How To Change The Battery In A Toyota Key Fob: 5 Steps Solution

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Many Toyota owners have a typical concern; how to change the battery in a Toyota key fob?


Understanding how to replace a key fob’s battery is one of those tiny things that many drivers overlook, but it’s a simple fix when the battery fails to run.

Replacing the key fob battery as soon as possible is critical to avoiding unforeseen complications with unlocking and starting a vehicle.


One may have remote start, hands-free locking/unlocking, and the safety of a panic button all in the palm if one knows how to change their Toyota key fob.

So, those who have any questions about this innovative technology should find all their answers here in this guide.

How to Change the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob: Simple but Effective Way

Car key fob batteries usually die when the range of a car key fob decreases, the buttons stop responding, or the car has difficulties recognizing a user’s closeness to it.


A key fob’s battery can be replaced, and it’s much simpler than one might expect. A newer one and a flat-tipped screwdriver are all one will need to get the job done.

Key Fob Opening Procedure for a Toyota:

One will likely need a new battery if the Toyota key fob suddenly fails to work. Instead, one should open the Toyota key fob to access and replace its battery.


A Toyota key fob can be opened in recent versions by withdrawing the metal key and placing it into a slot designed for that purpose.

One will need a tool like a flat-blade screwdriver, a coin, or a paperclip to place into the slot at the key fob’s bottom on older Toyota remotes.

One must follow these steps after they’ve opened the tool by turning it counterclockwise:


Step 1: Opening the case

A screwdriver is needed to open the door. Wedge open the slot with the flat-tipped screwdriver.

The battery should be visible when the item is split down in the center. After opening the case, one might see the battery by lifting the circuit board.

Step 2: Locating the battery

Keep an eye out for the type of battery and how it is mounted in the case. A CR2032 battery powers the majority of Toyota key fobs.


A large variety of these batteries can be purchased online or from a store.

One must use the picture or the notes to place the new battery in the key fob and snap the case back together once they’ve got it.

Step 3: Checking whether the fob is working properly

Make sure the key fob is operating properly by testing it. Besides, the battery should be reinstalled if the car doesn’t respond.


Ensure that the connections are clean and make contact with the battery before reinstalling it.

Moreover, the key fob may need to be reprogrammed if it continues to malfunction. As the notch might not be evident, this is the most difficult step.

Eventually, if the emergency key slides out of the unit, one may need to check to see a gap at the top of the device.


Step 4: Identifying the battery type

One should check the battery inside to see if there are any markings on the battery that will help them identify the model.

Then, replace the old battery with a new one of the same type.

To remove the old battery, simply push it out with your finger. Remember that the old battery was easy to remove and replace with the new one.


Step 5: The final step is to close the fob

One can now close the key fob because they have a new key. When a user squeezes it, it should return to its original position.

It all depends on the quality of the replacement battery one has got, the driving frequency, and how much of a drain the battery has on its life expectancy.

Whether or not it’s a proximity key will determine how often one will need to replace it.


Programming a Toyota Key Fob

The Toyota key fob programming is necessary if one has bought a new Toyota recently or a Toyota key duplicate or a replacement.

Here are the steps one can take to activate a Toyota key fob successfully:

  • The first step is to get into the Toyota.
  • Close all of the doors.
  • When ready to drive, one should flip the switch to the “on” position.
  • Then, within five seconds, turn the ignition back on again.
  • Turn off the engine and remove the ignition key.
  • Close and open the driver’s door twice in 40 seconds.
  • Turn the key in the ignition and out of the lock one more time.

If one has completed this step in less than 40 seconds, they should be able to unlock the doors using a Toyota key fob!

Toyota key replacement is the only option if a user has already tried programming and replacing a key fob battery and their device still doesn’t work.

Toyota Key Fob and Key Fob Batteries

The key fob of today’s automobiles is no exception to the rule of modern technology.


When a user presses the button for opening the door, the door relays the signal with the help of an electronic chip inside it.

The fob is powered by a small battery. In a smart key fob, the battery can last for 2-3 years, but the battery can live for 4-6 years in a standard key fob.

When the smart key fob is inside or near the automobile, it must connect with the car more frequently because it includes a receiver.


Most cars’ key fob batteries are not rechargeable and must be changed when they run out of power.

CR2032 and CR2025 batteries (three-volt) are the most well-known key fob batteries. In the owner’s manual, one can find the ideal product type.

Besides, the same batteries may be found in any store (electronics) or car dealership for a reasonable price. Moreover, such a battery in the key fob can easily be replaced.


How to Change the Toyota Key Fob: Easy Way

Like all electronic devices, key fobs might break down due to signal loss over time.

However, there are ways to get around this problem by simply replacing and reprogramming the remote control on their own.

It can be frustrating when reprograming a key fob with a defective battery. In addition to being cheap, batteries are also simple to replace.


