Expert’s Recommended 10 Best Fender Flares For Tundra Review In 2022

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Installing the best fender flares for Tundra will protect the Tundra from sun exposure, rain damage, and impact from rocks.

Owning a Toyota Tundra is quite rewarding because it gives a person the ability to tow and haul just about anything.

However, as with all classic vehicles, it will start to show some bumps and bruises.

Installing the new fender flares is a great way to spruce up a Tundra’s appearance. The right set offers your vehicle protection and a unique custom style.

What is the best Toyota Tundra fender flares OEM?

Today, auto enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when buying aftermarket products. There are thousands of brands available, and the options can get overwhelming.

But among all, “Tyger Auto” is the best brand for Tundra fender flares.

They are the first to develop Tundra fender flares. Manufacturers have used polypropylene injection molding to make Tundra fender flares, an advanced technology.

It has a strengthened grip and makes the flares tougher than ever.

Why “Tyger Auto” is the best fender flares brand for Toyota Tundra?

Tyger Auto” is the best fender flares brand for Toyota fender flares because of their latest technology.

The fender flares are made of polypropylene injection molded, making the flares stronger than before. They are very simple to set up and get rid of as well.

This renowned brand offers the most durable fender flares. All the products are the finest in quality as well as highly efficient.

However, they are indeed the finest option not just for the Tundra but also for all the other vehicles.

They provide 100% satisfaction to their customers by giving a warranty on all of their products.

Top 10 Best Fender Flares For Tundra Review 2022

If you want to take your Tundra’s appearance to the next level, here is a great selection of Tundra flares for you to choose from.

Check out these reviews that we have hand-picked for you. We have researched for you.

01. Tyger Auto TG-FF8T4178

Highlighted Features

  • 100% Brand New
  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic
  • Mounts in factory holes for easy installation
  • No modifications necessary
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Durable and hard-wearing

The Tyger Auto TG-FF8T4178 2014 – 2022 Tundra Short Pocket Style Flares are a frugal option when it comes to protecting your Tundra from damage.

They are composed of high-quality polypropylene plastic, which is UV-resistant and will not fracture, distort, or degrade.

These flares are strong and durable, so they will not deform even in the most extreme conditions.

The Flares have a matte finish that will match most vehicles. They are simple to install and would not necessitate any digging. There is a warranty on these flares.


  • UV resistant
  • Not crack or warp.
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty for THE flares.


  • Flares are dark


Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality ABS material
  • No drilling/ cutting is required during installation
  • Come with a set of fender flares, mounting hardware kit, and instruction manual
  • Lightweight design
  • UV treated high impact material
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

These Fender Flares offer great protection and a great look to the side of your vehicle. These flares install in minutes and require no drilling.

They are made of high-quality material and will not crack, warp, chip or peel. The installation hardware kit is excellent. The fit was perfect for the 2007 Tundra.

This is a great product and highly recommended to everyone!

They are made of high-quality ABS materials. The fenders are brighter and more durable.

Easy installation, no drilling required during installation. The installation manual and necessary mounting hardware kit are included in the package for you to install.


  • Durable
  • 100% brand new item
  • Lightweight design
  • UV treated high impact material.


  • It covers up the headlights, parking lights, and fog lights.
  • It is a little bit bulky on some of the models.

03. Tyger Auto TG-FF8T4398

Highlighted Features

  • 100% UV resistant
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene material with injection molding
  • Installation with no drilling required
  • Four pc Front and Rear Fender Flare included
  • Dimensions: Flare Height: 5.5″ in front and 6″ in Rear. Tire Coverage: 2″ in Front and Rear.
  • Material made from anti-aging polypropylene

The overall build quality of Tyger Auto TG-FF8T4398 flares is excellent.

They are very solid, have a great smooth matte black finish, and they will stand up well to the elements.

The only thing that might be unclear for some folks is that each inner and outer flare piece has two sets of holes on each side.

