How To Choose The Best Running Boards For Toyota Tundra: Top 10

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Running boards are the upgrade on your Tundra that adds up to its appearance and tends to enhance the functionality of the car.

If you have a Toyota Tundra, it is now time to choose the best running boards for Toyota Tundra.

Especially in a massive vehicle like Toyota Tundra, you might want to install a running board for your convenience as well apart from the visual appearance.

However, it can be challenging to choose the best Tundra running boards because of the wide variety available in the market.

Relax! You don’t have to worry, as we are here to guide you through so that you can make the ideal decision for your Tundra.

What are the best Tundra running boards?

If you are looking for the best running boards for your Tundra, Tyger auto has something great to offer you.

Being a trusted manufacturer, “Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208” provides highly durable running boards made of sturdy metal.

Their excellent construction enables them to protect your vehicle from any damage and daily wear and tear, with their fantastic experience and highly skilled team.

Tyger Auto aims at providing the best products in the market that are the topmost priority of all vehicle owners.

These running boards not only add up to the aesthetic of your Toyota Tundra but also provide you ultimate convenience to step in and out of your vehicle.

Why ‘Tyger Auto’ is the most recommended best nerf bars for Toyota Tundra?

“Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208” is the most popular brand for the running boards for Toyota Tundra because of the reliable products they offer.

These boards have a textured exterior that enhances the durability of the board, along with providing ultimate protection to your vehicle.

They produce running boards that meet the modern design requirements, making your car look more aesthetic and classy.

Moreover, the running boards offered by Tyger Auto come with all the essential components and instructions.

The parts and instructions make the installation process very easy, making it the topmost priority.

These factors make the Tyger Auto running boards more popular and the best running boards for Tundra.

For your convenience, we will review some of the best running boards in the market that are ideal for Toyota Tundra.

Top 10 Best Running Boards for Toyota Tundra Review

01. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20208- Best Toyota Tundra Side Steps

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 91.73 x 13.39 x 13.39 inches
  • It weighs around 107 pounds
  • Textured exterior
  • Black color
  • One-piece design

The best manufacturers who produce the top-quality running boards for Tundra tend to provide the highest quality products.

These running boards are an excellent OEM replacement that matches OE quality standards or even might exceed that quality.

This running board offers a convenient step in and out of your vehicle with its superb design. Moreover, it has a dual-stage powder-coated textured finish that makes it durable.

With such a superior construction, the running boards protect your vehicle from daily wear and tear along with weather damage.

In addition to its excellent construction, this Tyger Auto running boards feature a classy one-piece design that enhances the aesthetic of your vehicle.

They are also made of heavy-duty material and are approximately 2-inches diameter tubes.

Also, they have unique patented star step pads that provide you with the required grip to safely step in and out of the car, both for you and your passengers.

Another prominent feature of this running board is that it comes with a very convenient installation. You don’t have to drill any holes to install this running board.


  • Ideal aftermarket option
  • High strength
  • Affordable and easy to install


  • It might require a slight modification in the driver’s step side

02. APS iBoard 5 inches

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of aluminium
  • Weighs 300 pounds
  • A matte black powder-coated finish
  • Colour is aluminium black
  • Compatible with trucks

If you are looking for the best Toyota Tundra side steps, you must indeed consider these APS iBoard running boards.

With their optimum construction and high functionality, they are undoubtedly one of the best ones in the market.

They are made of solid aluminum, providing ultimate corrosion protection and excellent strength. Being made out of aluminum, these running boards have exceptional durability.

Moreover, it has an outstanding load capacity of around 300 LBS.

Another prominent feature of this running board is its low profile and unique design, making your truck look more classy and aesthetic.

Along with the excellent construction and high durability, this running board has some other prominent and enhanced features.

A full-coverage step pad is the most distinguished one among these features. The complete running board is covered with a 5 inches wide corrugated non-slip step pad.

Such a perfect step ensures a comfortable and slip-proof step for the whole family. Moreover, these running boards also come with an easy installation featuring a rocker panel mount.

These boards also come with the necessary DIY hardware kit and mounting brackets, along with step-by-step instructions.

This simple installation saves you a lot of time and effort, making these running boards a viable option.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Rust-free and high strength
  • Easy installation
  • Non-slip step pad covering the whole running board


  • Not ideal for environments with a lot of salt in the atmosphere

03. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20018- Best Nerf Bars For Toyota Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 76.38 x 13.39 x 13.39 inches
  • Weighs 84 pounds
  • Made out of metal
  • Textured black exterior
  • Ideal for trucks

If you own a lifted truck or an SUV, you might want to consider these Tyger Auto running boards for your vehicle.

