How To Choose The Best Floor Mats For Toyota Tundra: Top 10

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Every Tundra owner might be aware of the importance of floor mats or liners.

Therefore, you must choose the best floor mats for Toyota Tundra to protect your Tundra’s precious floor carpet from all kinds of damage.

Especially when it is raining outside, or you step inside the vehicle with shoes full of dirt, the damage that you will see on your carpet will make you get floor mats immediately.

So, if you are looking for some high-quality and durable floor mats, we have assembled below a complete guide for you with the best product reviews.

Let’s dig into this very informative guide.

What is the best Toyota Tundra floor mats?

“Husky Liners” offers one of the best Tundra floor mats with high-quality construction and exceptional functionality.

Along with being of such excellent quality, these floor mats are not as expensive, which adds to their popularity.

Moreover, these Husky Liners floor mats are convenient to install and offer easy management.

With these floor mats, you will not have to face a lot of inconveniences while cleaning them, and you will be able to take care of them regularly.

These floor mats are also considered the best ones because they provide ultimate protection to the interior carpeting of your car’s floor.

Why ‘Husky Liners’ is the best floor Mats for Tundra?

Due to the exceptional construction quality and optimum performance features, Husky Liners is considered one of the best floor mats manufacturers.

These floor mats come in various construction materials, including rubberized thermoplastic and flexible elastomeric material.

Because of these sturdy materials, the “Husky Liners” floor mats prevent daily wear and tear and work efficiently against chemicals and high temperatures.

Most of these floor mats feature raised edges and raised grooves that contain the spill and channel the spilled fluids into the liners protecting the carpet.

Moreover, they are cost-effective and lightweight, making these floor mats a viable option.

Now, let’s review some of the best floor mats for the Tundra.

The 10 Best Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra Review 2023

1. Husky Liners 98581

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs around 8 pounds
  • Weatherbeater series
  • Smooth exterior
  • OEM part number; 98581
  • Front position
  • Vehicle-specific fit

If you are looking for good-quality floor mats that can take all the weather damage for you, this Husky Liners floor mat is the best option.

As it belongs to the Husky Liners Weatherbeater series, it is explicitly designed to protect your vehicle’s carpet in all kinds of extreme weather, whether rain, storm, or snow.

This floor mat features an exceptionally rugged and sturdy construction that can take all the abuse you put on it.

Its excellent structure is not just limited here as it also features raised edges that contain all the spill hurled over in its direction.

With such edges, you don’t have to worry that your spill will ever reach your car’s carpet until you take it out to clean it.

Along with these high-quality construction features, this Husky Liners floor mat has certain other optimum features that make it a worthy choice.

It is explicitly designed and created for your vehicle as it comes in a vehicle-specific fit. Such fit ensures precision, and it perfectly matches your car’s contours.

It also features spikes that keep the liners in place in every situation. To support these liners in place, this floor mat also comes with factory retention posts that keep the mat secure in its place.

All these features make this floor mat a viable option.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Enhanced visual appearance
  • Contains spills and weather-resistant


  • Issues with mounting hardware

2. YITAMOTOR Floor Mats

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 31.7 x 23.8 x 6.9 inches
  • Weighs approximately 8.6 pounds
  • Made out of thermoplastic elastomer
  • Inner position
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Black color

While browsing through Tundra all-weather floor mats, you will encounter these YITAMOTOR floor mats.

One of the most distinguished features of these floor mats is their highly functional and durable construction.

As these liners are made out of non-toxic and odorless TPE material, it provides excellent protection against all kinds of weather extremes.

Even if the temperature is really high outside, you will not have to worry about these liners.

Moreover, their composition doesn’t consist of any harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium, latex, or harmful PVCs. Also, this TPE material is high-density, which keeps these liners flexible even in the cold.

This construction also adds up to the visual appearance of the floor mats. These excellent features possessed by these floor mats are not limited to construction only.

Some of the other optimum features of these floor mats include non-slippery and all-weather protection quality.

These floor mats come with hooks that secure the rug in place at all times and prevent slipping even when it is wet.