For the Rear Flares, you only use the internal set of holes, but for the Fronts, you need to use both sets to be symmetrical.

The holes are marked, so this should not be an issue for anyone with basic mechanical skills. There is some giving in the flares, so be mindful if you have a wide tire.


  • Durable and easy to Install
  • Excellent build quality
  • Matte finish is smooth and looks great
  • Good value when compared to other brands


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Gapped between the truck and the flare on one of them.

04. DNA Motoring WF-TD07-MBK Rivet Style Side Fender Wheel Flares

Highlighted Features

  • 100% UV protection – no chalking, cracking, or warping
  • Will not rust, unlike steel fender flares
  • Strong polymer material for long-lasting durability
  • Provides additional tire coverage and protection
  • 2″ front tire coverage/2″ rear tire coverage/additional slimline coverage for larger tire and wheel packages
  • Easily installed right in your garage with minimal effort

DNA Motoring WF-TD07-MBK fender flares are easy to install and look great. They cover up the tires nicely. It helps with the overall look.

They look great and stand out. The material is high quality and very sturdy.

It is easy to paint yourself if you want to change the color. It’s nice that they fold up for when you get in and out of your truck; you don’t get scratched up.

They look great on the Tundra. They are just what you are looking for—great product, fast shipping, and customer service.


  • Looks great, is high quality, and is sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • No drill required
  • Available in different colors


  • Some customers don’t like the mud flaps that come with this set.

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05. Bushwacker 30918-02 Rivet Style Smooth Finish Fender Flare

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect OEM-style fitment
  • No drilling, no measuring, and no guesswork for fitment
  • Bushwacker’s high-quality flares for a unique look
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

These Bushwacker fender flares Tundras look great and are very easy to install. Amazingly, no holes have to be drilled into the bodywork!

They are also made in America, which is something you will like, and they come with a lifetime warranty which is great too.

These flares are highly recommended for one and all.

These flares are custom-made to suit big tires while also offering superior tire safety. When you need optimum tire coverage with the least amount of time and energy, it’s in the pocket.


  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Flares are made in America
  • Durability and long-lasting
  • Great for tire safety and optimum protection


  • Covered by mudflaps.
  • Needs to be painted

06. Auto Dynasty Textured Matte Black Pocket

Highlighted Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Made from flexible textured polypropylene
  • Perfect for off-roading
  • Offer additional tire coverage and protection
  • Constructed from injection-molded plastic
  • Lightweight and durable

If you want a low-priced substitute to add protection and tire coverage, this product is for you.

These fender flares provide extra tire covering and safety without seeming inexpensive or fragile.

These fender flares offer a robust, bolted-on appearance as the flares are made from a unique poly material that resists cracking and chipping.

The flares are colored to match your vehicle’s color scheme should you want a more custom look.

These fender flares are incredibly simple to set up in your workshop. They use factory holes and need zero drilling or trimming to fit precisely.

This is an excellent look for your truck, and these fender flares are also compatible with most aftermarket wheels.


  • No drilling or cutting required
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Perfect fit for a vehicle


  • Short rivets and narrow holes line up

07. Tidal Pocket Rivet Style Fender Flares

Highlighted Features

  • UV resistant
  • Stainless steel rivets and stainless steel mounting hardware included
  • 5″ of height and 1.75″ of tire coverage
  • 100% Acrylic exterior coating and ABS plastic interior layer
  • Manufactured using Injection Molding technology

If you are looking for a good-looking flare that fits the vehicle well, then this pair of fender flares are for you.

The fenders are made out of a great plastic material that is flexible and very durable.

The rivets are evenly placed, and they also look like they will last a long time. The price is pretty decent too.

Tidal flares safeguard your truck against all road conditions with an unrivaled blend of flair and endurance.

Manufactured using the latest injection molding technology, this pair of fender flares is crafted with a high-impact ABS interior layer, finished in an acrylic exterior coating, UV resistant to withstand the elements.

Also, they are 100% UV resistant, all with no-drill installation, so you won’t struggle to get them in.

