How Much Do You Know About Subaru Head Gasket Replacement Cost

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When the coolant or engine oil starts to leak, the vehicle’s driver wonders about the Subaru head gasket replacement cost. That is why here we mention all the necessary costs.

Replacing the cylinder head gasket is usually an essential task because it is essential to the engine’s proper functioning.

The following information covers several Subaru models, allowing the driver of the vehicle to be prepared. This way, you will know how much budget needs to be prepared for these repairs.

Subaru Head Gasket Replacement Cost: Know the Price before Installing

When replacing the cylinder head gasket of a Subaru model, each user may encounter a different cost depending on the model.

01. Subaru Outback

About this Subaru model here, the important thing is that it is a 2.5L engine.

“The owner of the vehicle will need to start with a basic budget of $1500, and on some occasions, the budget could increase up to $1800.”

This usually includes both labor and parts needed.

If there are other years or replacements such as oil seals, spark plugs, water pump, the timing belt, and related components, the budget could increase to $2700 or account for an average of $2200.

02. Subaru Forester

Many users have mentioned that the Subaru Forester is well known for its virtues and its disadvantages.

One of the main advantages is the recurring damage that this Subaru model shows on the cylinder head gasket.

“When this happens, the average budget that many users have mentioned is $1000. It should also be considered that on some occasions, the amount could increase up to $1200 depending on local labor costs.”

This estimate has been considered without mentioning other possible damages.

03. Subaru Crosstrek

When we talk about the Subaru Crosstrek, the budget needed to repair the head gasket is similar to that of the Subaru Outback.

“In this case, the owners of this vehicle need to start with a budget of $1400, including cheap labor and necessary parts. In certain instances, the budget needed could increase to $1700 depending on labor costs in each area.”

If other damages are related to the head gasket, the repair costs could increase up to $2500.

04. Subaru WRX

While this is a different Subaru model, the head gasket repair costs are still similar. This happens because this is a similar engine to some of the models we have mentioned.

“In this case, replacing the head gasket along with labor could cost a minimum of $1200. If the task is somewhat tricky and other parts need to be repaired, the costs may increase to more than $3000.”

To decrease the total costs, it is recommended to repair the head gasket immediately.

05. Subaru Legacy

This model of the vehicle also requires a professional to repair the cylinder head gasket.

“It is a matter of replacing this part, and for this, a minimum budget of $1500 is needed. In addition, this amount includes cheap labor and the necessary parts to perform the task.”

So in some cases, more expensive labor and additional parts to be replaced could increase the cost up to $2200.

06. Subaru BRZ

When it comes to this model of Subaru, some users consider that replacing the head gasket has lower costs than other models.

“The parts needed for this task usually have a cost of $160. To this, we must add the labor, which usually has a cost of $1500.”

On some special occasions, the task might be somewhat more difficult due to other related years. So some drivers of this vehicle could expect a budget of up to $2000.

07. Subaru Ascent

Once the driver of this vehicle detects problems in this Subaru model, they must get down to business. This means replacing the head gasket so that the necessary costs do not continue to rise.

“Most people require a budget of less than $1500, including labor and necessary parts.”

As we mentioned earlier, things can get complicated if the coolant and engine oil leak for a long time.

When additional damage occurs, the total budget could exceed $2000 on some special occasions.

08. Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Although this is one of Subaru’s innovative models, the budget for replacing the cylinder head gasket is usually similar.

In this case, it is necessary to replace the cylinder head gasket of this vehicle as soon as possible. Some of the components of the hybrid engine can be damaged, increasing the costs considerably.

“In this case, the driver of this vehicle also needs a minimum budget of $1500 to $1600.”

When the driver fails to perform the necessary replacement tasks, repair costs will increase, especially labor.

Subaru Head Gasket: Why the Head Hasket is Important for Subaru

A vehicle has different moving parts, such as the cylinder head gasket, which consists of a thin piece of metal that includes some drilled holes.

This part is incorporated in the assembly process and installed between the cylinder heads and the block. The main task is to absorb the kinetic energy in each component that is close to the engine area.

Additionally, these parts can keep the coolant in each of the right places, and the same task is performed with the oil lines.

So when the cylinder head gasket breaks, they need to be replaced immediately. If this procedure is not carried out, certain disadvantages and additional problems may occur.

Multi-layer steel part: One of the most suitable options is the multilayer steel gasket, the solid copper part of the composite part.

The difference between these head gaskets is the robustness and strength they can provide. The MLS cylinder head gasket is usually the most commonly used today.

However, it is the most expensive option overall.

Copper head gasket: Another option is the copper head gasket as an alternative to the one mentioned above.

This is a more expensive part than the multilayer steel head gasket.

However, this cylinder head gasket’s strength, service life, and proportion are also usually excellent for high-performance vehicles.

