Top 06 Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit Problems With Solutions

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Giving your Toyota Tundra a great lift can be vital for rough usage. However, using the right tools is necessary.

Thus, identify these common Toyota Tundra leveling kit problems and get your work completed precisely.

An improper lift can damage your vehicle in many ways, so using the correct parts is a must.

Get instant hacks and ideas with the article’s assistance and give your Toyota a perfect fix. Acquiring precise information is a must for getting the right outcomes.

Thus, delay no further and give your Toyota a perfect lift by removing all of these random issues today.

Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit Problems: Top 06 Problems

Using the right part is a must, but it is also vital to identify the issues to dodge them. Leveling kit fixing can extend many issues.

Many individuals neglect and overlook them considering it to be random. However, ignoring can lead to serious issues and further damage to your vehicle.

Thus, delay no more, give your Toyota the perfect lift, and eliminate all the other leveling kit issues. Certain random issues that may arise while fixing any leveling kit are:

01. Inappropriate Construction

Fitting a low-quality or poorly built leveling kit on your Toyota can lead to severe issues and cause irreparable damage in the future.

Also, using the vehicle can become dangerous and give you poor outcomes in the long run.

So, refrain from compromising on the grade of the part when it comes to prices.

We suggest paying a little higher but getting a perfect kit to avoid damage and mishaps in the further process.

02. Improper Fitting

Along with quality, a good fit is also necessary. People often prefer fixing the kit themselves to avoid high expert fit expenses.

However, experimenting can cost you even more than you can imagine. When the kit is not fitted or positioned well, it may damage or break easily with time.

Also, towards the end, you may see random vibration or noise when you are driving at a relatively higher level on highways or smooth roadways.

03. Bad alignment

When you are focused on altering your truck’s look via lifting, you might end up overlooking some vital facts.

For example, one must always note the car’s measurement before installing the kit inside it.

Further, doing this is the only beneficial method of identifying the variation between the front and rear height of the truck.

There is constantly a minor distinction between the two heights. Thus, pick and analyze accordingly to get the best results from your lift kit.

Also, when you identify the precise height details, picking a kit that gives apt potency to elevate the suspension becomes much simpler.

On the contrary, if the measurement is incorrect, it may lead to improper alignment and cause issues in the future while using the vehicle.

The tire and other parts also wear out quicker when the alignment is not finished properly because of improper measurements.

04. Less Mileage

If the mileage of your Toyota Tundra has suddenly dropped, it is possibly because of the leveling kit.

Once you notice a hike in fuel consumption or sudden mileage drop, you might necessitate a quick kit inspection.

A boost in fuel consumption is troublesome and bad for your pockets. It can disrupt your savings and multiply your expenditures in many ways.

05. Wrong Suspension

By changing your Toyota Tundra’s suspension system, you also alter the functions of your vehicle. An issue while fitting a leveling kit on your Toyota can also result in a faulty suspension.

If the fixing is not completed well, certain system components might wear out or break.

06. Damaged Driveshaft

Yet another leveling kit issue is a fault driveshaft. If this part is not in excellent condition, you will easily recognize it with the aid of some indications.

If you notice a loud annoying sound when you change or shift your Toyota on the road, you may require a driveshaft inspection.

Another indication of a poor driveshaft is noticing random vibration from the lower parts of your vehicle.

These indications mentioned are usually noticed when the part is aligned at an incorrect position or because of the leveling kit.

Take instant action, and if not taken, your vehicle’s driveshaft may damage entirely. It might also cause other poor issues later on.

Toyota Tundra Leveling Kits: What & Why?

A lift kit is an additional manufactured part fitted on vehicles to alter or adjust their suspensions to serve specific needs.

This alteration or modification aims to improve or boost the Toyota’s height by uplifting its front and even the back.

This change improves your Toyota Tundra’s entire look by making it appear to be more excellent and attractive to every individual around.

Further, in the case of aesthetics, the lift kit also improves performance and gives your vehicle better functionality.

It ensures minimal damage and gives you a smoother driver on rough terrains.

So, if you want to boost the protection of your Toyota Tundra, you must fit the lift kit properly. Also, there are three varied types of leveling kits attainable in the market:

  • Strut Extensions
  • Bar Keys
  • Coil Spring Spacers

Solutions for the Toyota Tundra leveling kit problems

Worry not; all of these issues come along with efficiency. So, if you want an efficient way out, keep reading.

We have certain possible keys to help you assist with the problem.

Pick Brands

Not just brands but pick a reputed company only. A well-recognized company will not give you fault outcomes.

So, choose reliable components for fine results.

Prefer Expert Fixings

Most times, people do not go to experts and try fixing the kit themselves. However, this could be an issue, as seen earlier.

So, the finest solution is taking aid from a professional.

Especially if you complete the task first and do not have any prior exposure, expert help will give you apt outcomes and prevent any future damage or mishaps.

Take Measurements

If you know how to fit it, always measure before you begin. It will aid you in obtaining a suitable fit and getting precise outcomes.

Also, it will help eliminate issues of poor alignments.

Take an inspection

If you notice a mileage drop, take an inspection instantly.

