7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Subaru Air Conditioning Intermittent

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Is your Subaru air conditioning intermittent? It is a common issue for most Subaru cars today.

So, we have a few relevant bits of advice for you. There are many ways to solve this issue; however, we have only mentioned the most effective ones.

Thus, please keep reading to know more about your Subaru model and its air conditioning system.

Today many people fail to recognize the reasons that damage the car. However, the correct knowledge and tricks are essential to get desired results.

So, today we are going to share some valuable insights about your Subaru AC system with you. Thus, keep scrolling to solve this common issue and prevent it from occurring as well.

Subaru Air Conditioning Intermittent: 7 Facts You Need to be Concerned about

Is your Subaru air conditioner not working during a hot summer day? We can entirely relate to and understand the frustration it can cause.

If your AC is not working well, it’s time to get your car serviced or checked by a local dealer. Technicians will help you locate the issue immediately and solve it within seconds.

However, if you cannot reach an expert, here are a few common issues you can identify.

Check if you are facing any of these to find an effective solution for your problem instead of wasting time.

1. Leaking of AC refrigerant

The refrigerant is a critical component of the AC system. It’s specifically built to circulate liquid and gaseous states to get rid of warm air.

Further, this also helps generate cooler air from the vents to make the temperature in the car comfortable.

You can easily recognize a refrigerant by its brand name. The refrigerant must function well for your AC to work properly.

Usually, issues with refrigerants are caused by using cheap recharging kits or leaks. Yet, most experts believe that the chief issue is only leaking.

You can locate leaks quickly by adding a dye to the air conditioning system.

2. AC automatically turns on and off

The chief job of an AC compressor is to turn on and off consistently. It is a crucial part, and your AC will fail to work without it.

If Subaru’s AC compressor is dead, then you can solve this issue in two ways. First, replacing the clutch of the AC compressor can help solve your issue at times.

However, most people prefer replacing the entire compressor for the best results. In both ways, you will have to charge the system to get the finest results.

3. AC fails to turn on

The refrigerant in Subaru’s AC system is distributed with a special compressor system.

Many people do not know this crucial part because it turns on and off while the AC is running. This unique part turns on and off by a special switch known as the AC compressor switch.

It helps to circulate the refrigerant properly to get the right amount of pressure and maintain consistency.

If this switch is not functioning well, the compressor will not switch on easily. Or in contrast, it can stay on for quite a long time and damage your AC system.

4. Damaged Condenser

Air conditioning is only possible if the refrigerant efficiently removes heat for air. Further, the condenser works to release the warmth from the system.

The AC condenser looks much like a radiator and is usually located with the engine’s radiator. And additionally, the condenser also helps the refrigerant lose its heat and cool.

We know the condenser is present in front of the radiator, so things like stones, deep holes, and other curbs often damage it.

Moreover, this causes the refrigerant to leak and thereby damages your Subaru’s AC system.

5. Foul smell

A dryer is another part of your Subaru’s AC system. This part is an auxiliary tank that helps store excess refrigerant and removes moisture from the system.

Usually, a bad AC dryer leads to a foul smell from the AC system. Moreover, it can also cause the AC to blow out warm air.

6. Cool air turns warm after some time

The AC system of your Subaru is quite complicated, and so it is vital to understand it. Yet another primary part of this system is the expansion valve.

It helps in removing an adequate amount of refrigerant from the AC system.

The easiest way to locate a poorly working AC expansion valve is when the air starts cold but becomes warm after some time.

7. Clogged Air Filter

The issues may not always be major. At times the issue may be as simple as clogging. If this is the issue, replace the air filter to fix your AC system.

These are the most usual air conditioning system concerns that your Subaru may be having. Check on these to solve the issue adequately.

Moreover, you do not need a lot of expert knowledge to locate these issues. You can take a look at the video for a better understanding.

Subaru Cooling System Conditioner for Each Model

Consider changing the cooling system of your Subaru with the Subaru cooling system conditioner. It helps prevent head gasket issues and radiator leaks.

You can use this coolant and rely on it for better future assistance. The AC system of Subaru models is different from other cars.

So, using a suitable cooling system conditioner can help you prevent these major issues. Moreover, it supports the radiator to perform well for quite a long period.

Improve the quality of your Subaru’s AC system by adding this coolant to it today.

Let us see some common AC systems in popular Subaru models. The AC system for each model is different and undergoes varied issues.

So, it is vital to understand your model and its AC system properly before working on it.

Subaru Legacy and Outback

The most known Subaru model is the Subaru outback. Its AC system works on some prominent parts like the compressor, refrigerant, and condenser.

Sadly, this Subaru model usually suffers from leaks at its 2-ac hose. Further, this reduces the system potency, and if not perfectly fixed, it can damage other parts.

Subaru Impreza

This model has a common issue of icing. Here the evap core gets iced frequently because of its design. To fix this issue, experts have attached a new thermosensor.

