A Quick Guide On Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement (Simple & Effective)

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If you own a Subaru, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in top condition. One of the most important components of your car is the key fob, and its battery needs to be replaced periodically.

Replacing the battery yourself is a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your car running smoothly. In this quick guide, we’ll discuss bout the whole process of replacing the battery.

We’ll go over the tools you’ll need to get the job done, how to remove the old battery and how to insert a new one. Plus, we’ll discuss other key fob maintenance tips to help you keep your car in great shape.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced automotive enthusiast, this quick guide on Subaru key fob battery replacement will help you keep your key fob working smoothly.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement: A Complete Guide with 9 Easy Steps

Once you are sure that you need a battery replacement then this blog is your perfect guide. The whole replacement process is simplified so that you won’t have issues carrying it out.

The Subaru key fob battery helps in powering the fob for optimum effectiveness. It can last for up to six years depending on the fob used.

Your manner of use can also affect its longevity. Typically, smart key fobs use up more battery than regular fobs.

However, there are different types of Subaru fob batteries but the most popular ones are CR2025 and CR2032.

These are 3V batteries with the capacity of powering key fobs to maximum expectation. They are available from dealers as well as vendors, both online and offline.

Now, it’s time to know the process of battery replacement. But before that ensure you have the necessary tools near your hand.

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Spudger (or butter knife)
  • Tape

Step 1: Remove The Mechanical Key

The first thing you need to do is to remove the mechanical key. There is a button at the back of the fob, press the button with your thumb to take off the mechanical key.

If your thumb is too big and cannot enter the small groove accommodating the button, you can use a screwdriver to press the button.

While pressing the button with one hand, use the other hand to remove the mechanical key.

Step 2: Open The Housing

With the aid of the screwdriver, open the housing of the fob to reveal the control module.

Remember to tape the tip of the screwdriver before using it to open the housing to prevent damage to the control module.

Thereafter, you should apply the screwdriver gently through the area where you removed the mechanical key to separate the housing into two.

After separating the housing into two, you will discover that one housing accommodates the control module while the other acts as the cover.

Step 3: Lift Out The Control Module

After successful separation of the housing, the control module accommodating the battery will stare at you.

It will be located in one of the two housings. Remove the module gently so that removing the battery will be a piece of cake.

It is advisable to mark the housing that accommodates the control module so that putting it back will not be difficult.

Step 4: Remove The Battery

Ideally, metal contacts help in holding the battery in place. Hence, you should use a spudger or butter knife to free the battery from the metal contacts.

You should carry out this step carefully so that you won’t spoil the control module.

Step 5: Insert The New Battery

Popular batteries for Subaru Change key fob battery replacement are CR2032 3V and CR2025 3V.

There are other types to use but it is essential to check the manual of your car to know the perfect battery type for your fob.

You should make sure that the battery makes the right metal contact to get the most satisfactory result.

Step 6: Return The Control Module

After the successful insertion of the new battery, carefully return the control module into the housing.

You should make sure that you return the module to the right housing so that closing the housing will be as easy as ABC.

That is why you are advised to mark the housing with the module after the latter’s removal in step 3.

Step 7: Close The Housing

Use the second housing to cover the housing accommodating the control module. This is a very easy step as you only need to press one against the other.

Step 8: Return The Mechanical Key

Insert the mechanical key back to its usual place. Returning is much easier than the removal process.

Step 9: Test The Key Fob

Test the key fob by activating your car with it, and you are good to go. If the fob does not work after battery replacement, you may need to get in touch with your mechanic. There may be an underlying issue with your car.

Pro Tips on Subaru Replacement Key Fob

Replacing your key fob can give you a headache, especially if you are on a budget.

Particularly, These devices are a bit costly, and there is a need for re-programming after purchase. These few tips will help you to get it right in terms of getting a replacement for your fob.

1. Check Your Vehicle’s Basic Warranty, Insurance, or Roadside Assistance Coverage

You need to be sure that your lost or damaged key is covered by any of the policies mentioned above or not.

This is very essential so that you can exploit the policy to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

If your warranty or insurance covers damaged or lost keys, you will not have to go through the stress of finding a way to get a replacement.

2. When to Reach Out to a Dealer for a Replacement

Eventually, if your car is five years old or less, it is advisable to contact a dealer for a key fob replacement. The reason for this is that some aftermarket fobs may not work with your car.

However, aftermarket fobs are programmable but there are risks associated with their use.

Usually, the replacement process can take up to one hour because of the programming and cutting of the spare mechanical key.

A dealer can program an aftermarket fob for you if that is what you can afford at the moment, but it is very risky.

3. Order Online

If your car is ten years old or more, you can get a key fob from the aftermarket. You can order online because they may not be available in stores all the time.

Your local mechanic or automotive locksmith can help with the programming after purchase.

4. Call in the Locksmith

You can save money and time by calling a locksmith to fix the problem for you.

The majority of locksmiths are mobile, hence, driving down to your house or office will not be an issue for them.