Go to a mechanic and get your Toyota checked. Even in the case of driveshaft and suspension, seek expert assistance only.

What does a Leveling Kit do?

Fitting a lift kit on your Toyota Tundra permits you to opt for bigger tires for your truck.

This alteration is chiefly for vehicle owners with rough terrain or loaded trucks. Also, these kits offer some striking profits.

The perks leveling kits offer are:

Better ground clearance

Undoubtedly the finest perk is a boost in height. A better clearance protects your vehicle against damage and gives perfect drive.

Better towing

You will easily be able to tow your vehicle in case of need. Attaching any item to the frontal end will become much simpler and give you proper lifts only.

Fitting Large Tires

Elevated heights enable you to fit larger tires for your Toyota Tundra. So, if you consider boosting the overall look and altering it gives your truck a nice lift.

How much does a Leveling Kit Cost?

The price may alter as per brand and needs. Also, professionals may charge you extra.

Yet, ideally, if you try to fit a leveling kit by yourself, then it will cost around $500 to $4000. If you need expert aid, you might need to pay more.

For expert fittings adding a leveling kit can cost you up to $12000. Thus, check-in for all prices and pick your suitable leveling kit to get apt results for your Toyota Tundra.

How to Install leveling kit in Toyota Tundra

Installing the kit is not very tough. The following crucial keys can assist you in the entire fitting properly. Thus, utilize these effective aspects and install your kit well.

Gather tools

A usual leveling kit comprises strut spacers, spacers, and fresh hardware.

Use the Guide

When fitting, several leveling kit guides recommend installing it without any professional aid necessitates at least four hours using basic machines.

As many experts at home do not own the most basic tools, it is vital to seek expert installation.

Get a Mechanic Check

Even if you own all of the vital tools and can fixate the entire component yourself, you might still require a few mechanic checks to ensure everything is well fit.

Certain issues can occur while fixing new parts in your Toyota Tundra.

If you pick an expert fit for your leveling kit, you must check these considerable aspects. Ensure that the store has all the latest and updated alignment tools.

Further, if you wish to add additional accessories like larger tires to your Toyota, you may necessitate a proper professional check to inspect the tires and prevent wear.

Keep tools accessible

Lastly, ensure all the stock components are accessible for use at any hour.

Crucial FAQs about Toyota Tundra Leveling Kit Problems

What can you do to manage or prevent these leveling kit issues?

The excellent part about lifting kits’ issues is that they are manageable.

To make the most benefit from your fitting process, ensure you permit an expert to take care of the installation.

Further, get a complete alignment finished properly, get fresh shocks fitted, and ensure your vehicle is often inspected.

Moreover, look into the solutions mentioned and follow them well to get apt results.

Without taking measures, your fitting will not be completed well and will give you poor outcomes.

What will happen if the leveling kit is installed inappropriately?

Suspensions carry the complete weight of your vehicle or truck. So, fitting the lift kit well is very crucial for your vehicle.

A poorly installed lift kit can cause serious damage and wear off the entire suspension.

Further, it can also affect other components like the driveshaft and tire. So, overall, a poorly fitted leveling kit can cause your vehicle to wear out quite quickly.

Which is the finest leveling fit for your Toyota?

The finest pick for you, Tundra, is any simple kit to install and gives you ideal outcomes. The part offers smooth rides and at the same hour gives you complete quality.

So, a part that gives you perfection with quality is your reliable leveling kit. Refrain from opting for low-quality and random kits to give your vehicle a perfect lift.

What gains does fitting a leveling kit provide?

Several automobile manufacturers intentionally build the front suspension close to the ground.

The perks of this construction are plenty as they have an intended purpose. The noticeable profits of this are less fuel usage and better wind resistance.

Also, the suspension is altered by fitting the leveling kit on your Toyota Tundra, making it last longer and give better performance.

So, install the part well to prevent adverse outcomes and enjoy its perks.

Why is alignment necessary after installing the kit on your Toyota Tundra?

Aligning your truck is very vital for its overall play.

After altering Toyota’s suspension system, the Toyota Tundra and plenty of other automobiles or trucks necessitate a proper alignment.

Further, the alignment process also ensures the tires endure longer than usual and assure proper stability.

Moreover, you will enjoy better drives and get your desired outcomes if you install the kit and get an alignment completed right after.

What does Toyota take to install a leveling kit fit?

The ideal amount that the company charges for fitting the leveling kit are around $1200. It might be slightly priced but offers positive results only.

The company ensures proper fittings and eliminates the chances of all kinds of issues for your Toyota Tundra.


Fixing a leveling kit in your Toyota Tundra can be tricky so take the decision wisely. Also, consider the aspects and avoid these random Toyota Tundra leveling kit problems.

Make sure you take time and study all aspects well before picking your ideal leveling kit.

Refrain from rushing and always seek expert aid whenever you find difficulty in the process. Further, failure to treat the issue can cause severe impairment to the vehicle.

So, on noticing even the slightest errors contact a mechanic instantly. Fitting the parts is a must for your Toyota Tundra and its performance.

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