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Though Motorcraft oil is common and popular among mechanics, motorists, and vehicle owners, its manufacturing identification is mysterious. While some believe Motorcraft oil is made in the US, others argue that it comes from South Korea. So the point is who makes Motorcraft oil and from where does it come?

Motorcraft oil is a product of Ford Motor Company and is manufactured by ConocoPhillips who collect base stock from South Korean S-Oil Company to produce this oil.

Read on to learn a brief about this complex manufacturing and distribution process of Motorcraft oil and some of the pros and cons of this popular engine oil.

Who makes Motorcraft oil?

FordMotor Company Motor Company is the producer of Motorcraft oil and other car equipment. Apart from the 12 types of fully synthetic and synthetic blend motor oil, Ford Motor Company also manufactures a variety of car fluids including cleaners, chemicals, paints, and greases.

The company started producing Motorcraft oil in the 1950s. Though they took a short break between 1963 and 1973, the company still produces Motorcraft oil using hydrocracking technology.

They use this technology to produce premium oil and high-quality oil filter aid from OE supplier Purolator. Purolator also produces oil filters and Ford oil.

The other two names associated with the production of Motorcraft oil are ConocoPhilips and S-oil companies, situated in the US and South Korea respectively.

It means Motorcraft is a brand of Ford Motor Company that gets supplies from ConocoPhilips and S-oil companies to produce engine oil.

Where are Motorcraft oils made?

Undoubtedly, Ford Motor Oil is a US-based company and its headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan. But the fact is plenty of companies are lined up with this single product, making it confusing. More importantly, the container of some Motorcraft products states that they are made in Korea while others mention the United States.

The reason is that ConocoPhillips is a US-based company while S-oil is a South Korean company. So the possibility is that S-Oil Company is affiliated with ConocoPhillips and supplies Motorcraft oils across the United States.

It’s worth mentioning that South Korea refines group III base stock and ships it to a wide range of brands across the world, including ConocoPhillips. Those companies then use the group III base stocks in their oil.

So it can be said that ConocoPhillips produces Motorcraft oil in the US. But they import high VI premium base stock from South Korea and use it in their group III synthetic oils and semi-synthetic oils.

S-oil is typically a petroleum and refinery company, while ConocoPhillips is a multinational brand that has headquarters in the US.

Regardless of who and where Motorcraft oil is made, their engine oil is an extremely functional and high-performing product. In addition, Motorcraft oils are commonly available on their official websites and lots of offline and online platforms.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Motorcraft Oils

Motorcraft oil is a highly popular choice among vehicle owners for its excellent formulation and solid support for the engine. However, there are also some issues with this oil. Let’s start by knowing some of the pros of Motorcraft oil.

The pros of Motorcraft oil

  • Motorcraft oils are better than typical motor oils due to their ability to produce long-lasting engine performance and low emissions.
  • Motorcraft oils are extremely high quality and effectively protect the engine parts from friction and wear and tear.
  • This oil prevents the cause of low-temp gelling by reducing engine deposits and retaining the longevity of the engine.
  • Motorcraft oil is suitable for vehicle engines that often drive in harsh conditions as it doesn’t cause degradation easily.
  • Since Motorcraft oil contains less volatility, it lowers the chance of causing oil loss.
  • Motorcraft oil is fairly affordable, making it a budget-friendly solution for high-quality performance.

The downside of Motorcraft oil

  • Compared to other synthetic oils, it is more difficult to dispose of Motorcraft oil, making it responsible for environmental pollution.
  • Though Motorcraft oil is affordable, there are lots of cheaper options out there. This means Motorcraft oil is considerably costlier than conventional oil.


1. Which oil filter brand is better: Motorcraft or Wix?

Both of these brands are reliable and have a strong zone. A Wix oil filter is better for ensuring the best protection for the engine, while Motorcraft oil filters are more affordable.

2. Is Motorcraft a good brand?

Motorcraft is a popular yet trusted name among vehicle owners. Motorcraft’s products are API-certified. Particularly, Motorcraft oil can effectively increase engine performance due to its synthetic formula.

3. How long is Motorcraft synthetic blend oil long?

Motorcraft synthetic oil doesn’t need to be changed more often and it can hold up to 5000 miles of driving. A new car with a better filtration system and Motorcraft synthetic oil in the engine means 5000 miles of safe driving between oil changes.

Final Words

Motorcraft oil is known among vehicle owners due to its quality and performance, so it doesn’t matter who makes Motorcraft oil. However, once you realize some big names are associated with the product, it makes sense and boosts your confidence to invest in it.

Lastly, Motorcraft oil comes from a world-class manufacturing plant that maintains standard guidelines to serve your engine the best.

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