As they are explicitly designed to fit such cars, it provides more comfort to you and an ideal fit. Being made out of sturdy metal, these running boards have a weight capacity of 500 LBS on each side.

It also has a dual girder system that provides extra protection and makes the running boards resistant to daily wear and tear and weather conditions.

It also ensures maximum security for the underside of damaging impacts.

The unique patented star metal pad makes it more convenient for you and your family to step in and out of the vehicle.

Moreover, these are not the only features of these Tyger Auto running boards.

They have excellent durability and a long life span due to the dual-stage powder-coated textured black finish. Also, it has 2-inches wide diameter tubes that provide a comfortable step.

It is also made out of a sturdy metal that ensures ultimate protection.

Another prominent feature of these running boards is their one-piece design that provides a classy and elegant look to your vehicle. It also features a simple installation that doesn’t require fabrications or drilling.

With the DIY instructions present within the running board packaging, you will experience a completely hassle-free and effortless installation within no time.


  • High quality and tough
  • Excellent paint and textured exterior
  • Durable construction
  • Convenient installation


  • Lowest bar might be too low

04. APS iBoard 6-inch Aluminum Side Steps for Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of aluminium
  • Weighs 300 pounds
  • Package dimensions are ‎94 x 8.5 x 7.3 inches
  • A matte black powder-coated finish
  • Explicitly designed for trucks

If you are looking for some high-quality Toyota running boards for Tundra, you should never miss out on these APS iBoard running boards.

Being of exceptional quality and high functionality, these running boards are one of the best ones available in the market.

They are made out of aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum, ensuring their high strength and sturdiness.

Moreover, these running boards are corrosion resistant, making them superior to any other black nerf bars.

In addition to such solid and durable construction, they also feature a 6 inches wide and fully covered anti-slip coating that provides a convenient grip.

This gives you and your passengers a secure grip while stepping in and out of the vehicle.

Along with the excellent construction qualities, we can see some other attributes in these running boards that add to the functionality of these boards.

Their metal backlash and tapered ends provide a factory look to your vehicle. This adds to the style of your car and makes it look more classy and aesthetic, making it highly attractive.

The package of these running boards also comes with all the necessary hardware and heavy-duty brackets that make the installation a lot more convenient.

Moreover, the step-by-step instructions also help save your time and effort; these factors collectively make these running boards worth the money.


  • Sturdy and gives a refined look to your vehicle
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Clean black aluminium look


  • The front bracket screw hold is a bit short

05. oEdRo Textured Black 6″ Running Boards Compatible with Tundra

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 86.42 x 14.17 x 5.7 inches
  • It weighs around 70.4 pounds
  • Made out of alloy steel
  • The exterior is stainless steel
  • Black colour

While browsing through some of the sturdiest running boards available in the market, you will surely come across the OEDRO running boards.

These boards are constructed out of all-in-one heavy-duty thickness tubes and have a fully welded construction of carbon steel; they offer superb strength.

On top of this great strength, it also features a durable powder finish that provides ultimate protection against corrosion.

With these running boards, you will not have to worry about any kind of weather or daily wear and tear affecting your vehicle.

Moreover, it acts like a guard on the rocker panel of your car. Therefore, these running boards not only provide a convenient step into your vehicle but also protect it.

In addition to all these exceptional construction qualities, these running boards also offer high functionality and optimum performance.

With their 6 inches wide dependable stepping surface, it makes it easier for you and your family to enter or leave your vehicle.

Moreover, it provides convenience and provides extra clearance for the sides of your RAM truck.

Also, a convenient installation makes the whole process completely hassle-free and straightforward.

As it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and vehicle-specific mounting design, you will not have to spend a lot of time on its installation.

The DIY installation instructions make it a lot easier.


  • Cost-effective and high strength
  • Classy design
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Easy installation
  • Classy design


  • Hardware is not of much good quality

06. Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40178 RISER

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 93.7 x 5.51 x 12.6 inches
  • It weighs approximately 50 pounds
  • Made out of carbon steel
  • Ideal for passenger car
  • Matte black exterior
  • Black colour

Being one of the most trusted manufacturers in the market, Tyger Auto offers some of the most premium quality aftermarket auto parts.

Therefore, these running boards meet the OE quality standards and might even be better than them.

Step bars are approximately 4 inches wide and are made out of heavy-duty triangle mild steel tubing with a black powder coating.

The exceptional quality build with sturdy metal makes these running boards great strength.

At the same time, the black powder coating provides excellent protection against corrosion.

Moreover, the wide step pads are also UV-resistant and non-slip, ensuring your convenience and your vehicle’s ultimate security.

