[Top 10] Best Coolant For Subaru All Models Review & Buying Guides In 2022

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Want to find the best coolant for Subaru? There are many options on the market, although not all can offer the expected result for every Subaru owner.

That is why here, we have analyzed the most appropriate and efficient coolants for any Subaru model.

So a novice or experienced user does not need to waste time researching the best options.

To make the best decision and take care of your vehicle’s coolant system, you just need to read on and choose the best one.

What is the best Subaru blue coolant?

Among the available options, the best coolant available today is Genuine Subaru. It is one of the many options that are developed by the manufacturer Subaru itself.

So, this provides great confidence and security to users who want to take care of their Subaru models with the best on the market.

Yet, there are additional choices that we have reviewed that can deliver high-level results.

Genuine Subaru can adapt to each of the specifications of a Subaru model for the most efficient results.

Why “Genuine Subaru” is the best brand Subaru super coolant alternative?

According to experts, this brand is the perfect choice as a super coolant because its development is oriented according to the design of most Subaru models.

It is also a brand with an excellent track record and a wide variety of efficient results in different models of this manufacturer.

That’s why when it comes to relying on a high-quality coolant, Genuine Subaru can be the smart decision.

Every result will be noticeable right from the start in a much better cared for Subaru.

10 Best Coolant for Subaru Cars Reviews 2022

01. Genuine Subaru Super Coolant- Best Subaru Outback Coolant

Highlighted Features

  • 78 liters of contents
  • Protects down to minus 62° Fahrenheit
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Compatible with non-metallic surfaces
  • Required for warranty repairs

When it comes time to find the best coolant for Subaru WRX, many users rely on this option.

In this case, it is a coolant that can improve the engine’s performance and take care of the different components.

On many occasions, users can decrease the chances of repairs and damage with this coolant.

One of the most remarkable qualities of this coolant is its ability to protect the engine against different climates.


The protection provided by this implement considers cold climates and shallow temperatures down to minus 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, it is an excellent way to protect a Subaru in certain icy geographical areas.

In addition to protecting the engine against cold weather, this fluid also provides other types of protection.

Specifically, this means that this coolant can protect the engine against corrosion.

To this end, organic corrosion inhibitors have been incorporated to improve engine life by preventing each of the impurities that could accelerate wear.

Each user that incorporates this coolant will not need to incorporate additional corrosion inhibitors.

Importantly, this option is totally compatible with non-metallic surfaces.

So, for many people, this option is one of the most chosen over any Subaru super coolant alternative.


  • Provides longer engine life
  • Excellent coolant performance
  • Rust and corrosion protection


  • The only option for warranty repairs

02. Zerex 861398- Best Subaru Blue Coolant

Highlighted Features

  • 78 liters of content
  • No borate or silicate
  • 150,000 miles or five years of use
  • Designed for Subaru and other manufacturers
  • Ready-to-use formula

Many people have considered that this option is the best coolant for Subaru WRX when it comes to a Subaru or Asian vehicle.

This is probably because it is a ready-to-use coolant that incorporates a variety of high-end features.

This coolant provides 150,000 plus usage or five years to avoid wasting your money.

One of the advantages of incorporating this coolant is a formula specially designed for some manufacturers.

The formula developed considers the vehicle designs of Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Honda, and Subaru.

At the same time, it is a formula free of silicates, which will improve the results obtained in each of these vehicles.

In this case, it is a coolant with a unique formula that provides a long engine life.

Each of the metal parts of the cooling system will be sufficiently protected against corrosion and rust.

Even the protection also considers deposits or scales that can be harmful, thanks to the fact that borates and silicates are not included.

As we have mentioned, this coolant considers different Subaru models and many other vehicles from Nissan, Hyundai, and Honda.

The contents are also ready to use, and the user will be able to protect his vehicle against spills and freezing in different climates.

All this indicates that this is a suitable Subaru super coolant alternative.

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  • Excellent corrosion and rust protection
  • Prevents damage from deposits or fouling is
  • Protection against spills and freezing


  • They were designed for Asian vehicles only.

03. Recochem OEM 86-314BOEME- Best Subaru Coolant

Highlighted Features

  • 78 liters of content
  • Recommended for Subaru and other European manufacturers
  • Phosphate, amine, and nitrile free
  • Compatible with diesel or gasoline vehicles
  • 150,000 miles or five years of use

To continue searching for an excellent Subaru super coolant, this concentrated formula is another of the safest and most reliable to use in a Subaru.

This is due to the excellent formula that has been implemented in this coolant and antifreeze.

