How To Remove Subaru Ignition Switch [8 Easy Steps]

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It’s possible that you have a car problem where the ignition switch isn’t operating correctly. You recently purchased a car that needs the ignition switch replaced. Surprising! What’s wrong with this new automobile? What should we do?  How to Remove Subaru Ignition Switch and how to replace it?

The ignition switch is an overlooked but crucial component of almost every automobile. As the switch is showing the problem, we need to take off the Subaru Ignition Switch from your car. However, for your kind information, Subaru is the division of Japanese transportation that manufactures automobiles.

It is possible that you will need to remove and replace the switch if it is not functioning. A simple item like a screwdriver can solve your issue very easily. Let’s thoroughly remove it and fix the car’s problems.

Subaru Ignition Switch Problems

We all know that the starter motor, ignition maintenance, and engine controls receive power from the ignition switch. Additionally, the ignition switch will briefly supply power to the gasoline pump and ignition system, which could enable the car to start.

We usually notice some issues that indicate the ignition switch is not working well. You will most frequently notice the engine isn’t operating and there are lots of electrical problems. However, what is the signs that your ignition switch is going out? Let’s have a look at this.

  1. The most frequent problem is that the key might be stuck in the ignition.
  2. It’s possible that you require a new battery, an inverter replacement, or any other part repair session.
  3. We often see spark plugs or a broken fuel pump that isn’t supplying gas to the engine.
  4. If the ignition key becomes stuck when starting the automobile or taking the key, the ignition switch may be worn out. It commonly happens when you miss connecting the inside of your vehicle’s switch.
  5. Pull the ignition switch out of its position directly from underneath the steering wheel while holding the release pin down. Though it also should not encounter any difficulties, older models with a lot of dust and debris gathered around the cylinder might experience a little bit of jamming.
  6. We often see there is a problem with the ignition switch when the automobile unexpectedly stalls while the engine is running.
  7. It can be problematic to turn on the car’s accessories if the ignition switch is damaged. So, after inserting the key and turning it to the “acc” mode, turn on the interior lights, dashboard illumination, and other electronic equipment.

How to Remove a Key Ignition Switch

The broken key requires changes and repairs if you discover any problems with the ignition lock. The most frequent issue we encounter when we need to exit the automobile quickly is a broken key. Therefore, you don’t have to call the locksmith. Let’s talk about the easy steps to removing your key from the ignition switch.

  1. When a key becomes stuck, initially use compressed air to clear any blockages from the key piece. Using metal wire can be a great way to remove the key. Be cautious and refrain from using lubricants or cleansers.
  2. A thin, strong wire can be stretched along the damaged key’s sides.
  3. The broken key’s head should be removed from the ignition switch.
  4. Hold the damaged key fragment between the wires. To ensure a solid grip, you might consider it beneficial to twist the wires around one another.
  5. If you shake slightly as you remove it, it might be less likely for the broken piece to become lodged.
  6. Using long, narrow needle-tip pliers to expand the keyhole is another smart move.
  7. Once the keyhole has been unlocked, insert the pliers into the lock and grab the key piece.
  8. If you are unable to solve the problem on your own, contact a locksmith.

How to Remove the Ignition Switch Without a Key

One of the key elements of your car’s starting system is the ignition switch, which is located on your panel close to the side of the steering wheel and column. But sometimes you need to remove them for better performance. There are only five easy steps required to remove the ignition switch.

  1. Start your power drill, and insert your drill bit into the ignition cylinder’s key slot to make a hold.
  2. Make the appropriate size hole, and drill it into the back of the key slot.
  3. Add a straightened-out paper clip near the left of the key cylinder so that it locks the cylinder.
  4. Put your screwdriver inside the cylinder and turn it as far to the right as you can.
  5. Now, pull the paperclip and screwdriver to gently move the switch out of its current position.

Without the key, you can remove your ignition cylinder by drill, hammer, punch, or lock pick. However, we usually have to resolve the issue without the key, so we are solving the Subaru Ignition Switch issues without the key.

