Best Hitch For Subaru Outback For More Power & Durability

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There’s always a time when you have to haul some extra load behind your Subaru Outback. It doesn’t matter what it is but the best hitch for Subaru Outback would be the perfect assistant.

From bicycles to cars, trailer hitches are capable of the load depending on the type you’re getting. 

Also, the towing capacity of Subaru is an unignorable factor. Nevertheless, when you require a great trailer hitch, you can’t just go for anyone available.

You need the best Subaru Outback trailer hitch. With this, you won’t have any regrets.

It’s important to go for brands that won’t break down between trips or degrade fast due to external environmental factors.

What is the best trailer hitch for the Subaru outback?

The CURT brand is the best hauling accessory for your Subaru outback. Other brands come close, but the CURT brand is much more popular among many Subaru Outback users.

Moreover, the CURT type comes out on top where all the other brands come short. One aspect of the CURT brand that stands out is the fact they fit almost any vehicle.

Why is “CURT” the best brand for Subaru outback hitch?

The CURT designs are very adaptive so that regardless of the vehicle, the trailer hitch is likely to fit. The trailer hitches are also not difficult to install.

As well as, the second-best situation is that you’ll need a hand to assist. Usually, the instructions are enough to fit the trailer hitch behind your Subaru Outback.

Review of the 10 Best Hitch for Subaru Outback 2022

01. CURT 13390 Class 3 Hitch- Best Trailer Hitch for Subaru Outback

Highlighted Features

  • Made of Carbon steel 
  • 2-inch receiver tube
  • Standard hitch recover 
  • Powder-coated finish 
  • Skilfully welded for optimal strength 

Curt 13390 is a solid trailer hitch. It can serve pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and marine personal crafts.

The hitch can carry up to 41 pounds of load, and the material is made up of powder-coated carbon steel. The hitch fits the truck well and is integrated into the original design of the vehicles attached.

They are reliable and will hold anything up you try to secure onto them.

The coatings are done inside out, and they are made with quality powder finish material. So you don’t have to bother about the hitch wearing off anytime soon.

Moreover, the coating layers are resistant to rust and dust. They don’t chip off and they are also resistant to ultraviolet light. 

One of the reasons why you should acquire this curt class 3 hitch is that it is designed with cutting-edge technology. This makes it seem functional and highly durable compared to other hitches out there. 

The appearance of the hitch is one of neatness meeting brute strength. Despite the high load capacity of this hitch, the joins are skillfully welded, hence the weld lines are clean.

Eventually, the hitch is rugged and can withstand difficult terrains. 


  • The trailer hitch fits perfectly 
  • Great for a 2015 Subaru Outback
  • Instructions for installation are straightforward


  • It is quite tedious to put together

02. Draw-Tite 75673- Expert’s Choice

Highlighted Features

  • Features a two-inch receiver tube opening 
  • Custom built to vehicle manufacture spec
  • Solidly welded construction.
  • Can haul up to 4000 lbs
  • Double coating for max durability

A Draw-Tite is a very suitable trailer hitch for your Subaru outback. However, whether it becomes your choice or not depends on if it has the features that you desire.

Maximum frame receivers for the trucks, vans and spent utility vehicles are featured in this trailer hitch model and make it highly desirable.

To make it more accessible and to use for several purposes, the trailer hitch also has a 

2″ Square Receiver Tube Opening. This means that you can easily attach other accessories to the trailer hitch. 

Although this is not the best trailer hitch in terms of heavy-duty capacity. However, it is durable and can haul a reasonable amount of load.

The hitch is rated to be capable of 4000 pounds of weight. All the parts are solidly welded and it is double-coated.

It has an a-coat base and a black powder coat finish to make sure that it doesn’t get rust easily. The finish also prevents it from the adverse effect of UV light and dust.

You make sure you don’t have a problem fitting it into your vehicle; this trailer hitch is custom-made to vehicle manufacturer specifications. It is rugged and can perform well on tough terrains.


  • It has a solid build.
  • Fits a 2015 Subaru Outback
  • Can be installed by one person 


  • Can only haul a maximum of 4000lbs

03. Curt 13437 22272- User’s Choice 

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable power with a plug-and-play installation
  • The wiring is made with SMT circuitry 
  • Features a dust cover to keep the connector clean 
  • Minimum heat generation 
  • Vehicle specific wiring 

The Curt 13437 22272 trailer hitch wiring harness is easy to install. It is equipped with a standard rear four-pin trailer wiring that connects a towed trailer.

Even the connector is a standard type that allows for various towing options. Now, its 4-way trailer wiring harness incorporates the surface mount technology.