If one doesn’t know how to change them, they should check the owner’s manual.

For help, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to replace a key fob so that one doesn’t have to pay a dealer and waste money.

Step 1: Get into the vehicle

Turn on the automobile and lock the doors using the keys and remote. If one leaves a door open, they could jeopardize the entire procedure.


Step 2: Switch the Ignition is on

Once users settle in, they should turn the ignition to the “On” position and enter the key. This will turn on the vehicle’s electrical systems.

First, one must ensure that their ignition is not set to radio mode, and then they should refrain from starting the vehicle until they have done so.

Step 3: Use the remote key’s lock button

Press the lock button on the fob and then turn the key to the ‘Off’ position while in the “On” position.


Moreover, this should be done at least three times, with the key in the ‘On’ position at the end of each cycle.

This not only notifies the electronic control systems that the signal is coming from the ignition key but also saves the information sent.

Step 4: Listen for the Sound of a Lock

The lock sound will be audible after repeating the procedure outlined above. As a result, the programming mode has now been activated.


To complete the programming, simply press the lock button a second time within five seconds.

Step 5: Turn the engine off

Turn the ignition switch back to the “Off” position upon completing the previous actions.

Step 6: Performance test

Taking the key fobs, one must exit the vehicle and close the door to ensure the vehicle is secure.


To make sure everything works, make sure all of the key fobs that were programmed unlock both doors.

Toyota Key Fob Tricks: Easy Way to Operate the Key Fob

So, now that one knows how to change the battery in a Toyota key fob, it’s time to share some secret tips to use the key fob. Here we go:

01. Use the key fob to remotely start the vehicle

Depending on one’s state’s idling laws, an automobile key fob may be able to remotely start a vehicle on frigid days.


Remember that the remote engine start button is usually marked with a circle arrow, and it’s easy to find.

02. To lower the windows, one can simply use the key fob

What if I say that a key fob may also be used to capture a breeze? Many cars’ key fobs now have the ability to simultaneously roll down all of the windows.

To open all of the windows, one should press and hold the unlock button a second time.


03. Using the key fob to fold in the mirrors

With the help of a key fob, one can ensure that their side-view mirrors don’t get knocked off as someone squeezes by in a tight parking spot.

Hold the key fob lock button down for 10 seconds if the car doesn’t do this automatically when it locks.

04. Using a key fob to unlock the trunk

Key fobs can open the trunk of many current vehicles, although mechanical keys were once required in previous models to access the back of a vehicle’s trunk.


Besides, this key finder may be useful if one frequently misplaces their keys.

05. With the key fob, one can start their car

More and more cars are being sold with keyless ignition systems, with 62% of vehicles sold last year having this technology.

If one decides to become keyless in the future, they can use their fob to start or stop the car as long as it’s in their possession and their foot is on the brake when they press the button.


As a result, one must always keep an eye out for their car’s key fob.

Common FAQs on Changing the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob

What key fob battery is ideal for Toyota uses?

For most Toyota models, one can buy a CR2032 battery in stores or online. Batteries like this one often cost less than $5.


Is it possible for me to set up a new key fob on my own?

A car’s age and model will determine whether or not one can program a replacement themselves.

Do-it-yourself key fob programming can take various forms: Instructions can be found in the owner’s manual of some vehicles.

Only two key fobs will function to speed up the process if one can get two of them to work in the first place.


How much would a dealership charge for key fob programming?

While it’s impossible to give a universal pricing estimate, reprogramming typically costs between $50 and $250.

Programming is more expensive for key fobs equipped with a transponder (RFID), keyless entry, or other additional functions.

Is a defective key fob capable of preventing a car from starting?

Any damage to the chip inside the key could prevent the car from reading the information on the key, failing to start.


It’s also possible that the key-reading system itself is old and inefficient.

How much time is taken at a dealership to get a key fob programmed?

While some dealerships said that key-fob programming might take up to an hour, the majority claimed that it usually took only 15-30 minutes to complete.

So even if the dealer performs all the work for you, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.


What is the longevity of Car key fobs?

The battery life of most automotive key fobs is three to four years under normal use. Another thing to keep in mind is where one keeps their fob.

Remember that the fob should not be left in the car overnight or on a hook near the car.


With this, we conclude our guide on how to change the battery in a Toyota key fob.


As one might be aware replacing the key fob isn’t that difficult to do if one is aware of the basics of replacing or reprogramming the key fob.

However, it is always advisable that one must visit the dealership if they are unaware of the techniques of reprogramming or replacement.

Although the charges of reprogramming might put some strain on one’s pocket, however, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Once a user identifies any major issues with the key fob, they should not delay in bringing it to the nearby service center to get it fixed.

We hope this piece of information has been helpful to the readers.

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