Many users claim that it is possible to notice more excellent protection for the vehicle’s cooling system.

Among the most reliable features that this formula can offer is protection against corrosion and rust.

In particular, it is extended protection that also considers the pitting that is the result of cavitation.

Thus, it is able to provide protection for the various metals in the vehicle, including aluminum.

An excellent way to lower costs while obtaining great protection is with the incorporation of this coolant.

It is a formula that can provide an excellent cost-benefit ratio. At the same time, this coolant meets the best quality standards by adapting to what each vehicle needs at all times.

Finally, another remarkable feature that this coolant can offer is the compatibility of the formula.

This is probably because this coolant is highly recommended for other manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, and BMW.

Thus, it is also a formula that is considered to be a suitable coolant for Subaru Forester.


  • Optimum rust and corrosion protection

  • The excellent durability of protection
  • Adequate cost-benefit ratio


  • Intermediate quality coolant

04. Genuine SUBARU0-20KIT Oil Change Kit Filter for Subaru

Highlighted Features

  • Six qts of content
  • SAT Formula 0W-20
  • Compatible with non-turbo 2011 2017 Forester
  • 7500 miles of use
  • Complete oil change kit

Whenever it comes to getting a suitable Subaru super coolant, the options offered by the same manufacturer should be considered.

In this case, this is the right formula for replacing the vehicle’s engine fluid and its filter.

Moreover, the compatibility with different Subaru models is one of the widest.

This is a formula specially designed to be able to offer the best results to any Subaru model.

The protection considers the different small dust particles and contaminants that can affect the moving parts of the vehicle.

So this provides excellent protection to the vehicle and adequate peace of mind to the user.

By incorporating this synthetic oil in the vehicle, the user will obtain a useful life of 7500 miles or six months of use.

Throughout this time, the Subaru motor oil will be able to provide acceptable performance at all times.

So this is one of the options that manages to fit the budget of the vast majority of owners of a Subaru model.

Whenever it comes to finding a formula adaptable to Subaru or a coolant for the Subaru Forester, the options offered by this manufacturer are of high quality.

This option fits a 2011 to 2017 Forester non-turbocharger. Many other models of Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Outback and many others are also considered.


  • Provides excellent engine protection
  • Great compatibility with Subaru models
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio


  • Incompatible with 2010 or earlier Subaru models

05. PEAK ‎PAGB53-01 Extended Life Antifreeze Coolant for Vehicles

Highlighted Features

  • 78 liters of content
  • 150,000 miles of use
  • Recommended for Asian vehicles
  • The formula includes green phosphate
  • Ready-to-use formula

Incorporating a reliable coolant and antifreeze is an excellent way to protect a Subaru vehicle.

That is why a lot of people choose this option as a suitable Subaru Outback coolant.

To do so, we must consider this coolant’s characteristics that come in a one-gallon or 3.78-liter bottle.

An excellent formula has been developed here that can protect and prevent the problem of corrosion and oxidation.

This allows for a fully functional engine cooling system that is always protected.

It is also an utterly ready-to-use formula so that the user will not lose too much time when incorporating this coolant.

Another helpful feature that we can mention about this formula is that it meets different quality standards.

Naturally, this implies that anyone could get 150,000 miles or five years of use. Thus, this refrigerant is at the same level as the top choices on the whole stock market.

Using this coolant means having a formula that is perfectly adaptable to different Asian vehicle manufacturers.

Not only can we mention Subaru, but this formula is also recommended for Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, and many others.

In short, it is an excellent Subaru long-life coolant that gives great confidence to the user.


  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Broad compatibility with Subaru and other manufacturers
  • Optimum service life and durability


  • It is only recommended for Asian vehicles.

06. Subaru SOA635071 OEM Coolant for Automotive

Highlighted Features

  • Two bottles are included
  • Coolant system conditioner
  • Broad compatibility with Subaru
  • 352 ounces
  • Ready-to-use formula

Another way to protect the engine and related components of a vehicle is by incorporating this coolant.

Many people have considered this an excellent Subaru Outback coolant.

It is a product developed by Subaru, and that is why it is a coolant that meets different quality standards.

Incorporating this coolant can be an excellent way to have a professional-grade coolant in your vehicle.

In this case, it is two bottles that provide everything the user needs to maintain the cooling system’s efficiency.

As is often the case with today’s best options, this coolant can protect the vehicle’s interior from corrosion and rust.

This will allow the cooling system to operate more efficiently by preventing the accelerated deterioration caused by the accumulation of dirt in the interior.