They come with stainless steel rivets and mounting hardware in the package.

These are a must-have addition to your truck if you want something stylish built to last.


  • Well-built for your vehicle
  • Easy Installation (No Drilling)
  • Aesthetical design that looks great.
  • 100% UV resistant and 100% Acrylic exterior coating.


  • Not enough room for wider tires.

08. EAG Pocket Rivet StyleFender Flares ABS Fits

Highlighted Features

  • Protects your truck from mud, rocks, and debris
  • Easily bolts on in under an hour
  • Maintains a factory look due to small and low profile design
  • Durable ABS Plastic construction with UV treatment (Matte black finish)

Great-looking flares include rivet-style patterns for dynamic, excellent aesthetics. Fit just as you want.

The robust UV protection to improve and protect the exterior of your vehicle make the fender flares look fantastic.

The parts are well made, the fit is exact, and they are high-quality materials.

Made of high-impact thermoformed materials, the fender flares combine an elegant OEM finish with maximum function against the harshest weather conditions.

They are excellent in quality, look nice and fit perfectly. They are sturdy enough to handle the trails and well made.

The fit is great; they are not too flashy but make a statement.

So, no more mud baths with EAG B010IVISZO flares. The best thing about these flares is they are way cheaper than any other option out there and look fantastic!


  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Easy installation without drilling or modifications
  • A lower profile design allows for easier tire replacement and exit/entry
  • No worry about rusting


  • Requires to remove the mud-flaps if equipped.

09. Bushwacker 31925-02 Rivet Style

Highlighted Features

  • No drilling required
  • The unique pocket style for an OEM look
  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • 5 1/2″ Flare Height and 5 1/4 Flare Width
  • 2″ Maximum tire coverage
  • Includes 2 front as well as 2 rear flares, directives, and mounting hardware

This will be the best choice if you are looking for a good, reliable fender flare set to protect your truck while giving it an awesome look.

Not only are they super easy to install with the included instructions, but one can choose their color to create a look that best fits their truck.

Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares are made of ABS plastic, which is extremely tough and durable.

One can drive their truck with confidence, knowing that the flares are extremely durable and protect them from rocks, debris, etc.

Installation is quick and easy using included instruction, as well as included hardware.

Mounting the fender flares to the truck only takes about 30 minutes and then allows you to drive with confidence.

This product is a great investment for sturdy, attractive, and well-lasting Toyota Tacoma fender flares that any person would love.


  • A stylish, tough fender flare
  • Mounts easily with included hardware
  • Choice of color to match your truck


  • Price is a bit sheer for some people

10. EAG Pocket Rivet Style Black Fender Flare

Highlighted Features

  • EAG fender flares made from Dura-Flex 2000 plastic
  • Offer ultra strength and durability
  • 100% UV-protected
  • Made from high-quality ABS by the USA
  • Fit for: 2014-2021 Tundra

These fender flares are the solution if you are eyeing something to guard your vehicle while still giving it a stylish look.

The first thing you’ll notice is that they are very sturdy. The fit is extremely easy to install, and anyone can do it.

There are no drilled holes, so you can install them using the existing factory holes without any trouble.

They have a nice textured black finish on the ABS plastic. The rivet design gives your truck a custom look without paying the price of customization


  • Stylish
  • 100 % UV protected
  • Easy installation
  • Made from Dura-Flex 2000 plastic


  • The adhesive does not adhere to the fender flare
  • Do not fit the aftermarket fender flares very well

Buying Considerations for the Best Fender Flares For Tundra

If you are looking to purchase some fender flares for the Tundra, there are several things that you need to know before you start shopping.

Perfect Style

First, decide what style of flares you want to buy. There are a number of various different styles of flares. Each of these flares has some pros and cons.

The type that fits the existing fender and those that replace the factory trim. For example, buying the style covering the factory fender will cost less to install.

They are also extremely durable because they cover the existing paint and blend into the truck nicely.