Moreover, its raised edges control all the spills, snow, and dirt and protect your car and shoes.

Also, it features a skid-resistant surface that makes the cleaning process a lot more convenient and more straightforward.

With such texture, you don’t have to use any chemicals or vacuum cleaners for cleaning purposes.

You can easily wash it with a water hose after taking it out. It also features a custom fit that means that it will ideally fit in your Toyota Tundra.


  • Reasonable price and convenient installation
  • Excellent all-weather-resistant property
  • Durable
  • Fits perfectly


  • Fits limited vehicles

3. Husky Liners 99581

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs around 10 pounds
  • OEM part number; ‎99581
  • Rear position
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Black exterior

Husky Liners is one of the best floor mats brands. To maintain such a prestigious reputation in the market, they offer the highest quality products at an affordable price range.

These floor mats are also a part of the Weatherbeater series that provide ultra-protection against all kinds of weather conditions.

With their rugged and sporty construction, they protect your vehicle from weather extremes and daily wear and tear efficiently.

One of the most prominent features of the excellent structure of these floor mats is their ability to contain spills because of the raised edges.

Along with the construction features mentioned above, the optimum characteristics of the Husky Liners floor mats don’t end here.

These liners come with hooks that help keep the floor mat secure in its place. In addition to the hooks, they also feature factory retention posts that add up to the snug fit.

As these floor mats feature a vehicle-specific fit, they fit precisely on the floor of your car, allowing no room for any damage or spill.

Cleaning these liners is also not a complicated process as you can easily wash off all the dirt and tumble by washing it.


  • Contour into the shape of your car’s floor
  • Easy to install and clean
  • All-weather resistant
  • Sturdy construction


  • It looks more like plastic than rubber

4. OEDRO Durable Floor Mats 2014-2022

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 31.69 x 23.8 x 6.9 inches
  • Weighs around 11.16 pounds
  • Made out of thermoplastic elastomer
  • For passenger car
  • Inside position
  • Black color

OEDRO offers some of the highest quality mats with better quality and features.

This floor mat features a tough and durable construction with a 300% improved temperature resistance than the PVCs.

The high-intensity TPE material is non-toxic and odorless that contains no harmful materials, providing extra strength to the liners.

This type of construction ensures excellent protection against extreme weather conditions. It also keeps the liners flexible even when it is cold outside.

Its TPE tri-extruded composition provides it with an environmental-friendly feature in all weather conditions.

These liners also come with a vehicle-specific fit.

Therefore, as these liners are explicitly designed for your Toyota Tundra, they will fit your vehicle perfectly, preventing any kind of damage or liquids from reaching the car’s floor carpet.

The high-density core materials present in its composition trap all sorts of drinks and dirt and protect your car’s carpet and your shoes as well.

On top of all this, with these liners, you will not have to put in a lot of time and effort for cleaning purposes.

As these floor mats can be easily cleaned using a water hose, you can clean them regularly to remove all the accumulated waste and dirt.


  • Provides perfect finish to the car’s interior
  • Cost-effective and sturdy
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Highly durable


  • Misfit for the front passenger seat

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5. Husky Liners 53731

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs approximately 7 pounds
  • OEM part number; 53731
  • Black exterior
  • Rear position
  • Vehicle-specific fit

Husky Liners have consistently offered the highest quality products for floor mats or liners. They are built to protect your vehicle from whatever abuse your throw at them.

This series of Husky Liners floor mats are made out of rubberized DuraGrip material that is soft yet highly sturdy and strong.

With the soft rubberized construction, you get absolute comfort when you step into your vehicle, not feeling anything hard under your shoe.

Moreover, these liners feature a FormFit edge which is raised ridge protecting your car’s floor carpet from any kind of liquids and chemicals.

These raised ridges run along through the door of your vehicle, leaving no room for the spill to enter the carpeted floor from anywhere.

In addition to this exceptionally comfortable and protective construction, these liners also feature exclusive StayPut cleats that ensure that your liners do not budge from their place no matter what.

