasting spark plug that will surely assist you with the finest in the long run.

You can also install the Subaru spark plugs easily with the correct knowledge.

So, if you have installed spark plugs earlier, you will fit them with ease. If not, we recommend professional assistance only for perfect outcomes.


  • Durable
  • Robust, solid built
  • Sustains pressures
  • Highly compatible


  • Needs expert fitting
  • It May is not fit all vehicles

9. NKG SILZKAR7B11 4 Pack Laser Iridium Spark Plug for Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • High-efficiency and performance
  • Anti-foul feature
  • Long life and durability
  • Stunning, robust, built
  • Fuel-saver
  • Stunning power boost

You can purchase this four-pack spark plug and not worry in case of future emergencies as it covers all your needs.

Further, its iridium design offers a lasting service life compared to regular metal spark plugs.

Moreover, this spark plug also offers a stable idle, high-quality anti-fouling, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

Also, it is built with superior-quality materials that offer instant ignitions and gives you the desired power boosts at all times.

And, it is compatible and can be fitted in many engines. However, ensure that you consult and check every aspect before purchase to limit disappointments.

Quite a few aspects make it the best spark plug for Subaru Impreza.

The only negative aspect of the NKG Laser Spark Plug is its cost. Yet, it is a good deal as they come in a package and can last for several years.

Further, it is available at a decent cost for the quality, outcomes, and sustainability that it provides to its users.

Thus, opt for this NKG spark plug only for a reliable and trustable product. It will assure positive outcomes and eliminate all troubles.


  • Compatible with Subaru cars
  • Reduces emissions
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Offers ideal power boosts


  • Quality issues
  • Slightly costly

10. Sixity Auto NKG 6 pc Iridium IX Spark Plugs Compatible with Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality metal plating
  • Very sustainable
  • Boosts fuel economy
  • Improves power and torque
  • Anti-foul benefits
  • Limits chances of corrosion

This NGK IX Spark Plug has acquired a position in this list because of the endless features that it offers to its users.

The spark plugs give superior performance, better fuel economy, robust construct, and high dependability.

Further, it has an iridium body that ensures that the spark plugs offer longer life and better performance even in the long run. Iridium is one of the most reliable materials for spark plugs.

NGK is a renowned company and one of the finest brands for spark plugs. So, if you want sustainable and reliable products, opt for this company only.

Further, the ultra-thin electrode wire gives superior fuel efficiency and a highly-efficient engine idle for better throttle response.

Also, you can expect a great boost in overall torque and acceleration because of the optimal air-fuel concoction that the spark plugs produce.

Moreover, it also gets full marks for reliability and durability, and striking features like metal plating.

The plating aspect helps in reducing the chance of seizing and corrosion and offers some superior anti-foul properties for the user.

Altogether, all these aspects make it the best spark plug for Subaru legacy and other Subaru vehicles.


  • Highly compatible
  • It has oxygen sensors
  • Ignites efficiently
  • Sustainable, long-lasting product


  • Tough installation
  • It May not fit all vehicles

Buying Consideration for the Best Subaru Spark Plugs for Outback/Forester/Legacy/Impreza

There are some aspects that each one must consider before purchasing any product.

To ensure that the spark plugs are completely suitable for your Subaru, you must check on some points before buying one.

Checking these aspects will assist you in making a valuable purchase and offer striking outcomes only.

The primary aim of a spark plug is to offer better ignition and offer smoother drives for users. Thus, to attain the desired outcomes keep reading and checking each of these points closely.

They will assist you in the entire process and help you eliminate all your hassle to make a valuable purchase.


While buying any spark plugs, it’s vital to check which material suits your requirements the best.

If you have an older model vehicle, then Copper is ideal for you as it has a low-voltage ignition to suit the vehicle’s needs well.

Furthermore, Platinum and Iridium are best for new-age modern engines that do not require distributors.

Platinum offers a stunning mix of fuel efficiency, performance, and durability; whereas, Iridium provides better mixes but at a slightly higher cost.

Lastly, ensure you use a spark plug verified and approved by the manufacturer. Doing this will reduce the chances of mishaps and give maximum security in every way.


Another vital aspect to consider for spark plugs is size. Spark plugs must be precisely picked considering the size of either the nut or the thread.

In the US, the ideal thread and nut sizes are 10 mm (nut: 16 mm), 12 mm (nut: 14 mm, 16 mm, or 17.5 mm), 14 mm (nut: 16 mm or 20.63 mm), and 18 mm (nut: 20.63 mm).

Heat Range

Every spark plug is considered to be hot. So, if it has a striking heat insulator and comes under the “cold” classification, it can transfer more heat from its fine tip and easily lower the temperature.