Such an outstanding construction makes these running boards worth the money and makes them superior to the other ones.

In addition to their superior construction, these running boards possess some other excellent performance and functionality features.

Their perfect size provides a very convenient step for you and your passengers as you step inside or out of the vehicle.

Also, it features a classy yet unique design that adds up to the visual appearance of your car.

Therefore, it is not just for convenience or protection but also to improve the overall look of your vehicle.

As it comes with the necessary hardware and mounting brackets, this makes the whole installation process a lot easier as it doesn’t require any unnecessary alignments.

You don’t have to perform any fabrications and drillings to install these running boards.


  • High quality and corrosion resistant
  • Visually appealing
  • Non-slip and wide step pad
  • Convenient installation


  • It might be a little lightweight

07. TAC Oval Bend Texture Black 4.25″ Side Steps

Highlighted Features

  • Package dimensions are ‎86 x 9.75 x 6.5 inches
  • It weighs approximately 41.23 pounds
  • Made out of alloy steel
  • Texture black colour
  • For passenger car and truck
  • Alloy steel exterior

If you want your side steps Toyota Tundra to be of high quality and high functionality, you can consider these TAC texture black nerf bars running boards.

These running boards are manufactured to match the OE quality standards; they have excellent construction with high durability.

Both the step bars and the mounting brackets are made out of heavy-duty mild steel with E-coating that ensures the increased strength of boards.

Moreover, they are also coated with a high-grade heavy textured black powder-coated finish.

This powder-coated finish protects the running boards from corrosion and also from scratch.

Therefore, these running boards are perfect for any kind of road or weather conditions.

With the outstanding durability and excellent strength, you might want to get these running boards as soon as possible.

Along with the optimum qualities mentioned above, we can also observe certain other qualities in these running boards.

These running boards feature a thoughtful design with a 4.25 inches step to ensure high functionality.

The step pads feature an oval bend tube that comes with UV-resistant quality.

Moreover, these step pads are also non-slip that provide extra comfort when you or your family step inside or out of your vehicle.

A simple bolt-on installation is also a prominent feature of these running boards.

You don’t have to perform any drilling to go up to the hardware store to get the installation process started.

With all the included mounting hardware and necessary instructions, you will experience an effortless and straightforward installation.


  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • All mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Sturdy and clean-looking
  • Non-slip step pad


  • Driver side bolt gives a little tough time while tightening

08. Tyger Auto TG-SS2T35188 Textured Black Running Boards

Highlighted Features

  • Package dimensions are 90 x 10.2 x 8 inches
  • It weighs approximately 45.9 pounds
  • Textured exterior
  • Excellent OEM replacement
  • Compatible with 2007 – 2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax cab only

Undoubtedly, Tyger Auto offers some of the best running boards in the market that are not only of the highest quality but render excellent performance as well.

In the case of these running boards, a seamless end-to-end design is what makes these running boards a viable option.

It features a premium quality build with an E-coating rich textured powder finish on the whole body of running boards that provides outstanding protection.

Such powder finish ensures resistance to all kinds of damaging weather factors, from dirt and water to rust.

Therefore, these running boards remain as good as new no matter where you take them. Not just that, but they also protect your vehicle from such damaging factors.

Also, these nerf bars have a clean yet rugged look that adds up to the personality of your car.

Due to the oval tube design, these Tyger Auto running boards also have a 3.5 inches wide step pad.

The elliptical tube design provides better stability to the nerf bars than single round tube counterparts.

So, from protection to aesthetics, to convenience, these running boards have a lot to offer to you, making them an ideal option.

Also, you don’t have to stress out about the installation process as it comes with a simple bolt-on installation.

With all the mounting hardware included in the package, you can get these running boards installed as soon as you get your hands on them.

You can easily follow the step-by-step instructions that come with the product and get a hassle-free and straightforward installation of your running boards.


  • Heavy-duty and seamless build
  • Cost-effective and sturdy
  • Elegant finish
  • Easy to install


  • Despite the product installation description, minor drilling might be required

09. Go Rhino 69441687PC Heavy-duty RB20 Running Board

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of alloy steel
  • It weighs around 77 pounds
  • Alloy steel exterior
  • Textured black colour
  • Ideal for trucks

Go Rhino is another brand that manufactures some excellent quality running boards for Toyota Tundra.

Moreover, the running boards manufactured by Go Rhino are referred to as the most aggressive ones concerning their designs.

The premium quality build ensures that you get the ultimate strength that you are looking for in your new OEM replacement running boards.

To provide extra corrosion resistance to your running boards, they are made of galvanized steel.