They keep your liners securely in place, providing extra protection for your vehicle.

The excellent FormFit design of these liners contours your car’s shape, making it fit perfectly.

You can easily install these liners without any inconvenience and clean them whenever you want. Therefore, they are one of the most viable options available in the market.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Excellent weather resistant
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • Mounting clips are of poor quality

6. WeatherTech Long Lasting FloorLiner

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 19.29 x 3.54 x 42.91 inches
  • Weighs around 2.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number; 444081-440938
  • Rear position
  • Black color
  • Vehicle-specific fit

If you are looking for good-quality WeatherTech Tundra floor mats, this WeatherTech floor liner is viable.

WeatherTech is also a famous brand known for its high-quality floor mats for various vehicles.

Therefore, if you do not want to affect your car’s resale value, you must indeed consider installing these floor liners on your car for protection against all kinds of wear and tear.

It protects your car’s interior from all types of daily wear and tear and weather damage.

Moreover, it also features a high outside lip that ensures that no spills reach the car’s carpet to prevent any kind of damage.

WeatherTech floor liner also comes with certain other enhanced features, including retention devices that keep the liner secure in its place.

So, no matter how many kids enter the car, playing inside roughly, these liners would stick to their place, providing ultimate protection.

The patented high-density tri-extruded material contains all the dirt and liquids inside it preventing them from reaching your clothes or shoes.

Moreover, it is ideally created for a perfect fit with laser measurements. All these features make these liners one of the most functional ones.


  • Perfect fit
  • Contains spills
  • Works perfectly in extreme weather
  • Easy to install ad clean


  • Misfit rear liners for some models

7. Gator Accessories 7960 Front & Back Floor Liner Set

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions 37 x 32 x 7 inches
  • Weighs around 12.98 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number; ‎79605
  • Front position
  • Made out of TPO – thermoplastic olefin
  • Vehicle-specific fit

These Gator accessories floor liners are also an excellent option for high-quality and high-performance floor mats.

It is made out of thermoplastic olefin, ensuring high durability and ultra-toughness.

This rugged construction provides ultimate protection to the interior of your vehicle and takes all the wear and tear before it can reach the car’s floor.

Moreover, its raised edge design contains all the dirt, debris, chemicals, and liquids so that your carpet is protected at all times.

Any of the waste or spills do not reach the floor of your car until you take it out yourself and wash it.

These liners feature a vehicle-specific fit that ensures that this liner fits your car’s floor perfectly.

With its laser-fit design, it ideally provides the floorboard of your car without any inconvenience.

Moreover, it works with the vehicle’s retention system and keeps the mat locked securely.

As it is resistant to chemicals, water, mud, and any other kind of debris, it ensures that your car’s resale value keeps intact.

By installing these liners, you will not have to worry about your car’s carpet, and you can step into your vehicle comfortably.


  • Affordable and has ultra-strength
  • Extra protection
  • Visually appealing
  • Easy installation


  • Requires a few modifications

8. oEdRo Floor Mats 2014-2021

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 41.34 x 30.32 x 6.69 inches
  • Weighs approximately 15.47 pounds
  • Made out of thermoplastic elastomer
  • Inner position
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Black color

While looking for Toyota Tundra all-weather mats, you will surely find this one on every list.

It is made out of TPE material that is non-toxic and odorless, promising better wear and heat resistance.

Moreover, it is also better than PVC material in terms of flexibility in extreme weather conditions.

With their all-weather guard, these liners protect your car’s carpet from everything, let it be dirt, debris, fluid, or weather elements like snow and rain.

It provides a tidy and clean look to your car’s interior and adds up to its visual appearance, along with providing the ultimate protection.

In addition to all these excellent construction features mentioned above, this OEDRO floor mat comes with a non-slipping feature.

The snaps in clips enable the liner to stay put in its place without causing any hindrance for the pedals or anything.

Moreover, as it features a vehicle-specific fit, it provides an ideal fit inside your vehicle, contouring to its sides, ensuring each corner and part of the carpet is protected.