You can also prefer replacing the extension valve along with it for the best results.

Subaru Outback 2001 to 2004

These cars usually suffer from a leaky hose. It plagues the four-cylinder models and can cause extensive damage.

The issues mentioned above are popularly seen in older models. However, the ac systems are smaller in new models, and even a little overcharging can damage it easily.

Therefore, servicing the AC system once in four years in very essential. Please do not wait till it ruins but keep a regular check to sustain it well.

Subaru Climate Control, not Working: What should I do

There can be many reasons why Subaru’s climate control is not working well. However, you can fix it with just some simple steps.

Do not worry; this is a common issue and can be solved even with minimal knowledge.

However, if these fixes don’t solve the issue, ensure you connect with an expert immediately instead of experimenting.

1. Internal circuit issue

Check if the internal circuit is properly connected. Next, turn the Subaru to on position. Now, remove the negative terminal of the car’s battery and turn the car off.

After this, reconnect the cables and check if the face lights are working. If they do not, then it is an internal circuit problem.

2. Check the fuses

You may have to check a few fuses for solving this issue. Start with inspecting fuse #8 located below the hood.

Also, check fuse #24, which is present in the fuse located by your Subaru’s steering. Further, checking 7, 22, and 31 fuses will complete the inspection.

If they are working well, the issue could be in the unit, and you may have to replace it completely.

3. Use a test light

If your Subaru is blowing warm air and cannot control it, it is an electric issue. You can test this issue using a test light.

If you do not have one, a voltmeter also works well. With this, you can analyze issues in the control panel and solve them accordingly.

FAQs about Subaru Forester Air Conditioning Refrigerant

1. Why is my Subaru’s AC system operating intermittently?

This issue usually occurs when the components of the AC system freeze. When the evaporator is frozen or iced, this problem arises.

Many factors can cause the icing of evaporators. Some common reasons are filthy air filters, overcharging, and congested evaporator drains.

2. Why is the AC in my car going off?

If the compressor of your Subaru is switching on and off, then probably your AC system lacks freon. Excessive freon can also be another prominent reason.

If you tend to overcharge the compressor, it will turn off. So, the pressure increases when it is hot outside, and your compressor turns off if the heat circulation is inadequate.

3. Why is my AC not cooling even when it is on?

If the air conditioner is working and is not cooling your car, the reason could be a blocked condenser. Check the condenser coil to resolve this matter.

The condenser fan helps in drawing in air and also transfers warmth from the AC system. So, ensure the condenser works well to prevent damage and excessive pressure.

4. What is the indication of a strained AC?

The most usual systems of an overcharged AC are as follows:

  • Inadequate cooling
  • Noisy compressor
  • Engine failure
  • Excessive pressure

These are common signs of overcharging. Always avoid overcharging the AC system as it can ruin your cooling effect as well as your vehicle.

5. What is the function of a Subaru cooling system conditioner?

This cooling system conditioner is a vital coolant that prevents radiator leaks. Moreover, it also reduces head gasket issues.

Using this can benefit your cooling system in many ways. Also, it improves the AC system life and reduces the chances of damage.

6. What are the steps to add coolant to your Subaru?

The procedure of adding coolant is quite easy. Apply these easy steps to complete your work with maximum ease.

  1. Let your Subaru cool down. Open the coolant reservoir or radiator cap after it cools entirely. If you open it when it is hot, it can lead to severe injuries.
  2. Open the hood but pull the release switch under the dashboard.
  3. Locate the radiator or coolant reservoir and open its cap.
  4. Add the coolant to the maximum mark.

7. Why is the Subaru overheating even when the coolant is full?

It could show that something is incorrect with the cooling system of your Subaru. The heat inside the system is not getting an escape.

Further, the source of this issue could be leaking, faulty radiators, clogged coolant, and broken pump.

8. What are the indications of a broken head gasket?

A damaged head gasket will usually show these symptoms.

  • Your vehicle will release white smoke from the tailpipe
  • Overheated engine
  • Wastage of coolant without leaks
  • White color in the engine oil
  • Bubbling in the coolant reservoir or radiator

These common signs help indicate your head gasket is blown off. Correct them immediately to prevent future damage.

9. What can happen if you drive with a broken head gasket?

A damaged head gasket can lead to two severe damages. First, it can cause severe coolant loss from the system.

Further, the damaged part will heat your engine instantly. Prevent driving your Subaru in such conditions to prevent any damage and be safe.


By now, you might recognize the reason for Subaru air conditioning intermittent. Solve the issue quickly by identifying and fixing issues instantly.

Delays can cause more damage, so it is better to reach out to an expert on time.

Today many people avoid repairing their AC systems and often neglect these crucial parts. However, it is essential to service this system regularly for fine results.

Thus, do not panic if your Subaru has any of these issues and solve them immediately to prevent damage.

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