Because this is a Subaru-developed product, compatibility takes into consideration a wide variety of Subaru models.

So when it comes to a Subaru Impreza, Outback, Forester, and many others, the user will be able to use this same coolant.

Simply put, it is one of the most suitable Subaru long-life coolants.


  • Excellent and extended service life
  • Protects against corrosion and rust
  • Increases cooling system efficiency


  • Poor compatibility with other automotive manufacturers

07. Subaru SOA427V1700 Transmission Fluid & 75W90 Extra S Gear for Subaru

Highlighted Features

  • 5-quart bottles
  • Compatible with manual transmissions
  • Five and 6-speed transmissions only
  • Gear oil
  • High-performance SAE 75w-90

On many occasions, users feel disappointed when choosing any Subaru Impreza coolant.

That is why to make the best decision; we recommend this set of high-quality coolant bottles for the Subaru Impreza and many other Subaru models.

To understand this, we must analyze each feature of this option.

Of course, the efficiency level of this coolant is one of the most adaptable to the specifications you need for every Subaru user.

It is a high-performance liquid that provides versatility to be used in different Subaru models.

However, it is necessary to consider that the use of this fluid is only suitable for manual transmissions.

In this case, it is a high-performance transmission fluid presented in 5 bottles instead of the 5-gallon bucket.

This is an efficient option that will take care of the five and 6-speed manual transmissions of various Subaru models.

So it is an excellent way to complement the functionality of different Subaru models with different years of use.

Among the options that exist today, this fluid is developed exclusively by Subaru.

That is why many people prefer to use this option when it comes to protecting a Subaru vehicle with the best.

However, compatibility with five and 6-speed manual transmissions should be considered.


  • High-quality manual transmission protection
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • Increased transmission efficiency


  • Poor compatibility with other manufacturers

08. Genuine Subaru Parts SOA868V9210 Long Life Coolant

Highlighted Features

  • A gallon of content
  • Powered by Subaru
  • Compatible with Subaru and other vehicles
  • Long-lasting coolant
  • Ready-to-use formula

Many users who own an Impreza need original parts to enjoy great confidence and good maintenance.

So many people choose to incorporate this Subaru Impreza coolant as part of the high-quality options that will be able to protect the cooling system of this vehicle.

Here is a one-gallon bottle of content that gives the possibility to take care of the cooling system of an Impreza.

Anyway, this same coolant can be used for the rest of the Subaru models thanks to its excellent compatibility.

Every result will be what every user expects because this coolant meets all quality standards.

When a user incorporates this coolant in his Subaru model, he will obtain an excellent time of use or useful life that can reach up to 150,000 miles.

It is also possible to enjoy five years of usage time and excellent protection against corrosion and rust. So it is a definite choice that will be able to take care of a Subaru.

In addition to covering all Subaru models, this coolant can be used in many vehicles.

We could include utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, sports bikes, street bikes, and snowmobiles, among many other vehicles. This is the ultimate option for some customers.


  • Reliable and efficient coolant
  • Compatible with various kinds of motorcycles
  • Provides long service life


  • Not recommended for other manufacturers

09. Subaru SOA868V9210 OEM Coolant for Vehicles

Highlighted Features

  • One gallon content
  • Antifreeze
  • Long-life engine coolant
  • Professional Use
  • Coolant developed by Subaru

Getting an excellent Subaru super coolant equivalent can be important when it comes time to take care of the cooling system.

In this case, it is another of the most reliable options in the market that can take care of different models of this manufacturer.

For this, we must understand the best qualities of this coolant.

Among the most striking aspects of this Subaru coolant is its ability to operate in frigid climatic zones.

In such a way it is a highly efficient antifreeze. It is also one of the most appropriate options to protect a Subaru engine from corrosion and rust throughout its service life.

Because this is a Subaru-developed coolant, the service life of this fluid is one of the most suitable.

Each user will have the possibility of getting five years of use or 150,000 miles driven.

That is why this is a long-life coolant that allows the user to save some money and effort.

As long as it is a Subaru vehicle, this coolant can be used in a wide variety of models.

Of course, this covers the most popular models, such as Impreza, Outback, and Forester.

At the same time, it is a formula that is ready to use, so the user will not waste his time incorporating this coolant.


  • Excellent level of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Good cost-benefit ratio
  • Optimal antifreeze performance


  • Average level life

10. Genuine Subaru SOA427V1315-0W20 Synthetic Coolant

Highlighted Features

  • One gallon bottle
  • Fully synthetic oil
  • 0w20 type oil
  • Product for professional use
  • Oil developed by Subaru

To complement the performance of a Subaru, it is not only necessary to have an excellent Subaru super coolant equivalent. In this case, it is a synthetic oil 0w 20 in a one-gallon bottle.