All these features add up to the high quality and functionality of this floor mat which makes it a viable choice when choosing one of the best ones for your vehicle.


  • Perfect fit
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable and provides extra protection


  • It gives a soft plastic look that might not be some people’s priority.

9. WeatherTech Front FloorLiner

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 19.29 x 3.54 x 42.91 inches
  • Weighs around 2.2 pounds
  • OEM part number; 444081
  • Front position
  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Black color

These weather-tech Tundra floor mats offer some of the best floor liners that provide excellent protection to your vehicle’s floor carpet retaining its resale value.

It is made of patented high-density tri-extruded material that provides extra surface friction and greater strength to the mat.

The friction in the surface saves the fluid and dirt from further channeling any lower into the car’s carpet.

This also prevents waste and fluids from getting to your clothes and shoes.

Therefore, this floor liner works efficiently in protecting your car’s interior during all extreme weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

Along with the excellent features mentioned above, these floor liners also possess certain other enhanced features.

It comes with a raised lip that contains all the liquids and spills from reaching the carpet’s surface.

Moreover, it features a vehicle-specific fit obtained by laser precision measurement, which means that these liners are explicitly created for your vehicle.

With easy installation and excellent construction, these liners are one of the best options in the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for such floor mats, you must not waste any more of your time.


  • Durable and high strength
  • Ideal fit
  • Heavy and classy
  • Enhances the visual appearance of the car


  • Passenger side misfit

10. Auxo All Weather Floor Mats

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions ‎5 x 22 x 5 inches
  • Weighs approximately 11.88 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number; ‎Auxko003
  • Inside position
  • Made out of thermoplastic elastomer
  • Vehicle-specific fit

Auxko also offers one of the best Tundra floor mats that are highly durable and exceptionally functional.

As it is made out of non-toxic and odorless TPE material, it provides ultimate protection to your car’s floor in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Whether it is burning hot outside or it is heavily snowing, these floor mats will remain flexible and highly functional at all times.

Moreover, it also features TPE tri-extruded that stays environmentally friendly even if it is raining, snowing or foggy outside.

One of the latest and enhanced features of these floor mats is the anti-skid backing grips that provide a durable grip on the liners.

Therefore, they do not slip or move and damage your car’s original carpet. These liners also ensure a perfect fit in addition to the qualities discussed above.

As they are designed and created through 3D laser technology, they provide that you get an ideal fit in both the front and rear of your vehicle.

Do not forget to remove the old vinyl mats before installing these and get the ultra-protection of your car started.

Moreover, they are also straightforward to clean and manage.

As the surface of these mats is smooth, you can easily wipe any spills or dirt and debris from these liners, making them clean and tidy.


  • Ideal fit
  • Easy to install and clean
  • High protection
  • Durable and cost-effective


  • Absence of holes in the front liner

11. TOYOTA PT908-34161-02

Highlighted Features

  • Package dimensions ‎25 x 24.95 x 5.25 inches
  • Weighs around 9.02 pounds
  • OEM part number; ‎PT908-34161-02
  • Front position
  • Universal fit
  • Made out of thermoplastic elastomer

If you are looking for some universal-fit Toyota liners, these are the ones to go. These floor mats are genuine OEM replacements and are of high quality.

These liners are uniquely engineered utilizing the latest raw data from vehicle specifications, making them high-performance and durable.

This is a tub-style mat that protects your vehicle from all the abuse that you throw at them.

Moreover, this tub-style look also makes it secure in its place, which adds to its functionality and provides a more comfortable experience.

These OEM replacement liners are lightweight and durable, making them stand out from the rest ones in the market.

One of the most prominent features of these liners is that they are pretty easy to clean and manage.

The only thing that you have to do is take these liners out and wash them off with a water hose.

All these features ensure that these liners can prove a reliable protection feature for your vehicle’s carpeted floor. This also helps retain your vehicle’s resale value.