And this kind of circuitry generates less heat and makes the connection secure. 

To make the connection reliable, it features a dust cover to prevent elements of weather and dust from affecting the connections. Such protection is possible with the use of a rubber dust cover. 


  • The wiring fits perfectly 
  • You can install it yourself 
  • The instructions to fit the devices are clear


  • Might lack quality control

04. Reese Towpower 44581- Highly Durable

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a hitch box cover 
  • Features a 2-inch square receiver opening 
  • Allows up to 4000 pounds of towing weight
  • The entire unit is solidly welded
  • Fits passenger cars and sport utility vehicles 

Reese tow power allows you to haul up to 4000 lbs of the load onto your vehicle. Additionally, its tongue weight is 400 pounds.

However, there is a need to know the recommended capacity of your vehicles to be able to utilize this and other trailer hitches. 

With a 2-inch square receiver tube, you can stack up a safe distance between your vehicle and the load you intend to tow with it.

It also allows you to attach any hitch accessory. All parts of the trailer hitch are expertly welded, making them highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy loads.

The assurance of durability also comes with safety on the roads. 


  • The trailer hitch fits perfectly
  • High functionality
  • Good quality and looks just as expected


  • It is quite tedious to put together

05. CURT 12270 Class 2 Hitch- Heavy-Duty

Highlighted Features

  • 1-¼ inch receiver tube size 
  • High standard Industrial coat finish
  • Tested with real vehicles and real-world scenarios. 
  • Rust, Chip, and UV resistant

  • The right capacity of 2000 to 20000 lbs

This product doesn’t seem like the best trailer hitch you can get. However, it is a decent choice considering several other aspects of it.

For instance, you can depend on this trailer hitch to come through when you need its hauling capacity.

The piece is strongly wielded with steel, and the entire package is rated to be capable of a gross load of about 3500 lbs.

With a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs, the hitch is fit for a moderate load. The trailer hitch package is highly versatile and suitable for several towing or hauling options.

With a 1-¼ inch square receiver hitch, you can tow small trailers and attach a cargo or bike rack.

You’re unlikely to see this piece of steel wear out fast. It has a dual coat of liquid and a durable powder coat finish on its outer layer.

This keeps away the adverse effect of UV light, chips, and rust on its actual surface.  The trailer hitch has been thoroughly tested under real-world conditions using real vehicles.

The tests are also carried out to SAE J684 specifications which should be an adequate assurance when you’re on the road. 

Installing the trailer hitch shouldn’t be much of a problem as there are easy-to-follow instructions to that effect.  


  • A dual coat that keeps the trailer hitch safe from wearing out.
  • Tested according to standard specifications
  • Easy installation


  • Despite being fairly easy, the installation might take time. 

06. Draw-Tite 76227- Superb Powerful

Highlighted Features

  • Tested to meet industry standards 
  • A coat base and powder coat finish
  • Solidly welded construction 
  • Optimized for fitting perfectly 
  • Designed to withstand any terrain

If you need a solid hitch to place your load on your Subaru Outback, this might be just what you need.

The Draw-Tite 76227 max frame receiver is built to withstand heavy loads of up to 35 pounds by its specifications. 

The standard tests and solid welding particularly make it a good fit for your load. Trucks, vans, and utility vehicles can also use the draw-tite 76227 max frame receiver.

It usually has a powder finish with a coated base. The parts of this receiver are properly welded to make it a suitable device on your vehicle for load-bearing.

In addition, it fits perfectly on the vehicles and has great towing strength when in use even when you’re likely to have challenges on the road. 


  • The trailer hitch fits perfectly 
  • You can install it yourself 
  • The instructions to fit the device are clear


  • It is quite tedious to put together

07. Draw-Tite 41906- Top Notch

Highlighted Features

  • Made for heavy-duty hauling 
  • Boasts a durable bracket design
  • High-quality dual coat finish
  • Tongue weight capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Gross trailer weight of 10,000 pounds

Individually this hitch is capable of a lot. And you might have to consider your vehicle manual to know what it is capable of carrying.

Nonetheless, the hitch can easily handle a gross towing weight of 10,000 pounds. 

Although we are talking Subaru outback, whether your vehicle is a truck, van, or utility vehicle, this heavyweight Draw tite hitch will get your hauling done. 

Adding this draw-tite hitch to the already existing ones is worth it. With an amazing design and impressive performance, you’ll easily like to have this.

Since the hitch features a 1000-pound tongue weight, it is designed for heavy-duty suspensions and a strong and secure heavy-duty bracket design

Having a black powder coat over the entire surface makes it a durable piece. Versatility is not left out in its creation, and you can even apply J pins to the frame. 