So, choose the style wisely.

Hasslefree Installation

When purchasing the best fender flares for Tundra, these are the questions you should consider.

Are they easy to install? How much time does the installation of Tundrass take, and how easy is it? Is installation included in the price, or are drill holes in the Tundra?

Maximum Durability

How difficult are they to break? Does it take just one hit or several hits before the fender flares are destroyed?

This is very important– you don’t want fender flares that will only last for a couple of months after installation, right?

So, you should be checking the durability of fender flares.


Another thing to consider is if the company provides a warranty.

Some do, and some don’t. If you choose the ones that provide a warranty, you will be covered if anything unfortunate happens.

If a brand you pick does not guarantee, they are confident that their product won’t break, which is usually the case with the latter.

When purchasing, always raise these questions: How long is the warranty, and what does it cover?

What if your fender flares break after just a few months of regular usage? Who is responsible for such a case?

Affordable Price

Another important factor to think through is whether you’re willing to pay more for a certain feature in the fender flares.

For example, you might want all-weather and ultra-tough flares, or you might want them to match the color of your vehicle.

Durable Material

Most importantly, you also must think about the material used to make the flares. Some materials are more durable than others.

Pick out something that lasts longer and will offer the protection you need.

If you’re going to be using your flares a lot in all kinds of weather and all types of terrain, you should consider getting the ones that are made of high-quality material.

If you’ll be using them on rare occasions, it doesn’t matter what the flares are made of.

Make sure you hark back to this when you’re searching for the right fender flares for the Tundra.

Perfect Fittings

Always pay careful attention to whether the fender flares fit your vehicle well.

For example, if they don’t fit flush against the truck, there’s a risk that debris and other elements can cause damage.

Smart Design

Are they stylish and add a unique look to your vehicle? Or do they just blend in with the rest of your truck?

You should check the design of the fender flares. Some designs might be too flashy and not fit your truck’s style, while others can enhance it.

Color Options

The color of the flares is surely another important factor to consider. For example, if your vehicle color closely matches the color of the fender flares, they will not look good.

It is advisable to choose flares of lighter or darker colors so that they can enhance your vehicle’s style.

Suitable Length

Another essential factor to think through is the length of the flares.

Some people think that the longer ones offer more protection, especially for trucks driving on rough terrains, and need extra protection.

Less Weight

The weight of the flares is also something you should consider. It might be difficult to install them without drilling holes if they are too light.

Make sure the flares are not too light or too heavy.


Don’t forget to pay attention to any manufacturer’s extras with the fender flares. For example, they might offer different sizes or optional colors.

If you choose, the fender flares with more options will be a better deal.

Types & Variations

Pay attention to the type of fender flares. There are also specific types of fender flares for certain vehicles.

For example, you need flat-style flares if your truck has an overhang. So, you should check the type before purchasing.

Your Budget

Also, your budget is an important factor to consider while buying fender flares. Sometimes, you need to spend more money for higher quality and durability.

Set a reasonable budget before buying fender flares.

When you’re buying fender flares, make sure to consider all the points mentioned above. Pay attention to each of them, and you’re going to purchase ideal fender flares for your vehicle.

Installing The Best Fender Flares For Tundra For New & Old Models

Common but Crucial FAQs

Wondering what the top questions are from those looking at fender flares? Here you go.

What material should fender flares be made of?

There are various types of materials used for making fender flares. Most brands use plastic, but you can also find bulbs made from rubber or metal.

If you want the utmost excellence, then you must go with metal or rubber.

The material used for making the flares depends on many different factors, such as the type of vehicle and environment.

It would be best to pick out something that will work best for your vehicle and offer the protection you need.

Are fender flares bad for my vehicle?

Not at all. They can provide you with a ton of benefits that you should consider. Fender flares are an accessory that can add strength and stylish looks to your vehicles.

Can my fender flares match the color of my vehicle?

Most manufacturers will offer several different colors for their flares, but not all.