How to Replace Subaru Head Gasket

Cylinder head gaskets on a Subaru can be replaced while the engine is still in the car. The procedure is a difficult task that experienced mechanics should only attempt.

To get started, you’ll need to gather several different types of automotive service tools, safety glasses, and gloves to protect yourself from caustic chemicals and gasoline.

The first steps

If you have a fuel problem, it’s annoying. Use a paperclip to reset the ECU with a key and run the car until it stops. Now turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

If your vehicle is pre-2002 and has the factory vehicle theft system, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to disable it, or your radio will not work when you reconnect the battery.

To drain the engine cooling system, remove the engine cover on 1996-2003 models, loosen the overflow tank cap, and open the petcock on 2004 – 2008 models.

Next, use a funnel to remove approximately two quarts of coolant into a clean container for reuse or recycling.

Remove the spark plugs

Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plugs and the timing belt covers and first and second catalytic converters (in some models, first and second catalytic converters leave through the front), and remove the belt camshaft sprockets.

Remove the exhaust manifolds and any extended bracketry blocking access to the sides of the engine.

You’ll need to remove the engine cover. First, loosen the cylinder head bolts in the reverse order you used to tighten them (top to bottom, then an “X” pattern for the end bolts).

The heads should come off with little resistance.

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The last steps

Removing the old gasket may require some effort. To make sure the studs are clean, wipe them with acetone or similar products.

The threads should be clean and free of coating. Install the new gasket onto the head studs carefully.

Lubricate them with engine oil before you tighten to the specified torque. Always follow the sequence of tightening bolts as outlined in your car’s owner’s manual.

An improper sequence may cause the head to warp.

Top 07 FAQs about Subaru Head Gasket Replacement

01. What is the average cost for head gasket replacement?

When it comes to head gasket replacement, there are a few basics to consider. In most cases, it is possible to purchase the head gasket for less than $200.

The central part of the cost is always in labor. The budget for this factor usually increases with the difficulty of the task.

Also, in some geographic regions, the cost of labor is often cheaper or more expensive than elsewhere. So, the average cost for a Subaru head gasket replacement is $1500.

02. What are the consequences of a broken head gasket?

When a head gasket breaks, the temperature of the vehicle could increase too much.

This is usually a direct consequence of the broken head gasket or an indirect consequence of what happens because of this situation. With a broken head gasket, the coolant and engine oil will start to leak.

So this means that the vehicle will have less of each of these fluids. Both the engine oil and coolant can lower the temperature of the engine.

So the temperature begins to rise, damaging the rest of the metal parts of the engine.

03 What happens if the coolant leaks from the vehicle?

The coolant is one of the most important liquids in the vehicle since it reduces the temperature generated by the engine operation.

High temperatures can deform the metal parts that make up the engine.

So a high temperature of the vehicle could produce all kinds of unexpected damages with enough time. That is why it is essential to prevent the vehicle’s coolant from starting to leak.

04. What happens if the vehicle oil leaks?

Engine oil is another of the essential fluids in the vehicle, and it is not only responsible for lowering the engine’s temperature.

Engine oil is essential to provide the necessary lubrication. This lubrication ensures that the different moving parts of the engine do not produce friction when operating.

When the vehicle’s engine oil levels drop too low, the friction could increase considerably. Thus the rate of engine wear begins to increase at a worrying rate.

05. Is it easy to replace the cylinder head gasket?

To be able to replace a cylinder head gasket requires some basic knowledge of the engine. Of course, it is possible to follow a guide with all the necessary steps to perform this task.

However, a wide variety of moving or fixed parts must be taken into account in this procedure.

It is possible to start the task with some basic knowledge as long as the person has all the elements. These elements are not only related to essential tools or vehicle-specific tools.

The elements that must be taken into account are also related to the safety of the person himself.

06. Does high temperature damage the cylinder head gasket?

For different reasons, the vehicle could get too hot inside the engine—one of the parts that can be damaged due to high temperatures in the cylinder head gasket.

When the vehicle produces too high a temperature on certain occasions, it is necessary to reduce this factor.

In addition, it is also recommended to check the condition of each of the parts inside the engine, including the head gasket.

As mentioned above, a broken head gasket allows some of the coolant and engine oil to leak out.

07. Can water be used instead of coolant with a broken head gasket?

When coolant is lost due to a broken head gasket, it is possible to use water. However, it must be taken into consideration that water is much less efficient than coolant.

In addition, water tends to evaporate and be lost much faster than coolant.


All those people who wish to replace the best Subaru head gasket by themselves need safety items and tools.

It is recommended to check Subaru head gasket replacement cost and have an expert mechanic to avoid different dangers when you are a beginner without much knowledge in it.

In this way, you can obtain a much safer and more reliable result.

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