  • High quality and perfect fit
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Durable
  • Genuine OEM replacement


  • It might be a little too thin

12. MAXLINER 2 Row Floor Mats

Highlighted Features

  • Item dimensions 36 x 28 x 5 inches
  • Weighs around 13.23 pounds
  • Manufacturer part number; A0108/B0155
  • Made out of vinyl
  • Vehicle-specific fit

This Maxliner floor mat can also be considered one of the best floor mats for Tundra.

Their excellent construction provides stain-resistant protection to your vehicle’s carpet.

Also, it is ideal in all kinds of temperatures no matter how high; they are all-weather resistant, providing ultimate protection.

It also features a raised lip that contains all the waste and spills, ensuring that your car’s resale value is not affected no matter what.

Such superior construction makes these floor liners one of the most viable options.

In addition to the qualities of these mats discussed above, certain other features add up to the quality of these floor mats.

Its custom fit ensures no room for any kind of damage to reach your car’s carpet.

It features a skid-resistant surface that is odorless and non-toxic, made with 100% recyclable materials.

Therefore, any dirt, debris, or fluid can be easily washed away from the liners using soap and water.


  • Good coverage
  • Extra protection
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to wash


  • Not laser fitted

Buying Guide for the Best Floor Mats for Toyota Tundra

While purchasing a suitable floor mat for Toyota Tundra, you need to consider some significant points.

So that your money doesn’t get wasted, a good floor mat must possess good quality, sustainability, suitable material, endurance, water protection, sound enclosure, consonance, easy establishment process, facade trench, etc.

We have shared the details of some points so that buying a floor mat for your Toyota Tundra can be more convenient.

Damp protection

It will be a plus factor for a floor mat if it is water-resistant.

We see it will make your floor mat easier to clean. In case of spilling any liquid, we see a damp, protected carpet that can easily flow the water or any juice over the surface without absorbing it.

The absorbing mats take more time to dry, and it is rather complicated to wash them. Therefore, it is necessary to choose Tundra all-weather floor mats.


Investing in things that will not last long is not a good idea. Look for a mat that promises you sustainability.

Otherwise, changing the car accessories every couple of days will make you more tiring and frustrated.


Your floor mat should be made of a strengthened material so that it can show resistance against any sort of debris and dirt.

If the rug is not made of good material, it will ultimately harm it instead of comforting your car, creating more mess inside it.


Endurance is also another critical factor that your floor mat must possess. A strengthened floor mat resists any kind of harshness on your car’s floor.

The harshness is brought by boots or dirt etc. So a strengthened floor mat will help your car to fight against it. Opt for an endured floor mat while picking one.

Easy establishment process

The layman usually establishes the floor mat. If the establishment process is not easy, a layman will not buy it.

So, for your convenience, try to pick a floor mat that is easy to install.

Good enclosure

A firm grip on a floor mat is necessary. A suitable enclosure makes the floor mat hold the floor of the car. If it fails to hold so, what’s left of this work?

So make sure the floor mat of your choice has a firm grip or suitable enclosure.

Facade trench

The outer of the floor must be strong enough to resist all the external forces against the car.

The debris attached to the sole of the boots usually makes the surface of the floor mat rough and untidy.

So the exterior surface should possess all the strength to make itself strong enough against all such odds.

Top Picks From the Market

We have chosen the best possible options from the market where one can easily find all the best possible qualities of the floor mat under one item.

You can look at the list so that it will be more convenient for you while making a purchase.

Husky liners

The husky liners floor mats possess the best quality within a reasonable price range. The brand promises strength, endurance, and flexibility.

We see the husky floor mats are weather resistant and act strongly against chemicals.

The USA-based manufacturers also offer no odor for the rubber floor mats lineup, which is usually a big problem for some users. You can take help from this video.

Custom-fit WeatherTech

Custom-fit weather tech floor mats are also a major name when it comes to this competition of high-quality mats.

Custom-fit, textured, firm grip, thermoplastic elastomer composition, and strength are the key features of the floor mats manufactured by weather tech.

Anti-skid nids are present over the surface of their floor mats which keep them fixed on their position. Therefore, WeatherTech Tundra floor mats are one of the best ones.