  • Good value for money 
  • Possesses a solid design structure
  • Fits perfectly


  • Won’t work on all vehicle types 

08. CURT 12284 Class 2 Hitch- Max Towing

Highlighted Features

  • Made of Carbon steel 
  • Finished with Powder Coat
  • 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight
  • High-grade dual coat finish
  • Versatile, and can be used for several purposes

Wherever your work or leisure life takes you, you don’t have to be worried about the hauling. A Curt production of this standard hardly ever fails — it will be standing by for your towing needs.

Generally, curt hitches are vehicles specific and fit perfectly. And this one is no different. 

Curt hitches are usually made to suit different vehicle types, and the curt 122843 is one of the models from this reputable brand of hitches.

The trailer hitch is solid and durable. It can withstand the pressure from the road and would not buckle. 

The hitch is also thoroughly tested. The extent of tests carried out on the hitch reduces its likelihood to break under pressure.  

The instructions that come with this hitch are quite handy. Although fixing it is tedious. The guide is easy to follow and your doll can easily fit it into the vehicle yourself. 


  • It has a solid build 
  • Good value for money
  • Fits a Subaru Outback perfectly 


  • Installation can be tedious

09. Reese Towpower 44631- Budget Friendly

Highlighted Features

  • It includes a hitch box cover 
  • Welded construction for Max strength 
  • 2-inch receiver opening 
  • 400 pounds tongue weight
  • 4000 pounds gross trailer weight

Not all trailer hitches are made for extremely heavyweights. And this Resse tow power hitch just happens to be one of them.

Its lack of heavy-duty capacity doesn’t make it less durable or of less quality. Regardless of its towing weight, this piece is a worry on this list for several reasons.

Max-Frame receivers are designed for various vehicle types.

With a 2″ square receiver tube opening, the hitch can easily attach to the load you’d like to haul with it. It has also got a 400-pound faced tongue weight and 4000 pounds gross towing weight.

Its durability is ramped up a few times with me black finish and neatly welded joints. Giving extra care to the crafting of the hitch makes it highly desirable for your lightweight hauling.

Also with the coating on this trailer hitch, it is less likely to suffer chipping, 


  • The design is rugged and withstands tough situations 
  • The hitch is easy to install
  • It fits perfectly on the vehicle


  • It might not be easy to install.

10. Draw-Tite 75560- Affordable

Highlighted Features

  • The 2-inch square receiver tube opening 
  • Rated as 400/4000 pounds tongue weight/ gross trailer weight
  • Double coat finish — Black Powder Coat Finish atop an A-Coat Base 
  • Deliberately built to fit perfectly. 
  • Welded Construction

If you need a hitch that will fit all your heavy-duty hauling, then you don’t have to look any further. This hitch is will work for many Subaru vehicle owners especially if you have an Outback.

Although its tongue weight is just about 400 pounds, the draw tite is a tough hitch and can carry towing weights up to 4000 pounds.

In addition to its massive capacity, the parts are also welded solidly.

For maximum durability, all the frame attachments are solidly welded. The hitch is also finished with a coated base and black powder coat. Y

ou can barely get another hitch with brute strength and beautiful protection in its crafting. 

It also features a 2″ receiver time opening that puts a safe distance between your vehicle and whatever you’re towing. 


  • Perfect fit for several vehicle types
  • Not difficult to put together 
  • Good value for money


  • Might have low-quality painting

User Buying Considerations

Before buying a trailer hitch, you have to make allowances for several factors. There are many trailer hitches available in the market for various vehicle types.

Making the mistake of purchasing one that isn’t for your vehicle type can be an expensive mistake. It is better to avoid such mistakes and keep your purchase in line with some considerations that will guide you.

This buying consideration will prevent you from buying trailer hitches that do not fit your vehicle’s type and might end up not serving the purpose you had in mind.

The best way to go about getting an appropriate trailer hitch for your Subaru outback is to be specific about what you want. 

Here are some of the things that you must consider before you acquire a trailer hitch:

Type of Vehicle

Considering the vehicle type in your purchase criteria is important. Trailer pitches aren’t made for Subaru outbacks alone.

Hence, if you make the mistake of purchasing a different type than what your vehicle requires, you could be faced with problems like the hitch not fitting in the back or having a very difficult installation process 

Amount of Load

Trailer hitches come in various load capacities. Definitely, you have to crosscheck what you’ll be using your vehicle to haul before purchasing a trailer hitch.