If they offer several colors, choose something that matches your vehicle’s color to enhance the truck’s look.

Do I need to drill holes for installing fender flares?

Well, you don’t necessarily need to drill holes for installation. Most brands will offer directions on installing the fender flares that you can read and follow.

You can contact them directly to ask for installation instructions before purchasing if they don’t.

Are EGR fender flares good?

There are various different factors to deliberate when choosing a certain type of flare, so it’s difficult to answer this question.

For example, if you want fender flares that offer maximum protection, the EGR brand will be a better choice than others.

Also, you can contact them directly to find out more about their flares before deciding.

How can I install/set up fender flares?

Get in touch with the maker directly for installation instructions.

If they don’t provide installation instructions with the product, you can search online for videos and guides on installing fender flares.

Also, you can ask an expert to install flares.

Why are my flares not sticking to the truck?

There could be a number of whys and wherefores behind this, such as poor quality flares or poor installation.

If you have any issues, you can look for the manufacturer’s directions and call the company to assist you with the problem.

How do I clean my fender flares?

It depends on the material of your flares. Make use of a wet piece of cloth or a soft brush to clean the flares. Also, you can consider buying a particular cleaner from the store.

Why do I need fender flares?

Fender flares can offer you more protection for your vehicle.

If you drive a truck on rough terrains or off-road, you might need more protection, so it’s a good idea to have fender flares installed.

Overall, installing the finest Tundra fender flares protects your Tundra from direct sunlight, rain damage, and rock contact.

How much do fender flares cost?

The price of the fender flares varies depending on several factors, such as the manufacturer and the materials they’re made of.

The pricing is also influenced by the size and color options you pick. Before making purchases, you can follow the manufacturer to learn more about their flares.

Why do fender flares start to peel off?

This is due to a variety of circumstances, including bad configuration and inappropriate parts.

It is always intelligent to ask the supplier directly to figure out what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

Do I need specialized tools for installing fender flares?

Probably, you need specialized tools for installation, such as a drill or screws. If they don’t provide these with the fender flares, you can purchase them from the local store.

What should I consider while buying fender flares?

Make sure you pay attention to several factors when buying flares, such as the number of rows and color options. Consider the materials utilized to make them as well.

What are the pros of fender flares?

One of the biggest advantages of having fender flares is that they offer extra protection to your vehicle.

If you drive on rough terrains, fender flares can protect your vehicle from damage and other factors.

What is the difference between EGR and other brands?

EGR brand offers fender flares made from high-quality materials, so they’re more durable. They can last for several seasons without peeling or cracking.

EGR brand offers fender flares made from high-quality materials, so they’re more durable.

Why do Toyota Tundra fender flares OEM s not stick to the truck?

If your flares are made from poor-quality materials, they might start peeling off after a few months.

It is wise to go through installation instructions carefully and then contact the manufacturer if you have problems.

What is the best brand for Toyota fender flares?

“Tyger Auto” has been known for its top-quality and durable products in the market, which include tonneau covers, running boards, bumper guards, and fender flares.

Can my fender flares match the color of my vehicle?

Most manufacturers will offer several different colors for their flares, but not all.

If they offer several colors, choose something that matches your vehicle’s color to enhance the truck’s look.

What are the things to avoid while installing fender flares?

Make sure you avoid driving on rough terrains if your flares are made from plastic. They might start to peel off after a few months of heavy use.


Don’t make the mistake of not equipping your truck with fender flares because they are expensive, difficult to install, or don’t offer the protection you need.

Take plenty of time to carry down some research, read reviews of real-life consumers, consider what kind of terrain you are likely to drive on most, and you will end up with the best fender flares for Tundra that go with your vehicle’s style.

Also, when you’ve purchased your tires, remember to properly maintain them with a tire pressure gauge and tune-up kit so they keep running smoothly for as long as you want.

Fender flares protect your vehicle and offer safety for all, don’t forget to read about other parts available for your truck.

Don’t overlook the occupants in your vehicle’s safety.

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