Such an outstanding construction ensures additional protection to the running boards against corrosion.

Therefore, you can take your vehicle wherever you want once these running boards are installed.

This construction makes these running boards stand out in the market with their superior corrosion resistance.

Along with the excellent construction, these running boards also come with a protective bed liner-like coating that adds up to their personality and offers extra protection.

Also, they feature a very modern and aggressive design that makes them unique and classy.

These running boards are cab-length running boards that come with a simple installation.

You don’t have to go through a frustrating process of drilling any holes or going to hardware shops to get brackets.

As they come with all the necessary hardware, including brackets, so that you can get the installation started as soon as you get these running boards.

The step-by-step installation instructions also make the process easier and more convenient.

All these reasons make these running boards a considerable choice for your Toyota Tundra.


  • Practical and highly functional
  • Easy to install
  • Visually classy and aesthetic
  • Weather and corrosion-resistant


  • Instructions are a little confusing

10. TAC PNC Oval Bend T304 Stainless Steel Side Bars 4.25″ Side Steps

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions are 99 x 11 x 6 inches
  • It weighs around 49 pounds
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel color
  • Ideal for truck and passenger car

While browsing through some good-quality stainless steel running boards for Toyota Tundra, you will surely come across these TAC running boards.

Being made out of premium quality material, these running boards ensure excellent strength, making them a viable choice.

They are made out of heavy-duty T304 stainless steel, and they are solid and durable.

Moreover, this stainless steel constriction is coated with a mirror-polished finish, making these boards corrosion and UV resistant.

This also makes the step pad non-slip which provides you and your passengers a good grip on their step.

Thus, they certainly add up to your convenience while stepping in or out of your vehicle.

Therefore, you can get three things with these running boards convenience, protection, and classy visual appearance.

Along with the qualities mentioned above, the features of these running boards are not just limited here.

We can see various other optimum features that make these running boards a preferable choice. The side steps are 4.25 inches of oval tubes that feature a CNC machine bending craft.

This design not only makes your side steps wider but also gives a rather aggressive look to your vehicle.

An easy installation is also a prominent feature of these running boards. They do not require any cutting or drilling, thus making the whole installation process a lot easier.

Moreover, the instructions that come with these running boards are also great to help in providing a hassle-free installation.


  • Cost-effective and durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Excellent customer service
  • Convenient installation


  • It might be a little too thin

Buying Considerations for the Best Running Boards for Toyota Tundra

While buying a vehicle, you need to consider some valid points in your mind. So that your investment should not get wasted.

A user needs to study the car while getting a new one as a good vehicle is a lifetime investment.

For best running boards for Tundra, one should consider the following points:

  • Generation of Toyota Tundra
  • Safety of the vehicle
  • Customer reviews
  • Resale value
  • An own user requirement

While considering the running boards for Toyota Tundra as a purchase, we suggest you should see the following guide and related analysis.

Types of the running board

Variations of running boards are available based on the type of model of the Toyota Tundra.

Markets have stainless or aluminium running boards, textured or untextured, the perforated or non-perforated pattern of the grate, and varied lengths.

Variation of steps

There are side and hoop steps available for the Toyota Tundra. Hoops are stirrup-shaped, while the side does not have such dimension.

So, in contrast to both the actions, we suggest our users use the hoop ones as they are lightweight and easy to install.

We see there is no need for a second person for its installments.


Running boards are made of aluminium, stainless steel, and molded plastic.

Molded plastics are our least priority as they are the least stable, have the lowest capacity, and have minor traction.

You can opt for the aluminium running board if you want a lightweight, but for more strength, stability, and efficiency, you should choose the running board made of stainless steel.


Running boards are always appreciated for their updated texture and design.

Engineers have made them the best fit for the Toyota Tundra with their anti-slip surface, pads made of rubber, or step pads composed of intended tubing or diamond style tread.


The capacity of our suggested running boards ranges from three hundred pounds to five hundred pounds.

The highest total for these running boards is five hundred pounds which is more than enough.

As you see, the running boards, side steps, hoop steps, or nerf bars are all used to carry the body weight, so for this purpose, the capacity of three hundred pounds is enough.

Points to Ponder

As far as purchasing a Toyota running board for Tundra is concerned, we see you should think first of the following information for selecting a better product.

  • For vehicles like Toyota Tundra, choose the hoop side steps for more convenience.
  • Plastic running boards provide a poor grip in winters.
  • Running boards with already established LEDs helps in the visibility of running boards in the dark.
  • Resistance to dirt and debris on roads is also the function served by the running boards and the protection.
  • Retractable hoop steps are the best options for clean vehicle lines. The same is the function of electric running boards. They can forge and reverse when the vehicle door is closed or opened.
  • Nerf bars are seen to bear the weight of 300lbs/pounds, while sidebars can take the weight of 500lbs/pounds inside steps Toyota Tundra.
  • Retractable running boards and hoop steps are seen to provide the maximum ground clearance in vehicles.