Altogether, every company displays the spark plugs’ heat range according to their serial numbers or certain digits.

Some companies use ascending numbers for warmer plugs, while others do the opposite in the case of cooler plugs.

So, check on this factor to ensure that you make a reliable purchase for your Subaru.


The spark plugs are commonly built with a spark gap that you can modify with the help of spark plug gapper equipment.

Single plugs may suit multiple engines, requiring a varied gap for every variant.

The ideal gap for spark plugs is around 0.6 and 1.8 mm (i.e. 0.024 and 0.071 inches). Always use a gap gauge to check the plug’s gap size and ensure it fits within the ideal range.


Certain plugs come with a “pre-gapped” that does not require modifications or adjustments.

These pre-gapped plugs are the finest picks and ideal products for users who want a plug-and-play style spark plug that does not need to fuss with additional tools during the installation process.

So, pick a product that is simple to install and does not require expert-level understanding.

Doing this will help you save on additional costs and offer perfect outcomes. Do not skip this factor if you want your ideal Subaru outback spark plugs.


Another crucial factor to always consider is a budget. If you do not fix a budget, you will always be confused.

So, consider a budget in mind before purchasing to get ideal outcomes at all times.

Also, limiting this will assist you in picking the correct spark plug with complete ease. However, if you are getting a better product, do not hesitate in increasing your budget a little.

Most Crucial FAQs

1. How to identify that the spark plugs are functioning perfectly and reliably?

If you are confused about checking if your spark plugs are working well before issues arise, inspect their color.
Commonly, when a spark plug turns tan or grey, they are perfectly alright and are running at a suitable temperature.
In short, your vehicle’s engine is in excellent condition in this situation. If you notice a color change other than this, you must recognize it is time for a replacement.

2. What is the longevity of spark plugs?

The durability of a spark plug can differ from company to type of vehicle. However, the spark plugs in many latest vehicles today do stay intact for at least 100,000 miles.
Thus, to ensure your spark plugs do not wear out and are replaced regularly, study the type of spark plugs and their suitability for your vehicle.
Also, know that the spark plugs in different high-end and luxury models usually have shorter intervals than the others.

3. How frequently must spark plugs be replaced?

It entirely depends on the material and quality of the product. High-quality and superior spark plugs usually last longer than cheaper ones.
Also, many mechanics suggest that you must change copper core spark plugs once every 30,000 miles.
Also, in the case of Iridium, a replacement after every 50,000 miles is necessary.
Further, the interval can be shorter if your engine is not functioning properly, so it’s crucial to check that your spark plugs are in place and have not worn out after completing certain miles.

4. Can faulty spark plugs turn on the engine light?

If the spark plug in your vehicle is at fault, it may cause the engine’s light to blink, indicating an issue.
In some cases, the engine light may flash instead of being solid.
So, you must consider a professional check for better security and prevent further damage whenever the light appears.

5. What indicates a faulty spark plug?

If your spark plug needs a replacement, you will notice these symptoms:
1. Backfires while accelerating
2. Reduced acceleration
3. Hard idle, charred spark plug wire
4. A noticeable drop in fuel efficiency
5. Issues in igniting the vehicle’s engine
Also, if your car is not running as smoothly as it does, inspect the spark plugs or ask a mechanic to help you out with it.

6. What happens if you fail to change damaged spark plugs?

To prevent damage to your engine and driving problems, you should change your Subaru’s spark plugs.
Spark plugs will weaken with time, and they will fail to spark as they used to before. Further, they will not ignite the fuel mixture and leave the combustion process incomplete.
Also, the vehicle will experience a loss in engine power and may also seize or stop working.

7. What kind of spark plugs are better, cold or hot?

You must fit spark plugs that your manufacturer specifies you to use for daily driving scenarios.
A hot spark plug is a reliable option for plugs that are spoiled by carbon deposits or if you have more local low-speed use.
If the engine is beeping or has a high-speed driving need, the cold plug is ideal.

8. Can unopened spark plugs last?

If you store the sealed spark plugs in a cool and dry setting, they can last for a decent amount of time.
The durability of spark plugs is affected if they are exposed to corrosive settings factors like moisture. Also, they can damage if you drop them frequently or have rough use.


Picking the ideal spark plug might be simplified by now. However, choose the best after considering all these factors to get ideal outcomes.

All of the spark plugs mentioned here are the finest in the market. We have listed them after keen research and close consideration of several aspects.

Thus, check on each factor minutely to get the best spark plugs for Subaru Outback/Forester/Legacy/Impreza.

NKG offers exceptional spark plugs for each vehicle and is highly compatible with the Subaru. Thus, we suggest picking the finest brand only.

However, if your budget restricts you, you can freely select from the rest as they will also give you the optimum result.

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