Fixing your fob at home or your office will be more convenient for you since you won’t need to worry about how to move the car to the locksmith’s workshop.

5. Replacement Shells

Moreover, if your key fob is functioning but the shell is damaged, you can get a new shell for it.

You only need a thin-blade screwdriver to swap the control module from the damaged shell to a new one. Within two minutes, you should be able to complete the whole process of shell replacement.

You can follow the steps above for shell replacement, but this time around, you are not going to remove the battery.

Subaru Key Fob Tricks: Simple but Smart

Apart from using your key fob to unlock your car, there are some other tricks you can perform with it. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Instant Lowering of All Windows

With the press of a single button, you can use your Subaru key fob to wind down all the windows of your car, as well as open the sunroof.

This is a hidden feature of this device and knowing how to maneuver it is very essential to get this done.

To use this feature, you only need to press the unlock button once, then press it again (within 10 seconds), then hold it down till you open all the windows.

2. Mirror Folding

This is an optional feature that goes with door locking, and it is not found in all models. For vehicles with this option, you only need to hold down the lock button to fold in the side mirrors.

This is particularly helpful when you park your car in a narrow place or very close to other cars.

3. Remote Start

You can also use the key fob to start the engine of your car. Going about this is as easy as ABC. There is a circular arrow that you need to press once after hitting the lock button.

In some models, you may need to press the circular arrow twice to get the engine running.

Hence, you can start your engine two minutes before getting on board so that it will be warm before you hop in.

4. Vehicle Summon

Besides, you can use the fob to move your car in or out of a tight parking space while not in the car.

This feature works only when activated with the aid of the center screen of the vehicle.

Also, this feature applies to certain models, especially the latest ones.

5. Mechanical Key

There is a mechanical key in your push-button fob that serves as a backup. If you are not told, there is no way you can know this, except if you read the manual.

The mechanical key is useful for unlocking the driver’s door when the battery of the fob or car runs down or when the fob breaks down.

You can get access to the key by pressing the button on the key fob before pulling it out. The mechanical key is also essential for starting the engine if you can’t use the push-button start.

What to Do if Subaru Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change?

In most cases, after a battery change, key fobs get fixed and work smoothly. And if not! Then there may be a problem with the keyfob mechanism or programming. But before taking your keyfob to a programmer or, repair shop ensure you have set your battery in the correct direction and have a try again.

However, sometimes the Subaru key fob is stuck in the ignition, and battery replacement does not work to cope with this situation. That’s really frustrating. In that case, maybe taking your keyfob to the service center would be better. 

In addition, changing batteries sometimes requires a key fob to be reprogrammed. Well, that software works and it is better to give this task to a professional.

But! Don’t get panic about these situations. As I mentioned before, the very common cause of the keyfob not functioning is a faulty battery. So, change your keyfob battery if it is not working. Hopefully, a quick battery change can give a new life to your keyfob.



FAQs About Replacing The Subaru Key Fob Battery

01. Can you replace the key fob battery yourself?

You can replace the key fob battery of your car yourself. The process is very simple, and many online resources can guide you.

Once you have the right tools and a new battery, the process is a stroll in the park.

02. What kind of battery does a 2015 Subaru key fob take?

You should get a 3-volt lithium CR1620 battery for the key fob of the 2015 Subaru Forester.

The CR1620 has a diameter of 16 millimeters with a thickness of 2 millimeters. That is why it is the perfect fit for this model.

03. What kind of battery do I need to replace the key fob?

The CR2025 and CR2032 3-Volt batteries are the most common types. You can check the manual of your car to discover the exact type to go for.

Replacing a fob battery is very easy. With the right tools as well as an understanding of the process, you can carry out the replacement within a few minutes.

04. Why won’t my key fob work after I changed the battery?

There may be broken contacts or the buttons of the fob are misaligned. Other reasons may contribute to your fob not working after replacing the battery.

Get in touch with your mechanic if you can’t figure out the cause of the problem. Your car requires troubleshooting, which helps in discovering its actual problem.

05. How do you reset a key fob?

To reset a key fob, press the start button, and within five seconds of turning it on, turn it off again. Repeat this process three more times until you have repeated the cycle four times.

06. Why isn’t my car responding to my key fob?

It’s probably because your key fob battery is bad or dead, hence, you need to replace it with a new one. Also, your fob may be faulty and need repair or a replacement.

If you can’t figure out what the problem is, get in touch with your mechanic for a detailed vehicle analysis.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement (The Practical Way)


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Replacing your key fob battery helps to boost the efficiency of your fob, especially when it is not functioning properly.

The replacement process is not cumbersome, hence, you can use this piece as your guide. By following the step-by-step instruction, you will be able to fix the problem without much hassle.

We also shared tips on the best, cost-effective ways of changing your key fob.

At times, the problem may not be the battery, but the fob itself. In a situation like this, replacing the fob may be the best option that you will have to go for.

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