Common FAQs

What is the price of the Toyota Tundra in 2022?

The price varies according to the redesign you want to buy. In some models, due to specs, it is costly. The price ranges from $37645 to $62,000 (est).

The cost for SR is $37,645, SR5 is $42,450, Limited is $50,595, TRD Pro is $57,000, Platinum is $58,685, 1794 Edition is $59,385, and Capstone is $62,000.

In the market, the domestic price of the Toyota Tundra is higher than its competitors.

Brands offer a higher car than it at the same price, but the car’s worth relies on the brand ‘Toyota’.

What is the best feature of the Toyota Tundra?

From its exterior to its interior, Toyota Tundra has some exceptional specs.

We can count its remarkable features as a strenuous external body, capacitance, efficacy, amenity and accessibility, mechanization, and impregnability.

But amongst all cars are considered the best in terms of their comfort and efficiency. And Toyota Tundra has the best efficiency and comfort for its customers.

The capacitance of SR with six seats, soft fabric, and pre-heated seats provides the best possible comfort zone for the customers.

Intelligent keys are also available, increasing the technological advancement of the car.

How does the Toyota Tundra stand out in the market?

Throughout the introduction of new cars, truck owners did not find any attractive articles. Toyota Tundra has everything a truck owner wants.

Its comfort level, road off travel capability, spaciousness, and potential is the feature that other trucks lack.

It has everything from interior to exterior, which should be present in an exceptional vehicle.

Due to its luxury, its resale value is also more than the other vehicles of other brands. That’s why Toyota Tundra stands out in the market.

What is the resale value of a Toyota Tundra with running boards?

The resale value of the vehicle is in its worth. The brand holds the distinction of its products.

Toyota Tundra belongs to the brand Toyota has its price and does not disappoint the users while selling the product.

Although the highest resale value is for Toyota Tacoma, you find the resale value of the Toyota Tundra is at 57.2% after five years.

Best Tundra running boards make the vehicle raise its resale value. We see the vehicle as one of the most long-lasting in its category in the market.

Is the Toyota Tundra with running boards suitable for families?

We see the Toyota Tundra as a complete family car with its spacious six heated seats. It is a perfect big vehicle while going on a vacation or any other family event.

With its wide leg spacing and side steps, the Toyota Tundra provides comfort to the people.

The consistent reviews of the vehicle make it simply more reliable for the family. The Tundra offers safety and comfort for a family with kids and teenagers.

So, we see the Tundra as a complete family car despite it being a truck.

Mere vehicles are not suitable for a more prominent family, but you can find the car comfortable for a large family or a complete holiday plan as well.

How many redesigns are there for Toyota Tundra?

There are fifteen trims for the Toyota Tundra, which are SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition, and a TRD Pro.

We find some exceptional features of Nightshade, along with Trail edition, in the vehicle as well.

Critics evaluate that the redesign, launched after fifteen years, provides a significant update.

While looking at the latest update, we find it offers more engine options for the users. The available options are 3.5 Twin Turbo and i-FORCE MAX.

Which Toyota Tundra year is the most suitable?

Among the various model years, many Tundra’s most are 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Although experts say that none of the years is wrong or unsuitable for users, every model provides the best to the users.

But the years 2013, 2014, and 2015 are suitable based on the customer reports.

With the release of the 2022 redesign, users are showing more interest in the new update with its better features, making the Toyota Tundra more popular.

What do running boards do for Toyota Tundra?

As the seating of Toyota Tundra is raised from the ground level, passengers find it difficult to board the vehicle.

The possible solution for this problem is running boards. They provide convenience to the user while boarding. They serve as the step between the car and the ground.

We find it comfortable and convenient. They can also provide more ground clearance for lower vehicles. It simply assists in the entry of a car.


Furthermore, the running boards are essential for vehicles of massive size, as they help a person get in and out of the car.

They also help protect the exterior of your car that is exposed to daily wear and tear, dirt and debris, and weather damages.

Apart from the benefits of convenience and protection, running boards also help enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle.

It makes your car look more aesthetic, classy, and aggressive.

If you have decided to get running boards installed on your Toyota Tundra, we have listed 10 of the best running boards for Toyota Tundra that offer you the highest quality.

It is entirely up to you what type of running boards you want for your vehicle and what design is more appealing.

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