This is where many people can go wrong; in thinking that because their vehicles can haul a gigantic amount of load, any trailer hitch goes.

However, that is far from the case. Even if your vehicle can haul a lot, the trailer hitches have their load limits too.

So be sure to check that out and compare it with your needs before you cart it away. 


Considering the terrain your vehicle would be towing can also mean considering the quality of your trailer hitch.

The higher the quality of the trailer hitch, the more rugged it would be. A rugged trailer hitch is required for difficult terrains.

So if the road you would be traveling over is terrible, then don’t compromise on the level of quality of the trailer hitch you would be purchasing. 


It’s best to consider the cost of the trailer hitch you would be purchasing. 

Cost can be a tricky criterion when you’re considering your purchase. Try not to go beyond your budget. Yet you shouldn’t attempt to purchase a trailer hitch of poor quality.

Generally, even when there are affordable options, it is best to hold off buying when what you need is something of top quality and is expensive. 


It can be very frustrating when you have to struggle with installing a trailer hitch. Installation of a trailer hitch is one of the major problems facing users who purchase them.

So before you buy, try weighing your options. Can you afford a professional to help with fixing the trailer hitch?

If you can, then you don’t have to bother too much about the difficulty that comes with the installation.

On the other hand, if you like to do the installation yourself, then try to go for a trailer hitch that is easy to install and preferable without extra help.


What are Hitch Classes? 

Hitch classes generally go from 1 up to 5. The higher the class, the more the load that the trailer hitch can carry.

So categorically class 1 trailer hitches carry the least amount of load. Class 1 trailer hitches carry gross total weights of about 2000lbs.

Class 2 trailers can take 3500lbs, while Class 3 hitches can haul 5000lbs. Both class 4 and class 5 hitches can tow over 10000lbs

What is a Hitch Lock? 

To prevent vehicles and the objects they carry from being stolen, a hitch lock is necessary. They function by locking the trailer hitch and the hitch receiver together.

With this, there is no way to lift the receiver and u latch the trailer. Hence when you’re in an insecure location, it is important to use a Hitchcock to secure your vehicle and the items attached to them.

How do I choose the right Trailer Hitch?

Hopefully, you haven’t misplaced your vehicle’s user manual because that is the best place to start.

First, determine the load-bearing capacity of your vehicle before attempting a purchase. Get familiar with the maximum tongue weight of your vehicle as well as its trailer weight.

If this is within the range of the load you intend to lift, then you’re quite good to go. The only thing left would be purchasing a trailer hitch that can carry the load as well. 

Do Trailer Hitches Wear Out?

Trailer hitches can wear out. They generally start to rust from within. Since the damage starts where you cannot see, there is a tendency for your trailer hitch to fail whilst in use.

However, the danger of a failing trailer hitch can be much reduced by getting quality ones that are coated with premium materials inside out.  

Do I need to Grease my Trailer Hitches?

Making a decision to grease your trailer hitch should be at your discretion.

Unless you have purchased subpar ones or have aging hitches, you don’t need to grease them. They are usually double-coated and coated inside out.

Yet you should apply grease to your trailer hitch if you want to optimally minimize wear and tear. Also, the trailer can retain its integrity for longer if you apply grease to it

How can I detect a bad trailer hitch?

A bad trailer hitch can spell doom, especially if it comes apart when engaged and your vehicle is in motion. To detect a failing hitch, you need to look out for rust.

If there are visible signs of rust on your trailer hitch, then it is a pointer that its end time is very close.

Another aspect of your hitch to examine for a smooth and safe ride to your destination is whether there are any cracks. Cracks are not very easy to find.

So make sure that you clean your trailer hitch regularly and look out carefully for any sign of cracks on them

Missing parts of your trailer hitch can also spell doom. These are also not easy to detect if you don’t pay precise attention to them.

So make sure that you are checking the trailer hitch regularly and carefully for missing parts. 


There is a sincere need for you to have a trailer hitch behind your vehicle. The purpose you intend to use a hitch for can only be successful when you have the best hitch for Subaru Outback.

Such a comprehensive list of detailed information on the best trailer hitch for Subaru Outback is not easy to come by. 

We hope that this amazing guide you toward purchasing the best hitch for your vehicle. Also, by following the considerations you’re likely to get the best for your load size and vehicle as well.  

Make sure that you’re getting the best quality that your money can buy. Do not forget to check your vehicle for its towing load capacity before getting a trailer hitch

And when you have to choose between fixing it yourself and getting a professional, be sure that you have an idea of the installation difficulty.

Now make the best of the information and keep the roads safe with a purchase of the best trailer hitches in the market.

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