How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key

If the newly created key still won’t turn the ignition lock cylinder, try pouring WD40 into the lock cylinder and wobbling the ignition.

  1. Without the key, simply unplug the car’s negative battery cable.
  2. Take off the plastic shield that conceals the ignition lock.
  3. Once the lock has been released, look for the tiny hole. There is a safety catch that prevents the lock from being wrenched out.
  4. Now, you have to use a screwdriver in the safety catch hole to depress the safety. It is best if you use a flathead screwdriver or reverse forceps to give leverage with your other hand and drag the lock free.

You may need to drill the lock if it is difficult. Make a hole in the center of the ignition lock using a metal drill.

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How to Replace Ignition Lock Cylinder 96-98 Ford F-150

The ignition lock cylinder for the 1996–1998 Ford F–150 is easily replaceable or removable. Take your original key, turn it to the “run” position, then click forward before starting the engine. Finally, press and pull the cylinder straight out.

How to Remove the GM Ignition Switch

You should put your screwdriver into the ignition lock cylinder. It should be rotated as far clockwise as possible. Pull the paperclip as far to the right as you can after that.

Subaru Ignition Switch Replacement – 8 Easy Steps

  1. Your broken ignition switch can be fixed or replaced with hand tools, but we always check the repair manual initially.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  3. Use a memory saver to keep the computer in your car from running out of memory, which will help to secure it from any drivability problems.
  4. Eliminate the steering wheel trim.
  5. Put a screwdriver to the top and remove the clips on the ignition module lid.
  6. Turn the key to the “accessory” position after inserting it.
  7. Next, push the ignition switch into its hole while pressing the release pin into the hole.
  8. Reconnect everything!

Does a New Ignition Switch Require Programming?

Recoding the keys requires further programming whenever security systems are linked to the ignition switch or installation. It’s about when you have either a key fob sensor or a push button start. You might need to change the electrical board that controls it or cut the circuit in the wiring while installing a switch on each circuit.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Ignition Switch?

Basically, the length of time for replacement depends on the brand and automobile type. Generally, a replacement ignition switch normally requires 20 minutes.

Does a New Ignition Switch Require a New Key?

In fact, the new ignition switch requires a new set of keys. When replacing all the locks, it helps to program and keep the old key to open the doors.


Can I replace an ignition switch myself?

Yes, if you know all the functionality, replacing a switch is an easy process that requires conventional hand tools. In that case, you should remove the steering wheel and work near your airbag.

How do you unlock a Subaru ignition?

Locking frequently happens as a result of very sharp turning, jamming, or other difficulties. Subaru’s broken ignition switch can be unlocked by turning the steering wheel just a little bit, then turning the key, which will unlock the switch. Hopefully, the automobile will begin to run. To unlock the Subaru ignition, you might also need to replace the power steering pump and ignition switch system. Cleaning the wheel column or lubricating oil can also resolve the issue.

How can you tell if the ignition switch is bad?

The ignition and fuel systems will usually lose power if the ignition switch breaks while the engine is running. An ignition switch that is faulty or damaged will show:
1. The engine will not start or work properly
2. Twisting the key is difficult
3. The Quiet Starter Motor
4. locks on wheels or other components
5. The vehicle starts or stalls suddenly
6. Lighting and other accessories are distracting.

How do I find my ignition code?

Currently, the dealership’s official invoice for the automobile contains the vehicle’s key codes. Usually, your ignition code is located in the vehicle’s documentation. Sometimes the key code is found on a label next to the lock or key, or in the car manuals. Additionally, you might find a code engraved or sculpted on the key, on the housing of the lock, on a metal plate in the glove department, or anywhere else.

Final Words

So, we have successfully covered how to remove Subaru ignition switches as well as the way we replace them on our automobiles. Make sure you notice the switch issues like key sticking, part replacement, and proper installation.

If you follow our instructions, you can perfectly run your car without having any complications. We are always there to share info related to automobile issues and troubleshooting. So, feel free to ask for any solution!

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