This is a product for professional use that provides the ability to protect the engine and optimize the performance obtained in a Subaru.

One of the most sought-after features by the Subaru user is fuel economy.

That is why this fully synthetic fluid allows for optimizing fuel economy while providing excellent power.

This will be noticeable and will allow the user to save some money on fuel consumption, even in the face of daily trips.

In addition to increasing fuel economy and engine power, the user will implement adequate protection for his vehicle.

Specifically, it is a protection that prevents oil degradation while reducing the likelihood of oxidation.

Finally, it is necessary to consider that this fully synthetic motor oil allows the Subaru engine to be efficiently cleaned.

So the protection against deposits and varnish can be adequately complemented with an excellent coolant.

All this will prolong the engine’s life by avoiding additional damages that appear with time.


  • Efficiently cleans the engine
  • Optimizes fuel economy
  • Offers greater engine potential


  • Incompatible with 2010 or earlier models

Buying Considerations

Once we have analyzed the appropriate options offered in the market, we have done half the work.

The other half is to analyze each of the most critical aspects that must offer any coolant. That is why the following list of options are the aspects to consider in your next coolant.

Heat transfer properties

Among the most notable characteristics that we can consider in any refrigerant are its heat transfer capabilities.

As these capacities get higher, the refrigerant will be able to deal with high temperatures.

Of course, this is not always equally important for users living in different geographical areas.

Some people living in geographic areas with frigid climates will not have to worry about heat transfer.

On the contrary, it is a much more important feature for those users who live in areas where the temperature can be 30 degrees Celsius and above.

In these cases, the refrigerant must be able to deal effectively and efficiently with heat transfer.

Freezing point

Here we can also consider the coolant frost level.

Contrary to the aspect mentioned above, the freezing point is one of the aspects that interest users living in geographical areas with cold climates.

The frost point must be low enough to avoid freezing the refrigerant.

Along with this same aspect, we can also consider the boiling point to which the refrigerant can be subjected.

Here, a rather hot environment is required to reach the boiling point of the refrigerant.

Both the freezing point and the boiling point are aspects that must be considered when a user decides to make a trip.

Erosion and corrosion protection

Any vehicle is always constantly subjected to different components and elements of dirt. Engine oil is one of the fluids that protect the engine’s moving parts from these components.

When dirt accumulates in the vehicle’s cooling system, the efficiency level of this system could decrease.

This is one of the most important aspects to consider due to the danger of an inefficient coolant system.

The temperature can rise too high when the coolant system does not work.

This, in turn, damages the metal parts. To avoid this problem, an efficient coolant is needed to prevent erosion and corrosion.

Material compatibility

Of course, material compatibility is one of the aspects that any user needs to take into account.

Not all coolants that are available on the market are compatible with metallic or non-metallic materials.

That is why coolants are also explicitly developed for specific Subaru models or certain models of other manufacturers.

When a coolant is not compatible with non-metallic materials, this means that the coolant could be a corrosive agent.

This only requires considering the compatibility of a coolant when incorporating it into a specific vehicle.

In this way, it will be much easier to avoid specific problems or accelerated deterioration of some vehicle components.

Service life

Here the service life can be determined by the durability of the coolant inside a vehicle.

On most occasions, a high-quality coolant can provide a useful life of 150,000 miles. When the user falls short of this distance, the coolant will also typically provide a life of 5 years.

While a coolant with this durability may be a bit more expensive than cheaper ones, it will always be more convenient.

This happens because other cheap refrigerants and poor quality offer a much shorter service life. After that, this generates the need to incorporate more coolant before time.

Vehicle Compatibility

Here vehicle compatibility is another aspect to be considered, along with the compatibility of materials.

Not all coolants are designed to be able to offer universal use or application. In other words, any coolant can not be used with a vehicle of any model or manufacturer.

Each coolant has specific compatibility. Many coolants are developed by Subaru and can be adapted to the vast majority of Subaru models.

However, many of the coolants developed by Subaru can also be used in vehicles from other manufacturers.

Even though some of these options are used in cars, a Subaru coolant could be used in motorcycles.

Coolant incorporation

Some users may notice that not all coolants are ready to be used. Only the highest quality options are entirely ready to be used in a vehicle.

Many of these options do not need certain additives before being used. In this case, a ready-to-use formula can be more suitable for use compared to other choices.

Specifically, this type of ready-to-use formula avoids the user from having to spend money on a professional mechanic.