1. Why are all-weather floor mats preferred?

All-weather floor mats are preferred as they are sustained at any temperature. Even in the hottest weather or cold temperatures, they do not lose their flexibility and durability.
We see that non-weather-resistant mats usually do not work perfectly against such weather conditions and lose their strength.
Therefore, choose an all-weather mat for your car to resist the weather conditions of your area.

2. How much will floor mats cost for Toyota Tundra in 2022?

For a set of four mats, the cost ranges from $10 to $50 for Toyota Tundra. The cost might vary as the quality of the product changes and sometimes the brand’s popularity.
For instance, floor mats of husky liners range between $62 to $185. Similarly,  Custom-fit WeatherTech floor mats cost $312.05.
Floor mats of Gator accessories are $126 to $169. TRD Pro All-weather floor mats worth $136 to $155. The brand decided the price according to its worth in the market.

3. Are our floor mats worth buying?

Although the floor mats cost high, some brands are much more expensive. We see they are the faction of the damage they resist.
If the floor of your car is damaged somehow, it costs much higher than the price of floor mats to repair the damage. Therefore, floor mats are highly preferred.
They are worth their cost as they prevent your car from an eternal loss. So, make sure while choosing Toyota Tundra floor mats that they can fulfill your requirements.

4. What is the difference between floor mats and floor liners?

Floor mats are not as flexible as floor liners. Floor mats are flat and cannot mold themselves according to the car’s surface.
In contrast, floor liners can easily be set to any edge, texture, or vehicle design.
Another additional feature of floor liners is that they can easily flow fluid over their surface.
Excessive liquids, dirt, snow, etc., can easily be removed from them as they do not get damp quickly.

5. What mats compete with husky liners?

Weather tech is also a renowned brand at the level of husky liners. They offer good quality in the competition of husky liners.
But husky liners provide the same features at a more reasonable price.
Therefore, users are more intent towards husky liners than the Weather tech floor mats and liners range. Husky liners range from $62 TO $185.
But weather tech, in contrast to that, is an expensive one, and its price goes to $312.

6. Which size of floor mats is needed for the Toyota tundra?

You can directly buy floor mats custom-made for the Toyota Tundra. Or you can measure according to the model of the Toyota Tundra you own.
In the case of floor liners, you do not need to worry about the measurement as they can perfectly fit the car’s design.
But floor mats, as they are flat and less flexible, require precise measurements. So it is better to buy a carpet custom-made for Toyota Tundra.

7. Do all car mats fit the Toyota tundra?

All floor mats do not fit the Toyota tundra. We see the floor mats are built according to the measurement of the model of the car.
There are various options and ranges of floor mats in the market for each model.
So, famous brands have complete floor mats and floor liners specially designed for Toyota Tundra.

8. Can a floor mat be trimmed?

A professional mechanic can trim floor mats. Or you can just trim them yourselves. You can quickly look for the DIY method on the internet.
Typically the floor mats are first kept at a high room temperature if they are not weather resistant; then, when they are flexible, they can be trimmed easily according to your design.
For weather-resistant floor mats, various tools are used.

9. How to adhere to floor mats of Toyota tundra 2022?

Often floor mats are adorable. Or they have sticky material underneath to stick to the surface quickly.
But in case the sticky material is absent, you can use the glue especially built to adhere to the surface of a car.
So that it does not damage the vehicle’s floor afterward, be careful while using the glue. Make sure to not use hot glue or any other ordinary alternative.
It can damage the original foundation of the car, which is quite expensive. So, choose high-quality Toyota Tundra all-weather mats.


At this point, you might be aware of the undeniable importance of floor mats for your vehicle.

Therefore, if you haven’t installed any, it is time to make this valuable investment in maintaining your car’s resale value.

Now that you know some of the best floor mats for Toyota Tundra, it is your time to choose which one might suit you the best.

So, without wasting any more time, make a decision now, and we assure you that it will prove worthy enough.

Choose the best liners for your vehicle and enjoy the luxury of stepping into your car with freedom.

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