When it is a high-quality formula, the user will incorporate this coolant easily into his vehicle. It is not a very difficult task as it takes very little time and effort to complete.

Finally, we can consider as an additional aspect that only some refrigerants are prolonged use.

This may mean that the shelf life is a little longer. In turn, some coolants must be mixed with water when it is a concentrated formula.

Common But Important FAQs

Does Subaru require a specific coolant?

Today there is a wide variety of coolants that can be implemented in vehicles depending on their manufacturer.

Subaru is one of the manufacturers that requires a particular coolant.

In general, there are Genuine Subaru coolants on the market as one of the most chosen options by users of different Subaru models.

In other words, it is a solution of choice because it is a coolant developed by Subaru.

In this way, the users of a Subaru avoid generating damage to the cooling system of your Subaru due to an incompatibility of certain coolants on the market.

Complying with the specific coolant required for a Subaru vehicle is essential to obtain the best performance.

What brand of coolant is suitable for Subaru?

Nowadays a great range of choices is available when choosing a brand of coolant for a Subaru vehicle.

Here we have developed some of the most efficient offices, such as Subaru Genuine.

In this case, it is a set of options developed by this same manufacturer which generates an excellent level of protection and efficiency.

Any of the options we have discussed above will be able to provide an appropriate result.

In other words, incorporating a coolant manufactured by Subaru in a Subaru vehicle may be the best way to obtain an accurate and efficient result.

There are also other options with excellent coolant application results, such as Zerex and Peak.

What color coolant should be for Subaru?

Among the wide variety of coolants on the market today, different colors are included.

Therefore, this means no single-color refrigerant exists. Among the most used options by different owners of a Subaru vehicle, there is blue coolant.

That is why most options include this color to identify this coolant.

Many people often incorporate a green color coolant in a Subaru and other vehicles from other manufacturers.

Specifically, green coolant offers universal use. This is because it is a nitrate-free coolant, free of phosphates and silicates.

There are also other options, although the correct coolant for a Subaru is always blue color.

Is it possible to combine green and blue coolants?

From what we have researched, no one color of coolant exists.

There are different options on the market, and each coolant includes specific characteristics depending on its color.

Many users want to choose blue or green coolants depending on a Subaru vehicle or any other manufacturer.

On certain occasions, it is possible to mix a green coolant with another blue coolant.

For this, it is necessary to consider that both coolants provide a different interval of use.

So, it may be more expensive than adding a single-color coolant.

In general, it is advisable to completely break the coolant out of the vehicle’s coolant system every 30,000 miles.

What is the service life of a Subaru coolant?

The different coolants on the market can provide sure durability depending on the quality incorporated in its formula.

Among the most chosen options, and today there are the Subaru Super coolants.

It is one of the most popular options as it is a coolant developed by Subaru with high-quality technology.

So that these coolants usually provide 160,000 during the first interval of use.

In turn, a Subaru coolant usually offers a usage time of 150,000 miles or five years.

So, this may be more than enough to be able to protect the coolant system of a Subaru for a long time. Also, lower-quality coolant systems offer a shorter service life.

Is any coolant ready to use?

There is no single type of coolant, which also affects the specific use that each user can give.

Of course, some options on the market are already diluted and completely ready to be incorporated into the vehicle’s cooling system.

Even many of these options do not need any kind of addition by the user before use.

In general, 50% distilled water is needed to combine with 50% of the coolant or antifreeze that needs to be added to the vehicle.

There are also many other coolants or antifreeze that must be mixed because they are concentrated formulas.

Checking these specifications is very important before adding any coolant to a Subaru.

What coolant to add to a Subaru?

A relevant factor to take into account before adding a coolant is that colors may vary.

This means that a blue coolant developed by Honda is not the same as a blue coolant developed by Subaru.

In addition, there are coolants of many colors, such as purple, red, yellow, and orange, in addition to green.

Each of these coolants has its specifications. To avoid incorporating the wrong coolant, it is essential to check the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The owner’s manual usually recommends the specific and correct option needed by the coolant system of any Subaru model.

Adding the wrong refrigerant can decrease the efficiency of the refrigerant system.


Having the best coolant for Subaru is always a great way to take care of Subaru’s cooling system.

As we have discussed, not all available options can offer the same result or efficiency.

So it is not recommended at all to choose the cheapest coolant on the market.

To take care of a Subaru model regardless of the year of manufacture, the options we have mentioned will do an excellent job.

In addition, most of these coolants are very easy to incorporate and will begin to provide the required result from day one.

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